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When life is:
more frustrating than painful,
more worthless than boring,
more forgotten than ignored,
more imagined than planned,
more uncertain than expected,
more non-existent than fake,
more taunted than envied,
then, you are the part of
Unemployed, Highly educated, Overly qualified youth!


Give me, what I was promised,
And I will be at peace.
Give me, what I had achieved,
And I will be at peace!


Scam Managers Required

Are you interested in building a career in a highly motivational, people centric, learning intensive environment?

Would you be interested in a discussion to embark on a journey of opportunities beyond boundaries?

Is your lack of educational qualification coming in between your dream of earning wealth?

Come work with us!

Selection Process:
1. You will be given 1 crore rupees for 3 days
2. You have to hide those rupees for 3 days from our auditing department
3. You have to successfully show the expenses made against that amount for public welfare.
4. Return the money.

Below is the Job Profile:
1. Channeling the money flow for welfare without making any payment
2. Successful deposits in the Swiss Bank Account
3. Keeping the Balance Sheet clean
4. Bribing the CBI
5. Lobbying with the Journalist
6. Blaming the Opposition Party for everything that went wrong
7. Taking blame on yourself,if unsuccessful, in any of the above

Major Responsibility:
You will be required to manage risk of our clients without complying to the government regulation and bring transformational change in our Organisation making it Spam-Proof

1. Criminal Record in mandatory

Other Extra Curricular Activities like
1. Fraud signature on report card in school
2. Successfully leaking the paper in college
3. False claim on conveyance with previous employer
will be highly appreciated and would be considered on highest priority.

1% of the Scam amount you hide or 1Lac rupees per scam (Whichever is less)

-In front of the media, when you are successful
-Underground, when you are not

If you have what it takes to work with the best in the industry, join us.


Aren’t you ashamed of your PM?

When I was attending a class on Communication Skills and Leadership, our class teacher asked us to come on stage and speak on random topics without any preparation. Extempore. Having good communication skills is the first rule of leadership, he had said. We were shown the speech from the film ‘Gandhi’. Speech and Leaders are so closely related to each other. Imagine any leader and you will recall the speech he has given. Let it be Martin Luther King, Mel Gibson(Braveheart) or Hitler!

Looking at the qualification of our PM, I would like to respect him and would not like to call him a Politician. I would rather prefer to look upon him as a Leader. But then, when I saw him speaking in front of US President, it does not even qualify as ‘an act of speaking’. He was reading the speech. There was no difference between a dumb news reader and PM. He repeated the same thing in the HT leadership summit. Come on, presentation is as important as the content.

He is not responsible for this. I don’t blame him for anything. But India, is surely, having a Petticoat Government.

I am ashamed of myself first, and then I am also ashamed of the PM of my country!

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