Enemy’s enemy is not an enemy!

On my article of Aman Ki Asha, one of my very good friend commented on it saying:-

honestly im fed up of this aman ki asha campaign….after 93 bomb blast…after kargil war we had similiar camapigns…..aftr mumbai train blasts we had 1 and now its aman ki asha…..
i just wnt to quote a dialogue frm the movie Wednesday
” yeh saara natak band hona chaiye, this whole bloody system is flawed….nd its nt acceptable…koi madarchod… See More…pardon my language but koi madarchod button dabba ki meri zindagi ka faasle nahi karega ki mujhe kab marna hai …”

control the terrirosm aman apne aap aajayega….

Now think of ‘Aman Ki Asha’. Actually I am totally against AKA. It’s a failed campaign. It should have been ‘Aman Ki Bhookh’ or ‘Aman Ki Pyaas’. ‘Asha=Hope’ is only when everything is lost. Everything is not lost yet. Both the countries have lost every-time there was war, right from the partition. You are quoting about 1993,1999, Mumbai Bomb Blast. Let me differentiate first. 1993 and Mumbai Bomb blast comes under the category of Terrorism. Kargil War comes under the category of War between countries.

Terrorism:- Yes, India has been a victim of terrorism, but so is Pakistan. Twin tower attacks, Glasgow International airport to name few international attacks. Political Terrorism is some other thing which is beyond my understanding because of lack of data given to public, so I would not talk on that. But nobody can’t blame other country for the acts of terrorism. First attack of Terrorism(of 19th century,India & Pak) was when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 by Nathuram Godse. Second attack of Terrorism was when Liauquat Ali Khan was assassinated in 1951 in Pakistan. Now tell me, a hindu has killed a hindu, a muslim has killed a muslim, so how is religion connected to Terrorism? So lets not connect religion with Terrorism. Terrorist don’t have any religion, if they believe in ANY religion, then they are surely insulting that religion. Because no religion preaches to kill innocent people.

You will be surprised to know that there were more Terrorist attacks in Pakistan than in India. There were 8 Terrorist attacks in India in 2009. Most of them were in North-East India (another issue that demands one more article). While Pakistan suffered more than 40 Terrorist attacks in 2009. Now how is Pakistan suppose to deal with it?

India’s enemy is Terrorism, Terrorism is also an enemy of Pakistan, which implies Pakistan is our friend. Dushman ka Dusham Dost hota hai na?

Aman ki Bhookh

War: We have fought 3 wars by now. If we fight with each other, who will fight with Terrorism? USA? To avoid such war, there is Aman Ki Asha( I still hate that name). I don’t think there was any combined program arranged between the two countries with so much of media influence. At least this will give us a hope not to expect firing at the border! Let us give the soldiers of both countries few days to enjoy with their families. Let us give them some time to sleep peacefully at night.

Now after achieving peace, we are ready to fight with Terrorists together as a single force. Both the countries have cockroaches in their homes, and here is the case of cockroaches crossing borders. After reading few articles of an American news website I really wonder what that poor Dove must be feeling:-

यार यह भारत पाकिस्तान का क्या लोच्या है पता नही. बेवकुफो की तरह लड़ते रहते है, एक दूसरे पर घटिया इल्ज़ाम लगाते है, फिर मेरेको हवा में उड़ाते है. मेरी कोई लाइफ है के नही? बेकार बैठा हूँ क्या यहाँ पे? जब देखो मूह में पता डालके उड़ने को बोलते है. एक तो जबसे वो सोने की चिड़िया मॅर गयी है,तबसे लाइन मारने को कोई नही. सोचा था दहेज में सोना आएगा मगर यह तो घर के अंदर ही झगड़ा हो गयऽ. और चिड़िया को फिरंग उठा के ले गये. सोचा मेरे बारें में किसीने? क्या फ़ायदा मेरा? अगर में मेरी चिड़िया को नही बचा पाया तो तुमको कहाँ से बचौन्ग.. अब तो समझदार बनो.. में तो सूब कुछ खो ही चुका हूँ, अब आपस में लड़कर कम से कम तुम तो मत लाडो. बाकी उड़ने का काम में कर रहा हूँ, टेन्षन नही है. थोड़ा फ्रस्टरेट होता हूँ लाइफ से, मगर १००% जॉब सॅटिस्फॅक्षन कहाँ है बोलो? चलो, अमन की आशा का कॅंपेन है, पोस्टर पे जाके उड़ना है मुझे. चेतन भगत आने वाला है घास डालने.

