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Dangerous Minds


Come to think of it,our every move is governed by an authority famously know as our mind. And the foreign element that rules this powerful governing body is our idol,our inspirer. For instance,if i am writing this blog then there has to be some inspiration that compels my mind to surrender to its commanding orders. And when that inspiration is not strong enough,we end up getting confused about everything. Contradicting the topic,mind can never be dangerous,but the state of mind can. It can be positive,negative,confident,suspicious,wicked etc. In the end,it depends upon the ruler of our mind. The one who rules his mind is the man of wisdom. Such people end up being a good respected human being. And the rest of the others try to learn the art of the living! I think the only art of living is to control the mind. It leads to control unnecessary temptations of life.

I have few states of minds and their consequences. You can add to this list.

“Suspicious Minds” -> Broken Relationship
“Practical Minds” -> Affairs
“Emotional Minds” -> Love hidden in the world of Drama
“Inspired Minds” -> Bill Gates,Michael Dell,Dhirubhai Ambani and many more!



Comfortably Numb

Some people are afraid of changes,or may be they take time to adjust with the changes. They live in their comfort zone. Just like one of the character of “Who moved my cheese?”. While avoiding the changes in life they don’t see the future zone of comfort they can make. As rightly said in Sarkar Raj,Change is necessary for success. I believe that proper change with enough risk and clear vision is necessary for guaranteed success. Consequences can never be predicted,the only thing they end up giving is experience in making decisions,rather correct decisions. Decisions in any field are either taken under influence (by those people who don’t want to take responsibility for the failure) or by instincts (by those who are ready to take any challenge,those who are confident to fight the failure,those who takes calculative risk as a step towards their goals). Correct decision at the right time is the recipe of success!!
This is all true up to some point. When the experience level reaches its peak,the desire of making changes decreases. Its like a self limiting disease. It becomes difficult to differentiate between your own wisdom and your ability to grow. Changes brings growth and rest is Comfortably Numb!!
I think i fall into this category of people. I need to change for the sake of my comforts!


nothing else matters

It took me exactly one year to understand the “blog” concept. There were several reasons for coming back to blogging. Few of them are:-
1. I am unemployed and have nothing better to do!
2. I am unemployed and have nothing better to do!
3. I am unemployed and have nothing better to do!
i read somewhere,when people have nothing to do they do wonders! is it so? it never happened to me. the only “wonder”ful thing happened was my mother’s scoldings. The last thing when i did nothing was when i was employed. Coming to the point of my employment, it has inspired me to write one book titled “The 3 mysteries of my life”(it has nothing to do with chetan,riots,cricket or business). The third mystery:- why was i doing nothing when i was employed? This bench concept really confuses me. You go to work in the morning and come back in the evening! Thats that,nothing substantial happens in between,both to your employer and to you! what the hell,some bunch of smart people are paying you to sit idle? and thats why they are smart?
The second mystery:- what was the purpose of my training?
The first mystery:- Why was i hired if i had nothing to do? Is this what they teach in HR course of MBA?

Some things have no answer. And sometimes it becomes necessary for you to do nothing in life. i think life compels you to do nothing. And when you are used to it then nothing else matters!!

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