one, 21 guns!

Finally the John Galt has arrived. Yes, John Galt. Today’s John Galt is truly a John Galt when it comes down to travelling and adventure. He loves to meet new people & understand their culture. It is like, he loves his own culture without hating the others’ and that helps him to gel with different people. Claims himself to be lazy fellow, but he does not know, that he is not at all lazy when it comes to the any work of his own interest and hobby.

I can assure you that he knows a lot about the Hollywood & Oscars. Even the Oscar panel must not be knowing the details of each and every film! I have seen people watching films, all kinds of films, films in all languages and films of all times. I have seen them answering any question about the cast and directors of the films. But I am sure that they wont be able to answer about the profits each film has made on regional basis. John Galt is the man to look for when you want to know about the financial statements of any Film, along with the other knowledge normal people have about the films. Music is also a part of him, but then it is very common and not worth to point it out.

Secondly, John Galt is an avid reader. You can find the whole library in his hostel room and house. It is called library because it not only contains books of all genres but also magazines and comics etc. His reading skills are hard to hide in the conversations involving international relations, politics and history. Also his library contains the huge collection of original DVDs! That is a very rare sight in this times of piracy.

The third and the most important point is his keen interest in cooking. He can cook any dish that you want him to cook. He remembers the ingredients of all the dishes and he can make it in 10mins at the max. I feel no need to tell you that the dishes are more than just delicious.

His nature of learning things, adapting to changes, confidence and the strong urge of doing unique things can take him to places in future. His ability to make news friends, stick to the old friends and networking can take him to new heights in his career. And his nature of being diplomatic, not interfering into matters & efficient,robust secret keeping techniques will help him to avoid any controversies in future! And his presentation and presentation making skills will help him to become a hard core marketeer!

And lastly, he is a very emotional guy and to some extent, emotionally stupid! He has an intuition of what the other person is thinking or might be feeling. His actions are in alignment with reactions of the person he is talking to.

All the best for your future ventures! Hope you achieve success in your dreams! And yes, your never give up attitude will ensure that you will make awesome ‘garlic bread’ some day! 😛

BTW, Who is John Galt?


1 Response to “one, 21 guns!”

  1. 1 taedui
    April 18, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Can I repost this article? 😀

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