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नकली तलवार

उठाओ तलवार
और काट दो सबके धड़
कोई विभेद नही
कोई निषेद नही
वो भूखी तलवार भी
आज बेकरार है
वो खून भी हो चाहे
आज उसके लिए व्यर्थ है
आज मारो तो शान से
मरो तो शहीद
शवों के नक्शे बनाते है
रास्तो की नादिया बनाते है
अपने शहर का निर्माण करते है!
लिखने वाले का क्या जाता है? बोलने वाले का कोई क्या कर लेगा? मगर मरते तो यही है ना, जो यह खोखली बातों से प्रेरणा लेते है. और फिर कोई नही पूछता उनके घर वालो से. कोई परमवीर चक्र नही, क्यूंकी यह वीरता ही नही! जब सैनिक ही ना हो तो सेना किस काम की?


I saw people
some were sane

some were insane

I saw them dance
some were having fun
some were complaining

I saw them drink
some were paying
some were not

I saw them laughing
some were true
some were not

I saw them making fun
some were hurt
some were loving it

I saw most of them
some were true
some were fake

I saw people who were hugging me
telling me that I am their true friend
I told them that they were special to me
and their presence in my life had no end!

PS:- Now after reading the last stanza, imagine yourself as the poet and read it again! Then you will understand the meaning of last stanza!


Addicted to Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I am so much addicted to the social networking site and other stuff. I hide this under my online marketing research :-P. As said, the life is changing. People have started ‘Liking’ a lot of stuff. Introverts are commenting. Photographers and Photoshoppers are uploading their pics. Yes, I have coined a term as ‘Photoshoppers’. Those who have no sense of photography, those who take photos, may be of some insect, or tree, or sky, or building or any random shit, come back, upload it on their laptop, Photoshop it, Auto correct it, play with colors and upload it on Facebook! sigh! The motive of taking photos is to upload it on FB.

Are the special moments of our life limited to photos for facebook upload?

Then there are few others who thinks and come up with funny and witty status message. See, making you all more creative. The rest of his friends then give him instant feedback so that he can improve! Two way communication. Then there are games. I was taken aback when I saw a book called ‘Facebook games guide’ at the famous mall in Thailand.

There will be a time when your kid will ask, ‘is there any wall in China which is bigger than the one on Facebook?’

I was sitting in one of our group meeting when one my friend secretly revealed that he has no FB account. That was the last thing he said before getting the status of social outcast! And why not, FB helps in breaking Ice if you wanna talk to someone who is in your class. I know of couples who are in a relationship with the help of Facebook, chat 24hrs but are never seen together in real life! See, it gives you the platform to express. You might not be comfortable in talking to a person face-to-face. Chatting is like a survival tool then.

The whole of India is starving and complaining of inflation,food prices, when most of the youth is playing Farm-ville.

Tell me, how many people do you actually know in your friend list? with whom you are comfortable talking? the one who can be called as ‘friends’? I have many ‘have I really talked with him’ friends or ‘ooh, he must be that one perhaps’ kinda friends. So let me change the legendary quote and say-

‘A friend in FB, is a friend indeed?’

We are so much interested in each others life, FB gives us freedom to ask, to comment, to like, to tag, to meet, to make friends(without any awkwardness). But whatever it is, when you are alone, and has got nothing to do, close the novel or any book you are reading and open Face-book.

Next time you click a photo, say ‘FB profile pic smile please’. And I am sure you will get the best smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do we have so much of time? or we take out time for the wrong stuff?

Is it information sharing or a waste of time?


Colorful Unity!

Colorful and cheerful life is what everybody crave for. Thats why we want different colors in our life. Living the same old life again and again is so monotonous and robotic. For those who are students, it may be a different day because of different subjects taught at schools and colleges. But then, again, in the end, it’s the same day. For those who are working, do you even differentiate between Monday and Wednesday without giving reference to your work or meetings? It’s the same day. Colorless monotonous robotic life!

Not in the case of people of Thailand, Yes, they have color for every day. In olden days, they used to wear clothes of those colors, or something of that color according to the days of the week. I did not observed it here now a days but they do know about it and considers their colors as lucky. But what are their colors? Every day has a colorful significance, every day has his own color. The color of Monday is Yellow. If you are born on Monday, then its your lucky color. The present Thai King Rama IX was born on Monday, that’s why his flag is yellow. The queen was born on Friday and so her auspicious color is Blue. So is the color of her flag. Also every day has some ‘Buddha idol’ significance too.

Lord Buddha’s statues have different postures. Each one has some meaning. You can check out about it here. But how are these status connected to the days or colors? Some status represent different days. and here are some interesting fact for you if you know on what day you were born!

You may call it a superstition but I call it faith. It is not meaningless, as every day is also dedicated to the God who protects it. It’s all about the faith. And if such faith is bringing colors to our life, then why not believe it?

