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If I ever write a book, this is one the potential topic I will work on. The ideas are still very unclear,but I thought of putting it down on the blog before I tend to forget.

The best thing to notice around you is people. The best thing to look in them is their behavior. The best thing to judge their behavior is their reaction. Anyway, even I have few doubts on these observation. What has signal got to do with the people? I feel that the Traffic Signal is the best invention of mankind to study human behavior in corporate world. How? Let us see.

Traffic Signal basically comprises of

1. Red light

2. Green Straight Arrow

3. Green Arrow on left OR/AND right hand side

4. Yellow flashing light

Every light has a group of people to represent. But is it right to be judgmental and tag them as ‘group of people’? I don’t think so. People react differently in different situations.

Red light represents extremely pessimistic approach. These people think and think and think and then they take action. Sometimes they are too negative to even try, sometimes they are errorfree robots. Success of these people is unpredictable.

Green light people are achievers. But achievers are divided into two sub categories. The people who are optimist and they take the straight (read: ethical) path towards their goal. They are successful eventually. The other category comprises of people who can do anything to achieve success. For them, I have alloted the green light on the left OR the right hand side.

Yellow light people are the  most confused people. They don’t represent anything. Even if they do, nobody knows about them. They work even when Boss is not around (Have you seen yellow light flashing in the midnight when no one is there?). Their intentions are good, their message is clear, but nobody is bothered about them.


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