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Mercedes Benz E Class: Observation and Reply

The voiceover for Mercedes’ “Ignite” commercial for the new E-Class starts with “It is, quite simply, the most advanced automobile we have every created.” However, during the start-up sequence before that voiceover, the actual commercial begins with a warning light: when the driver turns the car on, the message “Front Right SRS Malfunction Service Required” appears in the dash – not the type of message you expect to see when your car fires up and does its system check. Still, knowing how these things work, we suspect this commercial was probably filmed early on in a pre-production prototype with an inactive airbag – a common enough occurrence with these sorts of vehicles.

In any case, to watch the commercial and check out Mercedes’ official response to the flub, hit the jumpHat tip to Wai.

UPDATE: Mercedes-Benz USA blocked access to video of the commercial on YouTube, but they didn’t get rid of all the copies.

The reply of Mercedes to the Ad:-

“During the filming of our latest E Class television advert, the vehicle was significantly altered to create an environment conducive to filming the interior of the vehicle. As is typical in such a situation, doors and seats were removed and a number of features de-activated in order to allow the camera rig access. The vehicle’s safety sensors performed exactly as they should and activated a warning signal indicating a disruption of the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System.

“The fact that the image — which is visible only in a frame by frame review of the ad i.e. not by the naked eye — was not edited out of the advertisement was an oversight and has subsequently been corrected.

“The E Class is the most tested car we have ever launched and reaches the highest quality levels we have ever produced.

“While this is a mistake in the editing process it is in no way a reflection on the quality or durability of the E-Class”

Small things matter a lot when it comes to big Brands! Quoting Spider-man :- With great power, comes great responsibilities..




Nice Ad

How can people think about advertisement like this. Its like creating different thoughts in your mind. Guiding or rather manipulating with those thoughts. Creating curiosity to the maximum. Letting it out in the last few seconds of the ad. But did you remember which channel was it?




3 Idiots – Official Trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “3 Idiots – Official Trailer “, posted with vodpod

MAMA Noodles

Check out the brand called MAMA noodles. Its is the best brand of noodles in Thailand. I thought that it was just another local brand of Thailand. But it was not. It is a well established brand. And MAMA is not only exported to south east asian countries, but also in Europe.

Add to it, MAMA was the brand that was not affected by recession. Actually recession helped MAMA in their revenue. It is inexpensive. People started purchasing MAMA to save money during the recession time. Never thought that such a brand can have impact on the market to this extent. Actually, it has become a generic term in Thailand.

Maggie for India, MAMA for Thailand!

Great Brand!


Hope.. Recession.. and Suit..

Pharma and Food Industry are believed to be recession free. Google and MAMA brand have proved themselves as recession proof! Just one observation and addition to the above mentioned big names:- Formal Suits for MBA student during recession time!

When I got the formal SUIT of our B-School, I had the HOPE that I will wear it in all the interviews before the final one! B-School had the HOPE of making me wear that SUIT for those interviews! and here comes RECESSION! If at all, the recession continues for say 10 years! My HOPE will compel me to buy that SUIT even when its RECESSION..

Till now I have used my Suit only for the photo shoots! That’s because the placement season is yet to come! But still, 1.5 years have gone!

Anyway, I am sure placements will be fine this year. But what if there was Recession again?? No (few) placements again?? Will the college ask us not to buy SUITS?? After all, it is sheer stupidity to waste money in suit that is brought only for photo shoots! Here comes HOPE! And that is the only reason why the juniors will buy the same suit.. for “placements interview” even though it is recession..

You may be a pessimist. But you have the tendency of not avoiding the factor of optimism which is hiding somewhere in the form of HOPE!

(Formal Suits are college uniforms in Indian B-Schools, but are rarely used on daily basis)

who cares! After all you don’t need formal SUITS to make profits.. you don’t have profits in RECESSION.. and you are not advised to HOPE in this scenario

Some businesses have crucial growth drivers that makes them recession proof.. Some businesses have that HOPE factor which plays with emotions and drives the business.. All other are in loses (in recession)

So as the Legen.. wait for it.. dary quote goes.. SUIT UP!


(Readers(if any) are advised not to get into technical or financial terms as I neither play with machines nor do I play with numbers! Discussion based on emotions is encouraged which does not imply that I play with them)



Waiting still.. or Still waiting.. Wait is long.. Will is strong..

Days into months
Months into years
I come here daily
to watch my fears..

Wait was when she was far
Wait was when she was gone
Whenever I felt I was alone
Again that craving Wait was born!

Wait is in eyes
Wait is in mind
Wait makes you useless
Wait is to unwind..

Wait is love
Wait is hope
Wait is practically everything
That has no scope..

Wait is not to find
Wait is when you care
Wait is not to look
Wait is to faithfully stare..

Wait is for the loved ones
Wait is for someone who was always yours
Wait is like a growing disease
That even passing time can not cure..


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