P.S:- The last paragraph in hindi is the compilation of thoughts a the symbol of peace, Dove. It is an extract from my other article which will be published on Blog this saturday! Enjoy!

16 Responses to “Enemy’s enemy is not an enemy!”

  1. 1 gaurav
    February 5, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Apoorv i appreciate your views….there might be many terriost attacks in pakistan than in India but as a son of my country, I feel disappointed when I see my neighbour country being so uncopeerative on this issue…..Honestly it dosent matter to me how many terriost attack occur in Pak until and unless I dont see my house clean and so far I havntt seen any support from our neighbours…entire world knows that there are terriost camps runing around Pak borders except Pak.
    And the best example of their hipocracy was during the Flight Hijack of 1999 when Pak didnt allowed indian soldiers to take control over the matter and look what price we paid by letting those bastards free….
    Infact its not only our neighbour but our govt is also equally responsible….I dont understand wjy are they not nipping in their butt…sometime I do feel like doing something what happened in Wednesday…..but this is an endless debate about who is responsible but this campaign is just a media mazzak….and I hate it…

    • February 5, 2010 at 1:25 pm

      Hmm.. I agree, and your anger is totally justified.. It was not pak who did not allow Indian soldiers, they just did not want to be linked with the terrorists(like any other country).. The only mistake they committed was that, they did not approved the request of Indian Pilot for offloading the women and children in Karachi.. Imagine, a group of 9 Indians who are very angry with the killings, forms a group and assassinates someone.. who is responsible? India? they are just youth who are misguided. So don’t blame Pakistan, blame Harkat-ul-Mujahideen if you want.. BTW, Plane landed in Amritsar for refueling, what happened? Did India do anything? then why are you expecting Pak to do anything if it landed in Karachi? Nobody can do anything in this situation yaar! And yes, when it landed in Kandahar, it was Taliban who did not allow Indian soldiers, not Pakistan or even Afghanistan.

      And laslty, those 9 Indians formed a group to kill Gandhiji? Now tag India as terrorist country! or tag Maharastra because most of them were Marathis! No, you cannot do that! Indians do represent India, this does not mean all Indians are like that. Those millitants represented Pakistan, but that does not mean that all Pakistanis are like them.

      And what did you do being the ‘son of India’? That Wedenesday guy was old, but in 1999 you were young na? Did you join army? No! so If you cant join army, spread peace so that there is no army! Lets be ‘son of humanity’ instead. 🙂

      • 3 mindense
        February 5, 2010 at 5:48 pm

        interesting thoughts but very misleading.i for one believe when we talk about pakisthan terror activity we talk about its policy makers not inocent pakisthani citizens.please dont make it look like indian citizens vs pakisthani citizens.it nevr was.they are patriotic to their country rightly so and believe me so are we to india.
        when 26/11 took place and one terrorist was held(please dont mind me calling him as a terrorist) he happens to be a citizen of pakistan.now you say that pak also suffers or are victims of terror…is it? you knpow what, its an eye wash for the americans for more aids.which i think they will be successful in gettin it, also partly thanks to our govt, looks like u both have the same thought or school of thought,posing in front of the media and delivering strong statements.so again when you talk pak being victim of terror why arnt they not blending with india on this? why arnt they helping us in this? do you know one more thing, you have another neighbour china waitin to plunge on india and you know its preparing its base in easten pak .spo now u have two countries to sympathise, china of course.
        lastly my friend this isnt any hindi movie running where,you can say everyone who supports india to join army,& at the end one brother throws up his arms and comes to term with another and they live hapily ever after.this is a serious issue.and please movies and music cricket will link people definately..but please tell me how will it end terror sponsored by pak? are they going to disown their weapon seeing people from both countries sing and dance?we did dance and sing with them before kargil happened. and even after that again we played cricket with them,,but lo they r getting better and better they give us 26/11(meanwhile there were series of blasts in mumbai and other parts of india)and we still talk about dancing.and always as someone mentioned its always india the victim of terror always worried but not the perpetrator.oh stop this nonsense

  2. February 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Dear Mr. Mindsense,

    I know exactly what is happening with China, LOAC, AP and every other issue related to North-East India. I also know why China is interested in AP and why they are making bases in POK. But this is natural for every country. Even India has bases okay. I am not afraid of China or Pakistan. But I am not coward enough to promote hate and let people die on the borders of our country. I care for our soldiers. If we blame that Pakistan is sponsoring terror, they blame that we are sponsoring terrorism on Afghan border. Is there any end to this? If Pakistan has ties with China or even USA, we have good relationships with Russian and Israel. Israel is Asia’s second largest military supplier after Russia. See, every country has their strategic relationship with other. No country can win the war now, No country can be destroyed, yes, not even China or USA or Pak or India. Please think long term. To some extent, even LTTE for Srilanka is what ISI for India! Got it?

