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Terrorism – Sit back and Chillax

Got up at 700hrs. Relatives were calling. Yes, i am safe!

NIGHTMARE:- TAJ, Oberoi, CST, Santa Cruz, Colaba & 3 Hospitals among 12 places attacked by Terrorists.


Read the newspaper half way and went to have breakfast. News line flashing – No School,No college.. 12 places attacked.. 80 killed.. Army and NSG called in.. Mumbai disturbed..

People dying

Came back to room and started my laptop.. There was one message (on LAN chatting tool) from a girl asking everybody for a movie called yuvraaj.. I was so pissed.. The whole mumbai was under attack and this female wanted to see yuvraaj!! I mean,of all the movies.. Yuvraaj??!!

People dying

Female – Anybody having Yuvraaj?
Apoorva – Mumbai under attack and you want to see a movie. whats up with you?
Female – I can’t do much about it. Even i was depressed and i now want to lighten up my mood..
Apoorva – At least don’t enjoy for a day!!
Female – I have seen all the videos of the attack. i want to get over it.
Apoorva – (By watching a depressing movie like yuvraaj??)okay. enjoy.

People dying

so guys, sit back and relax.. you really cant do anything here..
we will remember to forget this incident..
one more chapter to study in history (but do they teach history after independence??)
one more Bollywood movie will be made.. based on this incident and inspired by some Hollywood movie..
one more reference to the media.. to refer back to this incident.. to compare the death toll..

Mast AC lagao aur so jao.. Otherwise watch Yuvraaj and enjoy piracy!! U really cant kill a person who is hiding..
remember the speech of common man in the movie WEDNESDAY..??

Forget the economy,Mumbai ke nivaasi should think of ways to survive.. before they get shot.. haha.. death so close.. death for no fault.. for no reason.. death of no honor..

“Aaj laashein toh dono giri na
ek bihari.. ek marathi..
aur jhagado aapas mein ab
ek goli mein band tum dono ki zindagi!!”

People still dying.. but the so called “spirit” of mumbai is still alive.. and how to keep it alive? By standing in silence for 2 mins?? and yes don’t forget to put that song in the background “Yeh hai mumbai meri jaan”!!

I can’t predict what politicians will say on this for two reasons:
1. I know nothing of politics
2. Politicians are unpredictable

“If they are making our life a game,then let it be the game of CS.. where terrorists come face to face..”



Kidnapped by him

“Kidnapping her heart
Is that gain so special?
that its worth hurting me?”

(After 3 years of successful relationship,
girl leaves a helpless boy for some unknown reason. At that time he composed this. I was just able to note few lines..)

The place i enjoyed (in your heart)
The fun we had,
The bond we shared
is all Kidnapped!!

Not reminding you of promises,
Those innocent looks & first kisses,
All good things & vague memories
along with you are Kidnapped!

He played the role of the healer,
Showed me my real worth
but i doubt about your happiness,
Coz how many time are you gonna get Kidnapped?

“I am not gonna fall in love again,
Coz the one I love always gets Kidnapped”


After reading this,i dunno Wat made me to write the following lines..

“Don’t pull my leg
It has been pulled enough (look at my height.. he he..)
Don’t trick my heart
It has been tricked enough!!”


The night when I got drunk

In the dark street
I was left alone
my memory betrays me to remember
who i am..

My eyes are not following my orders
On the most saddest day of my life
I got drunk and fell on the ground
I dunno who I am..

People talking about the stupid subject
and asking my views on their thoughts
I am left with no words
As i don’t have any point of view..

Fear of the failure troubling me
Asking me to try again for it
Asking me to go for that final aim
Mocking me to fail again

Thoughts clouding my every thought
Killing my own thinking of self
I don’t have control on my senses
I don’t remember who I was.. and who I am!!



HRM Class!

In our HRM class we(except me) were discussing about Attitude and behavior etc.. Madam gave few answers that i thought were not appropriate. So i thought of thinking on it myself without referring to any dictionary or Wikipedia! I don’t believe in referring to such sources(when it comes to such words) because here practical meaning is more important than theoretical or perceived! I know that the theoretical meanings are derived from practical experiences but still,those meanings are not followed these days. It is a very different issue all together. I will discuss it later.

I came with few answers. Please correct me if i am wrong.

your way of thinking

manipulated way of thinking

initially induced(can be forced)and later developed way of thinking

thinking that is neither manipulated nor induced. Attitude can change but Nature cannot

How are Ethics different from Values?
What is natural behavior?



[still thinking of title]

When people laugh at my every try,
Look back at me and say good bye.

I walk in rain when I cry,
I just want you to make my life hell,
Don’t be perplexed,don’t ask why,
Look back at me and say good bye.

I won’t betray,i won’t lie,
Give me pain,give me sorrow,
But keep me alive,don’t let me die,
Look back at me and say good bye.

Let that last moment of togetherness come,
At that moment i want you to look back at me,
And say Good Bye!
just kiss my soul,bid me good bye!



Selfish Death

That smile,that face,that glimpse of your beauty,
your face was the air i was breathing all the time,
i want you to put your pics in my coffin
when i die!

Those nights,those talks,those endless short calls,
your voice was the only thing i listened to all the time,
i want you to put those cell phones in my coffin
when i die!

Those intoxication,ultimate source of attraction,
your fragrance was the only thing i smelled all the time,
i want you to put that perfume in my coffin
when i die!

Those series of moments i spent with you,my life,
your life was the only thing i lived all the time,
i want you to put your life in my coffin

(i was thinking of “sati”. i was thinking in a very different way. here, i assumed that Sati is an outcome of love(i have every right to assume anything).i assumed that in those days,love was so pure that people were ready to die for it. because may be they were not able to live without each other(again,m assuming.real reason is given in books and Wikipedia). but then there were some unanswered questions..)

why only women?
was that love pure,or DEATH SELFISH?
and finally, as hrithik asked – Kya aap kisise itna pyaar karte ho ke uske liye apni jaan bhi de do?hehe

Waise toh sub faaltu giri hai.. sochne mein kya jaata hai?!


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