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If God Was A Banker

Author: Ravi Subramanian
Price: Rs. 195

After reading ‘I Bought The Monk’s Ferrari’ by Ravi, I was expecting his first book to be on the same lines. ‘I bought.. ‘ tells us on how to be successful in life. This book is a total masala novel describing the lives of two Management Trainee who starts their career at the same time. The book is an adventurous ride of the careers of the both these personalities who differs in their approach towards the corporate world in every which way. It is the story of ambitions, dreams, hopes, ethics, lust, hunger, love and of course, the most important, money!

The protagonist, Sundeep Srivastava is a very ambitious, talented, dynamic and outspoken gold medalist from IIM. The other, Mr. Swamithan, is having the same academic qualification, but is introvert and is a man of ethics. Aditya is their boss and guides their journey throughout their career. The battles between the two starts on the very first day, followed by series of battles. The only difference was, Sundeep wanted to win the War of Competition against Swami. Swami develops into a very lovable, adorable, and strong character in the end, while Sundeep’s character was alway strong right from the beginning.

The social issues like Sexual Harassment at work place forms the major part of the plot. At some point of time, the bank looks like a battlefield with every strong player putting his best man to fight using all his influence. It is definite page turner as the story moves really fast and is to the point.

Recommended to all! ๐Ÿ™‚


Corporate Karate

Price: Rs.95

A very funny book full of corporate advises. Every advice will bring a smile on your face, especially if you have a Boss who is no less than a Sadist. It is just like a self-help book for corporate newbies.

Nothing more to say. Enjoy it.


Small Wonder – The Making Of The Nano

Author: Christabelle Noronha, Sujata Agarwal & Philip Chacko
Price: Rs. 295

Few were curious, few were waiting, few were tense, few were confident and excited. This was the feeling of the legendary team working on Tata Nano under the guidance of the visionary Mr.Ratan Tata. But what was Ratan Tata thinking? He said only one line,’A Promise, is a Promise’. The launch was finally a success. The team consisted of the very talented Girish Wagh, Ravi Kant, Justin Norek etc. Finally, their hard work was paid off.

The book describes the events that really teaches the reader on how to deal with the challenges that are almost impossible to solve. The story starts with the idea of Ratan Tata who imagined making a car which will cost only Rs.100,000. This was a well planned execution of logical arguments which led to this weird dream that was ridiculed by many in the industry.

The book is not that useful for the designers as the Authors have avoided to go into the intricate details of the same. But then it is a book that demonstrates different ways in which different challenges can be handled by a team. The challenges varying from the existence of the car, feasibility of the car, and later, the survival of the car and the team of engineers, designers, workers etc. The challenges were not only technical, but political too. The challenges of the designer was that there was no benchmark. Ratan Tata wanted to make this car better than Maruti 800 and more affordable.

The able leadership of Mr. Ratan Tata is clearly reflected in the book through various incidents.

A must read for those who are in management.

This is my third book after Lee Iacocca and The Toyota Way in the car industry. Though the other two were totally different and at the greater magnitude, I feel that this particular car has faced a lot of trouble as compared to any other car launch.

The next I am planning to read is ‘Maruti Story’ – RC Bhargava.


The Immortals Of Meluha

Author: Amish
Price: Rs. 295

This book has been an experimental accident for me. I was just going through and saw this book. The cover and the title inspired me to order this book. I was sure of delivery failures, but to my surprise, book was delivered the next day itself.

This is the first time I am attempting a book review. I feel, nothing should be exposed in the review. So if you want to know about the story, plot or even the characters, you will be disappointed to read this. I am not even mentioning the name of the characters.

When I started reading it, I was comparing it with the legendary characters, researching about the Indus Valley Civilization. It was a bit difficult to digest the language that was used initially, found it ridiculous to be very frank. Then I started reading it from an Author’s point of view, and the experience was awesome. I have categorized this book as the book of philosophy, or the self help book to stop stereotyping. There is something beyond the story, the characters and the plot that the author is trying to express.

As far as reading experience was concerned, it was a roller coaster ride. As Anil Dharker has said, it is definitely a page turner. Sometimes the story is handled too fast, while sometimes lot of emphasis is given on unnecessary things. But defending this point, I feel that Author has some future references to make. Nevertheless, I was not bored to read it, I was just impatient to complete it. I was not disappointed at all. The end is not a mystery as such, but it is handled very cleverly.