    Sitting on your PC/laptop and spreading hatred does not make you the ‘guiding source’. you are not in a bloody battlefield. Nobody wants war. If revenge is what you seek, then let God only help you! Have you been ever lived with a Pakistani? Have you ever met them? I live with them. I play with them. I learn from them. We enjoy Shayari. We enjoy dance. We play squash, cricket, basketball!

    I understand your anger! What if any Indian go there and kill 1000 of innocent Pakistanis? its political terrorism or what? Both the Govt are playing games and soldiers are losing their life. What is your profession eh? Doctor? Engineer? MBA? I AM SURE YOU ARE NOT THE SOLDIER OF INDIAN ARMY, NOR IS YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE ARMY! go na, fight on the border of both India and China. Don’t write blogs and waste precious time! 🙂 I don’t want to fight with you, not because you are an Indian, but because, you are as innocent as the other people!

    No hard feelings. Its good that we have debate with valid points. Hats off to your arguments. I don’t want to change your thought process! I appreciate and respect it, again not as an Indian, but as a fellow human being. 🙂

  3. 5 Natasha
    February 5, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Sorry to say but this whole aman ki asha thing is a big drama considering constant war threats from the highest military office in India coupled with the way your government has been reacting post Mumbai attacks (on the diplomatic front , water issues and even cricket).We are suffering with terrorism more than any other country in the world.Despite that if you warn me that you’ll strike me the moment another attack is perpetrated by the non-state actors of my soil , there’s no ‘asha washa’ left to think about.I am not a war monger , but I don’t believe in this love talk between India and Pakistan.Peaceful co-existence is the need of time.Nothing more ,nothing less.Let’s be real.

    • February 5, 2010 at 7:36 pm

      I started this post taking the side of peace, but both Indians and Pakistanis are going against me. Something is seriously wrong with me now! Sorry for interrupting the war. Kill each other. you sit in own home and let your fellow soldiers die at border! Tumhaara kya jaata hai, right? There is no difference between you and corrupt politician. Now I don’t want to listen to Mehdi Hassan or Gulzar, I wanna listen Imagine-John Lennon! Woh bhi Gol chasma pehenke, kahin door jaake, ped ke niche baithke shanti se so jaana chahta hun… Sorry!

  4. 7 mindense
    February 5, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    dear darkmatter ,
    ive specifically said indian civilians are not after pakistani civillians. u have made aan deliberate attempt to ignore that point.nobody wants war.when we are saying please cooperate with the terror issues why pak isnt giving us any hand.well well political terror ? afghan terror ,,now do they have any proof on that where as even america has openly condemed pak for not supporting india.give us one example of indias cross border terrorism.\

    its easy to accuse as pak is doing with india on afgan whers the valid proof? see they want everyone to believe even india is runn9ing terror groups..we all want pak to do well..but we cant bare another terror attck on this soil,..hope its the same with pakistani people,i feel for them because their country is literally bleeding.and the govt has failed to to take contro;.every day atleast 20 people die in pakisthan..and poor people are sitting ducks.so we all know pak is having problems ..nop question about it.ndias cross border terror.?
    yoo said:
    ” understand your anger! What if any Indian go there and kill 1000 of innocent Pakistanis? its political terrorism or what? Both the Govt are playing games and soldiers are losing their life. What is your profession eh? Doctor? Engineer? MBA? I AM SURE YOU ARE NOT THE SOLDIER OF INDIAN ARMY, NOR IS YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE ARMY! go na, fight on the border of both India and China. Don’t write blogs and waste precious time! I don’t want to fight with you, not because you are an Indian, but because, you are as innocent as the other people! ”