It’s better to assign colors to days than to religions

Some people looks for religion in the color, but here is a totally different thing. Every one wears the same color on different days irrespective of their religion! Wow! At least colors are not divided here and assigned to different religions! May the colorful unity prevails in this Kingdom where even typical Yellow-black taxis are colorful! 🙂

Sa waat di khrab!


On a Valentine’s Day

Bomb blast was yesterday. V-Day is today. The deadly combination of love and hatred weaved together and gifted to humanity residing in Pune! Yesterday, Pub owners of Pune were spreading rumors that it was a ‘cylinder blast’ to save on their V-Day blast! Wow, a blast to save the blast! So many people must be planning to make their V-Day a blast! This time, they were accompanied by Terrorists too! If it is not a cylinder blast or an accident, then whoever has done it, Indian, Hindu, Muslim is a terrorist for everyone. We have already lost this battle, now our Govt should plan to win the war against Terror!

After reading news, calling parents and forwarding hospital numbers to everyone, I was listening to LP. It was Valentine’s Day. I was listening to every line carefully and was relating it to the blast. To my surprise, not a single line disappointed me in doing so. It was like, someone was crying out this song in the German Bakery!

The best line was:-

On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
(I used to be my own protection, but not now)

P.S:- As the blame game has begun, no wonder Govt will blame LP to have some connection in this blast. India TV toh cover kar hi lega!

My insides all turned to ash, so slow
And blew away as I collapsed, so cold
A black wind took them away, from sight
And now the darkness over day, that night

And the clouds above move closer
Looking so dissatisfied
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing
I used to be my own protection, but not now
Cause my path has lost direction, somehow
A black wind took you away, from sight
And now the darkness over day, that night

And the clouds above move closer
Looking so dissatisfied
And the ground below grew colder
As they put you down inside
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

So now you’re gone, and I was wrong
I never knew what it was like, to be alone

On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
(I used to be my own protection, but not now)
On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
(Cause my mind has lost direction, somehow)
On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
(I used to be my own protection, but not now)
On a Valentine’s Day, on a Valentine’s Day
(Cause my mind has lost direction, somehow)


India Today-Scared man on the Sacred Land

This article is written by a Scared Indian.

I am an Indian. By birth, by heart and by whatever you want. I am the person who enjoys the safe environment of India. Till now government did not ask me not to do anything that I want to. But today, all my concepts about India have changed. It might be a very slow process, but yes, a strong one. Something should be done about it.

I like to eat. I like to play. I like to enjoy. I like to study. Like any other human being. But my likeness is now tagged with fear. What if I eat in a Bakery? What if I go to watch an IPL match? What if I go for a movie to enjoy? What if I go to Australia? What if I celebrate V. Day? These questions occupied my mind, and there will be many that I have not even imagined of.

Yes, I am scared. I am scared to eat in the Bakery, coz it might be the German one. Who knows, there is a bomb planted below my seat, and trigger is in the hands of the man who is sitting next to me! This is scary na? The more scary thing is WHY ONLY BAKERY?

to eat in a Bakery in Pune

Yes, I am scared. I am scared of watching IPL matches. Rather if I am from AP, I cant even watch one. Who knows, some people who want to boycott IPL come with sticks and beat me up?

to watch cricket in Hyderabad

Yes I am scared. I am scared to watch a movie in Mumbai. I am scared of the Don of Mumbai. What if some one in UP burns his effigy and I happen to be sitting there, watching? What if I am a Bihari living in Mumbai?

to watch movie in mumbai

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Australia to study. I am scared that my loan will be a burden to my family after me. I don’t want my education to be the reason of sorrow! I agree that Australia is not my country, but then, where should I go? UK is banning Visa & USA is out of job.

to study in Australia

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Bangaluru to meet my girlfriend to give her a rose on the Valentine’s Day

to express love in Bangaluru

Few days ago, News channel were source of my entertainment. But now I get scared of the Breaking news. When you are scared, Possibilities are endless. Today’s news really scared the hell out of me. Indeed we were having cheap labor, but now our lives are also cheap. India is truly having a cheap man power (‘power’ word has no meaning or weight age). During the time of inflation, Indian lives have become so cheap. This is the magic of economics.

Happy V.Day, Love is not in the air, but smoke is for sure

Are you scared in India Today?


General Pervez Musharraf

This is the first part of the press conference. It is very old conference, I just saw it today and was completely impressed by his personality. You need to have guts to go behind enemy lines (of course there was protection, but still),address the leaders of some other nation in front of the Press, LIVE on the news channel. Especially when you have such a romantic relationship with that nation.

Watch all the parts, the way he has answered all the questions is so politically correct. Almost all the questions that he answered were uncomfortable, he knew about this, still he came! I really appreciate this. No sign of anger, no mistakes, usage of correct words, no controversial comments, nothing!

I don’t know whether all he said was truth, I don’t actually care about that. Imagine a situation where you are in a place where almost everybody is against you, they are together, they are shooting questions at you. Impossible. I also appreciate the educated crowd of India to support him.

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