There are many references to the social instability, comparisons between the perfect society and the evils. Author has shared his political views through various characters. The issues like terrorism, war, social outcast are handled in a very mature way. Also, the book gives information about various things that were known, but the reason was still the mystery. The book perfectly handles the argument between the scientists and the blind followers.

Few instances clearly reflects that this book is written by an entrepreneur or an MBA graduate. Amish is an IIM-K alumni and is just 35 years old. Excellent job as a writer. Waiting for your books!


Shifting Possessions

I saw two boys fighting for an Avocado near the well. Pouncing on each other, leaving their marks all over. One of them was not able to walk properly due to the crooked leg. Atrophied perhaps. I was not able to see the faces, but they were familiar to me. These were the same kids who were talking of starting their business of selling Avocados yesterday near the hospital. The childhood friendship is so pure and honest. The bond of trust that is developed between the childhood friend can even beat the relationship with your life partner. Everything is shared, even the dreams. These two were also busy dreaming about their businesses. The aim was to earn profits to buy more Avocados.

Suddenly I saw the boy with crooked leg shouting, ‘I have won, I have got the fruit’. The other one was just getting up when he lost his balance and fell into the well. The boy dropped the fruit down and went to help him. The fruit, which was the most desirable item few seconds back was lying in the mud.

I opened my eyes and saw two nurses with the notepad in their hand. The doctor came inside the room. One of the nurses said,’Mr. Ricardo Cobos, Age: 57, History: Victim of Poliomyelitis.’ I saw my wheel chair near my bed. That was the only thing that was mine in that room. ‘Patient is normal now. It is the criminal case. The patient was poisoned by his business partner’,said the second Nurse. Doctor studied few reports and looked at me and smiled. ‘Nothing to worry about Michael, you will be discharged tomorrow’,said the Doctor.

‘By the way, I am Dr. Jack Wilson. Let me know if you have any issues’
‘sure Doc. BTW,I am Ricardo Cobos, owner of Avocado Exports,Argentina’.


BBM 33FU555

Have you seen the similar kind of series of alphanumeric code somewhere? I am sure you must have. Because whenever someone, somewhere buy that gadget, here are the few things they do when they are actually getting out of the shop:

1. Updating BB pin to G-Talk
2. Updating BB pin to MSN, Yahoo etc.
3. Updating Facebook status message via Facebook for BlackBerry
4. Creating an album in Facebook called ‘BB Uploads’
5. Tattooing BB pin on their forehead ๐Ÿ˜›
6. Taking a Flag with BB pin on one side and BB symbol on other and going for a marathon across the town
7. Sending mails to everyone with ‘Mail sent from my BB device’ as the note below the signature
8. Updating the Facebook message again. And then on daily basis.
9. Writing their BB pin on others’ status message who has updated his/her BB pin
10. Instead of saying ‘Hello’ on receiving the call, they say ‘My BB pin is @#$%^^^&’ ๐Ÿ˜›
11. Irrespective of any question you ask them, their reply would be ‘My BB pin is @#$%^^^&’ ๐Ÿ˜›
12. Telling others about why they chose BB over Apple.
13. Their pick up line at the party:’My BB pin is @#$%^^^&,What’s yours?’

Come on BB boys! And BTW, why are those girls coming in and singing ‘We are the BB boys’ in the latest ad? Who needs to have a BB pin of a girl who is calling herself a boy? ๐Ÿ˜›

So, have you seen anybody doing any of the above mentioned stuff? If yes, then copy paste this article link on their page! ๐Ÿ˜›


What is Secularism?

‘..Now it is divided into 3 parts, 1 for you and two for us?’
‘I am not getting it. I don’t really care about it.’
‘I feel, Hindu extremist are being favored out here’
‘I don’t agree with you, What do you understand by the word ‘Secularism’?
‘Secularism is the concept that government or other entities should exist separately from religion and/or religious beliefs’
‘Text book answer’
‘Then tell me, what it is?’
‘It is when you say,’It is divided into 3 parts, 1st for all of us, 2nd for all of us and 3rd also for all of us’
‘So, was the judgement secular?’
‘The judgement may or may not be secular, but the interpretation can be’
‘But the majority is clearly favored here’
‘Can there be a majority in a secular country?’
‘So, is India Secular?’
‘It depends on the Indians’

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