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Memorable Quotes!

The will to work of everyone in the country is the best guarantee of national survival. ~
Bhumibol Adulyadej

If Nehruvian Socialism was supported by all Indians by following this wonderful quote, then India would have been as strong as China, today. Comparing the economy with Japan is out of question, as they adopted the western ways very quickly and now are enjoying the consequences. India became independent in 1947, but the real growth started only in 1991. The history never mentions anything to the students about these 40+ years. To be very frank, I think this history is more important than the pre-independence one.

I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. ~Winston Churchill

In the era when the ‘ruled ones’ were killing the rulers, India was walking on the path of non-violence. Is being non-violent ‘beastly’?. Oops, it is your language, and I am sure you know better than any Indian, so let it be! But commenting on a religion is something that was not expected, but then who cares now! God only save the Queen, or King? or Conservatives? or Labors?

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.~Albert Einstein

And now, India is throwing an open challenge to test your counting abilities. How many kids are born per second in India? How many of them have birth certificate? How many of them have chances of basic education? How many of the girls will get killed just like that. Make the pie chart and submit it to the Govt. of India. Prices will be announced after 10years as it will take time to count, recount and recheck the results!

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

Speechless and to some extent, confused!


Comparing Apples and Berries

No, it is not comparing Apples and Oranges these days, its like comparing Apples and Berries! I am talking about Apple’s iPhone and BlackBerry. Today the world is divided into iPhone users and BB users. Those who don’t have it are as good as extinct species according to some of the elite users who possess these priceless ornaments!

Ever since their creation, they have been at odds breeding application and features disputes that have culminated in continuous violence. The conflict between these two communities has been stereotyped as historic and insurmountable. The sense of communal harmony between them has been compromised in the last few years with the launch of new models and generations.

In the last one week, I witnessed so many friendly arguments amongst my iPhone user and BB user friends. God, they were picking out each and every damn application. Comparing each and every feature. Not just comparing, but telling the other about why his/her phone is not better! And I got lucky to witness such fights, at least 4 times in a week. Its like, whenever I am hanging out with friends and no one is talking, I just comment on iPhone or BB and enjoy at least 30mins of fun! Try this out, I am successful in getting pure entertainment. People get emotional, they laugh at each other, they ignore each other, then they take photos and upload it in Face-book and prove that their phone is the best! And it is hilarious!

I don’t participate in such arguments for many reasons:-
1. I am not having any of these phones, though I am an Apple user!
2. I am not paid either by Apple or BlackBerry to do so!

Few common symptoms of users of these communities:-
1. When they tell each other about the features, they put their phone right on the face of the opponent, pointing finger at the feature!
2. If they have nothing to argue they just chat on their phones or play games, while the opponent is still arguing.
3. Apple users say,’It is Apple, its cool’ while the other say,’It is BB, its professional’

So I started searching for features and started comparing it as an unbiased LG Reliance dabba phone user. I concluded that, its seriously like comparing Apples with Berries. Both have some features that are better than the other. I was not able to choose the clear winner amongst those. So I concluded by creating a quote:-

It is not about the phone you have, but the contacts you keep, that matters in the end! 😛

Now looking at it from the management point of view, iPhone’s market share has grown to 16% at the expense of BlackBerry. Look at the table below:-

Sales figures are in millions! Apple is really catching up with BB taking its share in the smartphone market worldwide. Nokia has some reason to smile, but these communities hates them like anything.

So what do you wanna eat? An Apple? or Berry? 😀


MBA, Math & Kasab

To know who is Kasab you can just click here. What has he, to do with my MBA? Actually between the day when he was caught and today, when judgement is going to be announced, I almost completed my MBA! I was taken aback seeing the speed of the Indian Court. I thought they will keep him at least till my kids complete their post graduation.

For more than one year, we both were living life in prison. He was giving statements, I was taking my exams. He was given feedback by his lawyers, I was given my progress sheet. He was hated by many, I was being looked as a competitor by many! He wanted to come out of it, and same were my feelings. He must be wearing some uniform in prison, and I was wearing these formal clothes till now. He was taken on trials, I had my own share of presentations.

My father spent around $17,000 on my post graduation. $6.5million(as of Jan 010) was spent on Kasab, not by his father, but by Indian Government. It comes to around $13,000/day. Ridiculous! Also, I am going to give back the money to my father someday, can we even expect Kasab to return $6.5million? It is not a loan, its and expenditure. Is it worth to spend so much on him? Specially for a developing country like India?

Statistics say that 24% of Indians earns only $1/day/head or less and are considered extremely poor. In 2005, 42% of Indians were earning less than $1.25/day/head and were considered as Below Poverty Line. This means there are around 283,000,000 who are extremely poor.

Government should have spent for the welfare of these 283million Indians rather than on an individual who is not even an Indian!

Even if Govt had, just like that, distributed money amongst these people, it was Re.1.14/head OR Rs.5/family. I am confident that the value of those million dollars would not be as much as the value of these Rs.5 given to every family!

I really don’t care if he is hanged or released or kept some more time to be entertained or treated like a King. The damage has been done, families have lost their sons, daughters etc in that attack, instead of wasting so much of money of the tax payers, it would been great to release him and make our economy stronger. Come on, even the ancient King of Rajputana would not have spent this much per day for more than 1 year on himself!

I have completed my MBA yesterday, now lets see what Kasab have in his fate! All the Best!


I should die..

Why it is always that
before I breath
you sigh..

Why it is always that
before I get hurt
you lie..

Why it is always that
before I argue
you justify..

Why it is always that
before I even try
you cry..

Why it is always
I feel, I pray and I wish
that before you say goodbye
I should die..

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