Jungle Raj!

Jungle Raj is a very familiar term for Biharis! The state was branded as the most feared one. I have heard that it was difficult not only for women, but for anybody to get out of their houses at night. Fear to walk on one’s own land can be the most insulting thing for any individual. Crime, extortion, murders were at its peak (but don’t you see all these things in almost all the states?) Still Bihar was branded as the most notorious state of the country! The same state where the great Lord Buddha was born. Yes, people were scared to travel through this very state when they were traveling in Indian Railways! The same Indian Rail whose picture was changed by a great politician!

These issues are of least importance and we should not even bother to read or spread such things. The real thing to notice is after 2005. The beginning of the end of Jungle Raj. The entry of Nitish Kumar as the chief minister. Things have improved a lot! A LOT! And this was not possible with great efforts of this man. I don’t know how corrupt he is, but if he is showing some result then lets appreciate it. Critics do say that he has ignored the poor population of the state (who does not?).

Maharashtra: The state of prosperity! Ohh really? why? Bombay! oops sorry, Mumbai! Indeed, if we compare the two states, then Bihar will take around 15 years to be as developed as Maharashtra! But I don’t think so, the way both the states (of united India) are progressing. Maha is in news these days for all wrong reasons. Shiv Sena, MNS, BJP , RSS fighting amongst themselves. Mukesh, Sachin etc made target! Where are they heading? Is this the maharashtra even the “marathi manoos” would have expected to live in? point to think!

Secondly I mentioned about the fear of getting out of homes, don’t you think people living in Mumbai have that fear? They fear traveling in the locals(local train of mumbai), the heartbeat of Mumbai. So in the end, you live life in fear, not in your state, but in your own country. Now how insulting it is? Whether you are in Maharashtra or Bihar, it does not matter! The reason might be different and justified, but the fear of death is the same.

Biharis were coming to Mumbai because of the opportunities created by the city. The youth, instead of creating opportunities in their states moved to Maharashtra for opportunities, letting it to get trapped into Jungle Raj! But whose states are these? why is it that Bihar is their state and Maharashtra is some other state? What if Mumbai was situated in Bihar? Same thing would have happened! In the end, we all are humans! If country like Australia have ‘sons of soil’ then Maha is just a state! But is this the sign of progress?

Maharashtra needs Nitish Kumar or Narendra Modi. There will be a day when Bihar will have its own Mumbai and Maharashtra will have its own ‘Jungle ‘RAJ”. People will go to Bihar, and I really wonder what will happen then! Time can play its own game, and I really wonder what will the Maharashtra political parties do then? They will be pressurized to think hatke and do something really good for THEIR state!

I wish both the states not to run into each other but to run away from this Jungle Raj, and work towards the prosperity! Because they are part of one country! And this country needs both the states to do well to prosper!

Source: The Economist

Here, I really don’t blame politicians, they play politics based on religion or region. But some politicians create wonders like this, and I salute even the very little progress done by them. I know its their job, but I am being hopeless in this case. A little hope is like a big deal for me!

BTW, Bihar has the second highest GDP growth rate in India now. And I don’t think I should tell you about the first! Jai ho Modi baba ki! The difference between the two is 0.02%. Such economies are termed as Miracle economies by many Economists. Everybody is progressing, we just need to make sure that the competition is healthy.


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