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Delhi 6 concept review

Hated the first half. Loved the second. Songs are wasted. I think Mr.Subhash Ghai started the trend of wasting awesome A.R.Rahman songs with the movies like Kisna & Yuvraaj and ROM is carrying forward the legacy. The placing of “Rehna Tu” was pathetic. I was really looking forward for two songs:Rehna tu and Dil gira.. but was disappointed.

One very minor yet crucial observation:

you may call it black humor or whatever. If you compare it with all time classic Swades, you will realize that ROM must have watched Swades (first half only) 100 times before making this movie.. Same caste issue.. untouchable.. even Ramayan.. Here Abhishek returns from Amrika for her nanny,there apna Shah Rukh.. They both fall in love.. Mr.Govarikar only forgot Hindu-Muslim conflict,so we can give credit to ROM’s creativity on this..

Kala Bandar=Ravan:
Just listen to the lyrics of the song “Pal Pal” of Swades. Compare Ravan with Kala Bandar. The whole theme of Delhi 6 was comfortably said in just one line in that song.. “Mann se Ravan jo nikaale,Ram uske mann mein hai”. and junior Bacchhan showing mirror is the exact copy of the concept.
Having said this,i agree that both are very different film.

I am not getting hard on ROM,but i had huge expectations from the man who delivered RDB.

Second half rocks!



While my inspiration gently weeps…

Nothing inspires me in the morning to live
Nothing inspires me at night to sleep
Nothing inspires me to take that ambitious leap
But life inspires me to weep

What stopped me from smiling?
What stopped me from enjoying?
What stopped me from loving?
What inspired me for stopping?

Get inspired just to show others
Milk is still white even if mixed in water
White is pure, so make it shine
Fool the world,Please don’t mind..

Show what you don’t have
Tell what you don’t know
False commitments and promises are all fine
Fool the world,nobody will mind..

If you get inspired to do all this
to hell with your inspiration
I am happy that i am being stopped
I am happily inspired to weep..



Why God?

Networking is what i wanted to do
Using people by calling them bros
why God, why? i ended up
being an honest,innocent & true friend..

Wanted to kill emotions
to fulfill my hedonistic urges
why God, why? i ended up
being hardworking plebeian..

Wanted to be selfish and successful
by using her to climb up
why God, why? Love came
straight from my heart..

I wanted to be the same
as I was, when i came
why God, why? I ended up
being one of them..



Emotionally Divorced

His ego was the only thing
for their dead relationship
the reason for shattered dream
the reason for her grim..

That fool will never realize
Hate is living happily in disguise
in the(his) dark night,of that(her) bright day
She will leave him and will walk away..

Falling out & Falling again
Falling for other was the right thing
Still she was scared,honestly confessed
accepted that she was the one who betrayed..

Holy ties will never set her free
Feelings are only love’s identity
Now she is caught in those feelings
Trust is what is missing..

In her life now nothing can be reversed,
Coz tonight she is Emotionally Divorced..

still living in his hell
getting hit,every time,with the last nail..

“You don’t enjoy privileges of leaving someone for someone.. But he is..”



LuckByChance-Movie Review

friend2: shahrukh kamina hai saala
friend1: kyon
friend2: luck by chance
friend2: kya style maar raha hai
aur aamir ko kuch nahi diya
friend1: are haq banta hai uska
Sent at 01:28 on Thursday
friend2: peter keating hai yeh vikram toh
friend1: haan wahin se uthaya hai
aur roark ke character ko space hi nahin diya
but wo bhi hai
friend2: haan magar woh jealous hai.. roark toh yaar nashe mein bhi aisa nahi bolta
woh meine socha.. magar wahi.. uski aakhon mein jalan hai..
friend1: wo jealous nahin tha
friend2: thodi der ke liye tha
friend1: roark bhi sach bolta tha
wo bhi bol raha tha
haan sorry nahin bolna tha
friend2: arre magar roark ko kuch paddi nahi thi yaar.. na hi woh kisiko free fund ki advise deta tha..
aur saala
usne photo bheje the.. yeh toh roark ki insult hai bhai
usne baadmien photo bheje the na..
friend1: wahi to bol rahe hain
character develop nahin kiya na
nahin to wo hero ho jaata
friend2: hmmm
friend1: basic wahin se chori kiya hai
friend2: good movie
last few mins left
friend1: dekh le
Sent at 01:33 on Thursday
friend2: ho gaya..
friend1: badhiya movie hai
friend2: hmm.. good movie.. magar aamir ka kya kar diya yaar..
friend1: but jitna inside view dene ka claim kar raha tha utna nahin hai ye to sabko pata hota hai
aamir ko hum dekhe hi nahin
late se gaye the
friend2: zoya hai yaar.. madhur nahi..!!
friend1: miss ho gaya
haan wo to hai
friend2: shahrukh=vikram..
dono ne struggle kiya
dono ne acting sikhi
donoo delhi se..
dono ki gf thi..
chalo blog likhte hai ispe..
friend1: but usne apni girlfreind se shadi ki
friend2: haan.. meine woh kab kahan..!
friend1: aur he was not good looking
friend2: haan yeh hai..
friend1: body bhi nahin tha dance bhi nahin aata tha
friend2: kya body hai yaar iski.. mast shape hai
friend1: haan
shahrukh ne kabhi cheap publicity ka istemal nahin kiya
kisi ke saath koi affair ki khabar nahin aayi
friend2: hehe.. khabar nahi aayi.. haha..
friend1: haan hum to itna hi keh sakte hain na
friend2: hehe..
friend1: isse zyada jaankari to hai nahin
aur struggle bhi kahin jyada kiya isse
bahut antar hai be
koi claim nahin kar sakta ki usne kisi ka istemal kiya
friend1: similarity nahin khoj sakte
bas itna hi hai ki dono struggler star bane
Sent at 01:49 on Thursday
friend2: hmmm
in all 3.5 stars from my side
nahi.. 4 stars
friend1: 3 thik hai yaar
kyonki bich mein bring hai


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