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Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached!

Offensive Intellect

A beautiful quote by the great Swami Vivekananda. I use to have some old Sanskrit quotes in my school days, where we were asked to identify the quotes, translate it and write a small paragraph about the same. No where in the whole education system, we were encouraged to follow these quotes in our day to day life. One of the reason is because I saw many students copying the quotes from others or from the Guides(Key to almost all the academic questions possible). Copying a quote is the last thing the writer of the quote would be wanting his/her readers to do! Anyway, there are many sources & channels to criticize the education system and recently, Bollywood has taken the responsibility of promoting it (with the movie like TZP and 3I). Being an optimist, I am pretty confident that my blog wont change the education system. Come what may! 😛 So I take this opportunity to appreciate their efforts (which were inspired by the millions of rupees) to thank them and encourage them to do the same forever! No, till the goal is reached.

‘Awake’, ‘Arise’ and ‘not stopping’ all guides us towards a well determined vision. It is not about staying awake at night, it is about the awakening of your inner self! I am yet to understand the meaning of that, but I am sure that it is not what is said in the comic strip. 😛

I wonder how the terrorists are inspired. As they are asked to give up books for weapons, they must not be knowing this quote(or any for that matter). Still they are more inspired than the well educated, self motivated learned scholars all over the world. I don’t know, may be quotes are not the best source of inspiration. May be the incidents in our life are the best source of inspiration, or even for some, it is religion, or ego or whatever that is hurt!

Or may be it is easy to inspire others to do wrong things, because they are more inclined to commit sins. Definition of Sin is another thing to debate as everything is created by Man according to his convenience. So whatever it is, it is difficult to inspire someone to do the right thing!

This quote inspires me to work for my goals. And I am happy that Swami Vivekananda wrote it as he did this in his life. Whatever he did, or spoke about inspires me. It is said that ‘The less people speak of their greatness, the more we think’. Same is this case.

So arise, awake and stop not till you find your source of inspiration! 😛 After that you can follow this quote!


Greek-Hindu Gods & Avatar


Now a days, Greece is in news due to its fiscal trouble, so I thought of writing something about Greece. But it is about the Greek Gods! There are so many, it was hard to remember each and every one. Greeks must be feeling the same about the Hindu Gods. But it all started when I was watching Troy for the umpteenth(yes, I counted, it was umpteenth only 😛 ) time. I started comparing the immortality of Achilles to immortality of Karan, Bhishma or Duryodhan of Hindu mythology. Krishna was hit by an arrow on his foot and he died(just like Achilles). This fact is very famous that the whole Trojan war was fought because of Helen and the whole Mahabharat was because of Dropadi (Neglecting the politics of both the incidents)

Other comparisons that I got from Wikipedia are:-


3. Zeus and Indra:-
Both the Gods were Rain/weather gods and had similar kind of weapons. Their chariots and dwelling places are also similar. Also they both represent thursday in the days of the week.

4. Hera and Laxmi:-
Both are Goddesses of the home and prosperity.

Cronus swallowing his own children

5. Athena and Saraswati:-
Goddesses of wisdom, learning, culture and knowledge.

6. Hades and Yama:-
Lords of death, underworld and afterlife!

7. Poseiden and Varuna:-
Rulers of water and protectors of marine life.

8. Haphaustus and Vishwakarma
Creators and producers of weapons of Gods.l

9. Ares and Kartikeya
Both are gods of war and fighthing.

10. Cronus and Mahaka
Gods of time and space

11. Cronus and Kans- Krishna and Zeus


Cronus came to know from Gaia and Uranus that he will be overthrown by one of his own sons. He began to swallow each and every child that was born to his wife Rhea. Zeus, as Krishna, was secretly borned and saved from Cronus. He later came back to save all his siblings. Kans too came to know about his killer through Aakashwani and did the same with the children. Krishna was born to Devki and was sent to Yashodha.

Asuras V/S Devas

12. Titans and Asuras
The evil forces were Titans in Greek mythology while they were called Asuras. The Devas and the Gods also can be compared. They both fight each other in both the mythologies.

