Colorful Unity!

Colorful and cheerful life is what everybody crave for. Thats why we want different colors in our life. Living the same old life again and again is so monotonous and robotic. For those who are students, it may be a different day because of different subjects taught at schools and colleges. But then, again, in the end, it’s the same day. For those who are working, do you even differentiate between Monday and Wednesday without giving reference to your work or meetings? It’s the same day. Colorless monotonous robotic life!

Not in the case of people of Thailand, Yes, they have color for every day. In olden days, they used to wear clothes of those colors, or something of that color according to the days of the week. I did not observed it here now a days but they do know about it and considers their colors as lucky. But what are their colors? Every day has a colorful significance, every day has his own color. The color of Monday is Yellow. If you are born on Monday, then its your lucky color. The present Thai King Rama IX was born on Monday, that’s why his flag is yellow. The queen was born on Friday and so her auspicious color is Blue. So is the color of her flag. Also every day has some ‘Buddha idol’ significance too.

Lord Buddha’s statues have different postures. Each one has some meaning. You can check out about it here. But how are these status connected to the days or colors? Some status represent different days. and here are some interesting fact for you if you know on what day you were born!

You may call it a superstition but I call it faith. It is not meaningless, as every day is also dedicated to the God who protects it. It’s all about the faith. And if such faith is bringing colors to our life, then why not believe it?

It’s better to assign colors to days than to religions

Some people looks for religion in the color, but here is a totally different thing. Every one wears the same color on different days irrespective of their religion! Wow! At least colors are not divided here and assigned to different religions! May the colorful unity prevails in this Kingdom where even typical Yellow-black taxis are colorful! 🙂

Sa waat di khrab!

1 Response to “Colorful Unity!”

  1. 1 Samrudh
    February 16, 2010 at 9:26 am

    check Chinese 5 element theory…even that is interesting..

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