An Unusual Letter

Dearest Apoorva,

I am neither saying that it was your fault nor I am justifying myself, but the fact remains the same that the misunderstanding due to lack of frankness is growing between us. People these days have crossed the limits of diplomacy and have mixed profession with friendship. Rivalry rises from such mixed emotions and I am the child of rivalry. You may feel sometimes that I am your only friend, but trust me; I am not at all trustworthy.

Every move that I have made till now is not the sign of concern, but the investment made with forceful expectation. This is how I am and I can’t change myself, at least not for you. I have my own set of rules, and if you want to survive, you better adjust. You are left with no other option. Either you survive, outperform and succeed or you fail and lose.

We can never be friends as we are fighting for the same position. I have no intentions to put you down, but my selfishness demands it. If you are a fighter then I am your motivator. Take me as a challenge and you will surely gain something even if you lose. Our relationship is everlasting and mind you, you need me for your progress.

I am your constant companion. Yes, I am your competition.

(This letter is an art of fiction. You are free to relate it to anybody as I have no control over your thoughts, because I believe that thoughts are the only assets that you truly possess.)



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