13. Cronus and Kashyap
Cronus was the father of both the Titans and the Gods, while the Kashyap was the father of both the Asuras and the Devas.

Gods V/S Titans

After having so many similarities between the mythologies, I really wonder what would have happened back then in their times. Either the people had common creativity to create such characters and their roles to teach the society, or different scholars have written differently about the same incident that happened or its a intellectual property rights issue.


Also in Hindu mythology there is a concept of Kalpavriksha which is a divine tree for Hindus. Every ancient religion has given importance to trees. Like Christmas tree in Germanic mythology, Tree of knowledge of Judaism and Christianity, Bodhi tree for Buddhism or that Hometree, Tree of voices and other trees of Avatar.

HomeTree (Avatar)

All these Gods had powers, in hindu myhthology, many had more than two hands and one head. Have you observed the animals with more than four legs in Avatar?


There was a bird called Toruk in Avatar which can be compared to Garuda. Also when the humans were attacking the Pandora in the film, the natives were compelled to think that the Gods from the skies are coming. In Hindu mythology, all the Gods dwells in the Swarg, in heaven, in the sky. So who knows, all these Gods can actually be the inhabitants of some other planet who came on the earth many years back! And it may be like this that there was a guy sitting there in Greece and there was a guy doing nothing in India.


Both of them saw it coming. They both wrote their own versions about them. Fortunately they were poets and writers. Both the version were followed,manipulated extensively by the next generations to rule the common people. Fortunately there is James Cameroon who imagined this! 😛

I had to read so many things to come to these comparisons. In the end I thought that it is better to be creative than to be informative. It is better to make things up than to study history and know things. The whole mankind is doing the second part, and the one who wrote it, must have done the first. Who knows! Yes, there are evidences of so many things of these mythologies like temples all over Greece and India, Sculptures, Books etc. Still history is made by the winners, is written by the followers and is manipulated by the rulers!

I mean, how can a human being control the whole universe, or earth, or weather, rain etc.?It is illogical and inhuman. But now if we go on some other planet with Guns, Planes, Amphibious Ship etc, then we become Gods of thunderbolt, sky and water respectively! 😛 So, lets find out some planet where there is life, and create mythologies! 😛


If someone asks about Me

If someone asks you about Me
Tell him,to let go,let it be
I was compelled to surrender
and I gave up, no wonder..

My world does not listen to Me,
Sucking My every part with pleasure
Now I am totally used up
I am bleeding, beaten up..

I never came down,
Still you believed
I never ask you to follow
Still you followed..

Now she is all yours
I have no fears
Was thinking it to be greatest creation of mine
On that grounds when Sun use to shine..

My paradise has lost
My Earth is in smoke
My Earth is burning
My Earth is drowning..

The End is coming
Coz I am gonna hit you
Sharpen your weapons
When I shower blood on you..

Winds will sing the death
Clouds will cover the sun shine
Mountains will erupt
with no one to interrupt..

Every lane of your developed cities will break down
Every satellite in My sky will be thrown back at you
I will make sure that I will do justice to My kid
Your cries will be musical,your corpses will be fossils..

If someone asks about me,
Don’t point towards the heaven
Coz heaven is gonna crash on you
It’s time to pluck you, pull you, pick you..

Till now, you were My children,whom I fed
But today, I will paint your towns red
so If someone asks about Me,
Don’t point towards the heaven..


Brahmacharya & Freedom Fighters

Today is the day when Shaheed Bhagat Singh was executed when the best lawyer and father of India did nothing. Some say that he was not having that much influence on British to stop the execution, some say that he was being selfish, some say that he was involved in the execution and there are many other theories. Different followers of these great personalities express their anger about the same. So why did he not save Bhagat Singh? Personally I feel that he must have tried his best to save the young hot blood of India from execution. He must not be THAT influential indeed. But if he was not THAT influential, then why are we giving credit to him for independence? I feel that after second world war, British Empire became weak, and the rising pressure of independence movement resulted in to free India. Independence movement was created by both Muslim League & INC.