    well dear friend..iam not angry iam just a little concerned about the serious issues unlike what
    you are pointing …what are you talkin about 1000 pakis killed by indian attack ,,see all ypur points are of imaginary blots.both the govts are playing games with the soldiers..i mean this is the limit..pakistan is run by the army the so called govt is run by the army ..and indian army well ofcourse we let tem bleed in j&k ..dont u see them chasing paki terrorists everyday on tv? iam really concerned about their lives dear friend thts why i look angry to you..u say go na fight at the border.,,well dear4 friend u see your eyes only can see two things one whenever theres an attack on indiansoil it must be indias fault.two and when people talk in defence its war cry.what rubbish. WE SAY MAKE PAK HELP INDIA TO WIN OVER TERRORISM,,BY ELIMINATING ALL TERROR CAMPS IN THEIR COUNTRY.now is that a war cry. when china is insurging onto india and when we talk about it is it a war cry..according to you nothing should be said defending india? and u talk about me goin to war “go fight na ” all that stuff..u go to the border and call for peace “you go na”?
    dear friend i feel really sorry for your thoughts because according to you asking pak to do the job is like declaring war,,so what do we do please tell me,what do we do?
    make up your mind ..first u say its a good debate at the end you say dont write blogs .
    and remember that i dont live in pakistan or any middleeast country where one can be told not to write and the guy stops writing..im not writer or a professional blogger like you .but no one on this mother earth can tell me to stop doing what is right. by the way i seriously feel you are wasting time and i wont say u stop writing because as an indian i believe in democracy and every one has the rigtht to say what they feel.
    lastly god forbid if something goes wrong and my country calls me to defend her believe me i will do it.

    • February 5, 2010 at 7:58 pm

      Thanks for calling me a professional blogger! It is the greatest compliment ever! Now tell me, What is the solution?

      Peace is an opposite of War, so if you don’t want peace then I don’t know what you want!

      PS:- Feelings don’t care of spelling mistakes! So its okay! 🙂

  5. 9 mindsense
    February 5, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    please bare my spelling .
    im ina hurry shall catch up soon .take care

    • February 5, 2010 at 8:04 pm

      Feelings don’t care of spelling mistakes! So its okay! 🙂

  6. 11 Natasha
    February 5, 2010 at 7:48 pm


    I being a Pakistani have NOT talked about killing anyone here so spare me .You seem to be suffering from some comprehension problems.

    Be practical.

    • February 5, 2010 at 7:56 pm

      Be a dreamer for once! And as far as I know, if someone is not against peace, he/she is for War. And War=Killing. I don’t wanna point out what problems you are suffering from, as I don’t like to point out weakness in anybody! 😛

      I AM FOR THE PEACE! COZ I WANT BOTH THE COUNTRIES TO BE TOGETHER! John Lennon was a dreamer, Gandhiji was a dreamer and so were all the peacemakers! People who cares about practicality always stays at the bottom of the pyramid. I am extending a helping hand to reach the top! DREAM ON!

  7. 13 Natasha
    February 5, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    You seriously lack comprehension skills.Go read my post again.

    P.S. Your ideology is pretty screwed up.Keep dreaming.

    • February 6, 2010 at 12:22 am

      sorry to say, but its not my ideology, but the relationship that is pretty screwed up.. and yes, i will dream for the better tomorrow. There will be peace! Feeling bad for you though!

  8. 15 Ashutosh
    February 5, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Hmmm..very interesting post indeed.. and rather interesting and vivid replies and counter replies… good to see people actually discussing about this endeavor by both the countries. Coz frankly speaking, no other media space has been giving it, any kind of coverage.

    I was pretty enthusiastic about this attempt, myself, initially when it started. But now it has rolled out to be a non performer.. Though I have personally not witnessed any of the activities (debates/music/talk shows), I firmly believe that it has not been much of a help, to anybody I mean. The reason that I feel is the inability of the normal, general public, to associate itself with the cause of the endeavor.

    Its all correct when you talk about terrorism and its collateral damage and its effect on the people..but cmon..how in the world are we common people supposed to feel “good” about some event that is not giving us measurable results ??

    I do not know about any other activity that will deliver these measurable results..but yes..this one is definitely not. All this event is trying to spread is the “aaall izz wellll” sentiments… I say “ghanta aaall izz welll”

    Time is gone for coming together, and exchange of “ideas” and “cultures” and other goody goody stuff. Its time to act and act in a way so as to deal with the actual problem.. “terrorism”. No matter what country or what continent…!!

    • February 6, 2010 at 12:27 am

      Sahi bola.. General public is not able to relate it.. Sad, I tried my best to do so.. But you see, people from both the countries are so negative and hopeless about it.. I don’t blame them, the govt. has made them to think so.. Its good that you have something different to say on this!

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