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The Forgotten Jayanti

Today when I woke up from my peaceful sleep, I thought of looking at my dear countrymen. Wanted to know how they are doing in life. As it is, after looking at their situation, I don’t expect anything from them. Still,I am always curious about the young generation and want to know their approach towards life & our country, India.

I wanted to interact with both so-called ‘Indians’ and ‘Pakistanis’. I consider both as my next generation. My friends advised me to go to the social networking sites, rather than the colleges and the universities to know them. I would have preferred library though. But then,this way I can interact with both of them. There, I found many young people updating their status messages. I identified status messages as the best tool to know what they are doing then. So, I started reading them. Few people were ‘bored’ in the morning. Most of them were uploading the party pics of the last weekend. I prefer not to check that out. People were wishing ‘Happy Birthday’. Few were giving birthday wishes to ‘Google’ also.

Google is an incredible thing. I read a lot of articles on Wikipedia too. Mostly, I read of great personalities of today. On the right hand side, they have this picture of the person with their birth date, residence etc. I wonder if Wikipedia was there in our times, it would have failed to write something about ‘Residence’ for the great Chandrasekhar Azad. Residence reminds me of Sri Ram’s residence in Ayodhaya. Both Hindus and Muslims used to offer their prayers at that holy place during our time, why are they still fighting over this? Even people of Ayodhaya wants peace.

Coming back to the point, lot of people were not happy with the Common Wealth Games. This is where I am totally disturbed. Why are these young boys and girls don’t organize these events? Why are these students not participating in the Indian Politics? Where is the party that I had formed? But I take it as the generation gap. Sometimes I just fail to understand young India. There is a huge gap between ‘Young India’ and ‘Youngistan’.

Felt very bad about the recent natural disaster in Pakistan. Such things are beyond our control. We can not fight with nature. But what about Kashmir issue. If we have so many natural disaster, why are we making man-made disasters and killing our own brothers? I have thought and wrote about this ‘Partition’ issue a lot and I am helpless. I would refer to India as ‘My India’ which includes everybody who was there when I died.

Anyway, I think I have done my work. I was in the wrong notion that my life & death will inspire them, but I have failed to inspire them enough perhaps. They are not bad, but they are not guided properly. I don’t blame them for that. When I was of their age, I had followed the great leaders, I think they are doing the same. Unfortunately, the great leaders are replaced by corrupt politicians.

Chalo, I have to go now as my friends Shaheed Sukhdev and Shaheed Rajguru have arranged for a small get together on the occasion of my birthday today.

Take Care of my Countries (India & Pakistan). Don’t compel me to think that my countries were in the right hands when they were not free.

Long Live ‘my’ India!!

PS:- Just make sure that someone remove the words ‘influential revolutionary’ from my Wikipedia page. BTW, hope you know who I am. Thank you.


A Snippet from my book 2

..and finally I went to the gym with him. I never understood the logic behind body sculpting. Why should we pump our muscles?
So I asked him,’Why are you wasting my time by forcing me to work out?
He replied,’So that you look like a hunk’.
‘To build personality?’
‘Exactly!now you are getting it, now come on, get into shape’,He said.
‘But I am already in shape’
‘Dude, your stomach is not only round, I mean its coming out, it is spherical!’
‘Sphere is a shape! Right?’
‘I know you are very good at words, don’t play with me now. You know what I mean, you got to be powerful, and that is exactly why you need to exercise’
‘But I don’t feel the need to be powerful by working out! Brain is mightier than Brawn right?’
‘And why should I be in a room full of strangers who stares at me and don’t even talk with me. Bar is better than Gym!’
‘Wait, Bar is full of strangers too, some stares and most of them don’t talk to us. So?’
‘But the atmosphere is not that serious in Bar! Plus, Fat girls go to Gym, and the good-looking ones come to the Bar!’
‘OK. Just get lost. No, wait, tell me, what should I do then?’
‘Well,Develop your brain. You can read books!’
‘What about staying healthy then?’
‘You can read books on ‘How to become healthy”
‘OK. This is why you need to exercise.’ PUNCH!
Next day I was moving in the college with a black eye. I was healthier without the black eye which I got in Gym. See, I still don’t understand the logic behind going to Gym if it is making you less healthy!


Guzaarish!! Interesting!!


CWT-(Common Wealth Tamasha)

What are the educated Indians doing just before the CWT?

  • SMSing jokes like ‘Mr. Kalmadi’s unsuccessful attempt of committing suicide’ to ‘Delhi badnaam hui, Kalmadi tere liye’
  • Defining cleanliness standards and justifying their difference from the rest of the world
  • Updating their Facebook status message with a message of their embarrassment
  • Blaming politicians for sucking their hard earned money through the channel of Income Tax
  • Few are angry and few are embarrassed
  • PM is giving his ‘I don’t care, and it is none of my business’ look to the media maintaining his eternal silence
  • Some are predicting and imagining the F1 race car getting stuck in the cow dung in future
  • Some are indifferent and has full faith in their pessimistic approach towards the working of Govt. of India
  • Debating on how the general public is responsible for choosing useless politicians like Mr.Kalmadi
  • Giving the example of China who is ready with their stadiums for the upcoming Asian Games

The outcome of all of the above activities, is nothing. If you have more things to tell then do share, I am sure that those  will not contribute towards the progress! I just have the hope that CWT is the level at which the momentum of change become unstoppable. So let there be safe accidents and more embarrassment. Let it be the Collective Failure for the Greater Good!!


Before I say Goodbye..

What if I die,
Before I say Goodbye
and the sands of time,
refuse to unwind..

The sands of time,
will refuse to unwind
paying respect to the law
they will move downstream..

What if that last tear,
comes down on my hopes
before the journey itself
conspire me to achieve..

What if my last wish,
becomes my unfulfilled dream
no time to fight or plead
or argue with the Supreme..

What if my fugitive breath
becomes my eternal sigh
& before my farewell speech
What if I am destined to die..


A snippet from my book..

He said: I have already submitted all my documents.

Officer: But we can not process, as we don’t have your school-leaving certificate! Please provide.

He said: (frustrated) I have misplaced my school-leaving certificate, but I have brought my certificates of high school examination and graduation. If I am graduated, it is obvious that I would have completed my school. Right?

Officer: We need your school-leaving certificate.

He said: (more frustrated than before) Does this mean that I have not completed my school education? I have even lost my birth certificate, so does it mean that I am already dead?

Officer: No. For that, we need your Death Certificate.

He said: OK. After I die, is it OK if I send my Death Certificate through my friend or is it compulsory for me to come here and submit?

Officer(confused): Are you sure you have completed your school?


When you go..

Inside The Black Hole

When you go,
I try my best, to turn those seconds into moments..

When you go,
I try my best, to bring the lost smiles..

When you go,
I try my best, to keep you away from me..

When you go,

I search for Dates, in lunches and dinners..

When you go,

I search for love & care..

When you go,
I successfully survive,
But I try my best to live..

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