Coming back to the topic, 2nd October is a national holiday, why not 27th September. Ohh, that was the day when Bhagat Singh was born. In a way, giving holidays is not the solution at all. I think the working hours should be increased to pay respect to both the freedom fighters, but still, did you know about 27th September?

In September 2007 the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Khalid Maqbool, announced that a memorial to Bhagat Singh will be displayed at Lahore museum, according to the governor “Singh was the first martyr of the subcontinent and his example was followed by many youth of the time.” This is the respect both Indians and Pakistanis gives equally to him. But still many fail to remember today.

Brahmacharya of both of them:-
Bhagat Singh, a man who escaped marriage to serve for his country. And on the other side was him, the father of nation. I started reading about the later when I came across many events that really raised my eye brows. Before that, I must admit that I respect him to that extent that I have read ‘My Experiments with Truth’ and other many articles on him. So these are some events about him adapting Brahmacharya:-

1. When he was 16 his father became very ill. Being very devoted to his parents, he attended to his father at all times during his illness. However, one night, his uncle came to relieve him for a while. He retired to his bedroom where carnal desires overcame him and he made love to his wife. Shortly afterward a servant came to report that his father had just died. He felt tremendous guilt and never could forgive himself. He came to refer to this event as “double shame.” The incident had significant influence in him becoming celibate at the age of 36, while still married
My instant reaction:- So convenient and thought upon decision. After 20 years he became celibate!

2. Towards the end of his life, it became public knowledge that he had been sharing his bed for a number of years with young women. He explained that he did this for bodily warmth at night and termed his actions as “nature cure”
My instant reaction:- Spinning the wheel can also create blankets that can give lot of warmth! I use it!

My instant reactions were so childish. I doubt any justification for the first point. It is his daring nature that he came out with truth, accepted it, and decided to punish himself. Today, Men cheat on their wives and come home with a smile on their face. But for the second point, I went into details to understand about his experiments. His Stenographer left the job because he saw him sleeping naked with his women disciples. Later I read about his experiments with Brahmacharya, that are still to be understood by me. I am sure it has its own reason and level of thinking. I am too small to understand it. I have no right to point out all these things as I have not contributed even a fraction of what he has done to his country, freedom and thoughts of billions of minds! It was just hard to ignore. May be it is new topic for research.

In the end, I salute both the personalities for their respective contribution in their own respective ways. It is tough to follow any one of them. The research is on, I hope I will come up with some answer some day.

To Bhagat Singh, who not only lived, but also died for our freedom!



Despite the promotion of ahimsa within Santana Dharma, there is also the concept of righteous or religious war in Hinduism known as Dharmayuddha, where violence is used as a last resort after all other means have failed. Examples of this include in the Mahabharata, where Krishna instructs Arjuna to carry out his duty as a warrior and fight, and in the Ramayana where Ravana is defeated by Rama. Martyrdom in battle is seen as highly noble in Hinduism, which is evident in the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna states

“Either being slain you will attain the heavenly worlds or by gaining victory you will enjoy the earthly kingdom; therefore O Arjuna, rise up and fight”

When I read the above line again and again,I wondered what Arjuna would be thinking by then. Few words came to my mind.

Just give me one call
And every bit of my flesh will be yours
Every drop of my blood will sing your glory
Every wound of mine will be your offering
My heart beats will play Tandava
I will serve for your army till my last breath
I will protect you before I fall
And when my mortal body will be burnt
I will rise up to touch your feet
My ashes will provide you the warmth
Bless me that you will always accompany me
Bless me that in the end, I will re-born..


Aggressive Indians

I have seen people from many countries, interacted with them on History, Economies, Politics etc. It was very hard for me not to compare their country with mine, their people with mine and their religion with mine. There was one point that hit me like anything, which was common in all the conversation with different people. Indians are Aggressive.. I have seen this sentence in many blogs, public forums, YouTube comments etc.

In psychology, as well as other social and behavioral sciences, aggression (also called combativeness) refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause pain or harm.

According to a China media report, Chinese people view that Indians are aggressive and underdeveloped. Thais have an old saying stating that if one concurrently encounters an Indian and a snake, one should get rid of the Indian first. So who is aggressive here, a snake? an Indian? or the Thai? Actually the one who thinks of killing the other is aggressive. Or may be this is not aggression, but a defensive reaction created by wrong perception due to some bad incidents; created by some small group of people, later generalized by baseless assumptions. One of my friend very beautifully quoted saying,’It is all about the perception of the country’. I always believed that Thai’s are more inclined towards Chinese and they have their own justification for that. But then I came across this article which compelled me to think otherwise. This article strengthen the statement made by my friend.

Now how are these perceptions formed? The assumptions that I have identified are:-

1. The Indians you see in your country represent all the Indians in India
If this is the case, then I think no country is non-aggressive. Because in the end, we all are humans, we get influenced, we become selfish, we commit sins, we get caught, we get angry, we blame others, they blame us, we become aggressive.. See..

2. Indians Inside V/S Indians Outside
Yes, there is vast difference between the two. And I cant explain it. Because one the difference is, ‘Indians Outside’ think that they are better than ‘Indians Inside’ & ‘Indians Inside’ don’t know what Indians do outside India. So the gap will prevail till the eternity. One of the difference that is humorous is the fake accent. Watch ‘Indians Outside’ attempting unsuccessfully to adapt to foreign accent. Or the frequent & unnecessary usage of words like ‘Shit’, ‘F*#k’, ‘Damn’. Enjoy this video.

3. All political decisions taken by India(as any other country) are taken by ALL Indians
Like any other country, India has politicians whose work is to play politics. Like any other country, politicians are corrupt. Like any other country, there is a gap between Government and Common man. So if India says something in Media against any other country, it is just a politician of India saying something to the politician of the other country who is doing the same thing.

There are many such assumptions that make India an aggressive country. But kindly look at the history. Was Alexander The Great born in India? Yes, the one who wanted to do something with the world. Was Hitler born in India? And there were many more. But this does not mean that Germans or Greeks are aggressive. They are equally good as you are. Making this statement, being aggressive does not mean being good or being bad. But the intention and tone of saying aggressive surely takes the negative meaning. BTW, if they had Alexander or Hitler, then Indians had Mahatma Gandhi!

Few people say that Indians are aggressive because they are competitive. I think that is the biggest joke ever. Count the number of Gold medals India have won, Count the ones Chinese have won in the last Olympics. I am sure you are laughing. I gave the example of sports, If you want me to give you the examples of military, technology or anything you name under the Sun (except the population 😛 ), Indians are not that competitive. Then why are they aggressive?

Lets go back to History and study the economy of India. I made this graph on excel collecting information from the web.

This is the share of India to world’s income. India has never attacked any country, empire or civilization in the history. They were minding their own business when the empires and religions were flourishing and expanding. Many of the rulers came and ruled the Indians, robbed them and build their own economy which is clearly reflected in the graph. Is there any act of aggression? Even the British were politely asked to go back with a non-violence movement. What else do you expect Indians to do now? I know there is aggression even in non-violence, but are you really talking of this aggression?

Then why are they really called Aggressive? I am still not able to solve this mystery. Alexander the great always use to carry one copy of Iliad with him because he was a big fan of Achilles. Have you seen any Indian keeping a pen drive with a copy of the movie ‘Troy’ with a dream to conquer the world? If you come across any, catch him, I wanna talk to him. 😛

PS:- I have intentionally addressed the Indians as third person (not because they are third world nation), but because I am not justifying them, I just wanna know the perspective of different people. What they think? How they think? Why they think that way? Also, I am not a Historian or an Economist, so the analysis, data and all other technical terms used, can contain lot of flaws and mistakes.


Because of you…

I think there is nothing within
I think there is nothing beyond
What should I say more
It is the feeling that I am alive
Because of you….

I think if I lost everything for you
It is not enough, It was never worth
I have always listened to you
If this is like a punishment
Then let it last till I die….

Yes, just give me a photo of yours
When I die
So that in the heaven or hell
To myself I will lie
That I am still alive
Because of you….

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