Ek Talwaar jiski dhaar naram!!

I don’t know whether Mr. Anna Hazare is right or wrong, I have no inclination to analyse that. One thing is for sure, we can all sense the winds of change! We may be indifferent, but we can not ignore it! Dedicated to all of us who think that way!:-

Ek Talwaar
Jiski dhaar naram
Ek Awaaz
Na usmein sharam
Woh Shaakahaari vichaar kahan?
Yuddh ke liye!

Ek Samaaj
Jiski kamar tutti
Ek Rog
Na chale jaddi butti
Woh Kalpanik soch kahan?
Aandhi ke liye!

Ek Niwala
Jismein ho zehar
Ek pyaala
Na koi leher
Woh vastavik zidd kahan?
Toofan ke liye!

Ek Desh
Dimak se choor
Ek Gaav
Seher se door
Woh samaajik ekta kahan?
Kranti ke liye!!

4 Responses to “Ek Talwaar jiski dhaar naram!!”

  1. August 22, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    ‘Zid’ also needs to some logic and some action. We need to show the world how it would look when we win a battle. Besides, we cannot make this a way to propogate our ways out. How is it that we hear only one name of a person who is doing all this. Why are we doing all the fasts..?
    Are not those who do not have enough money fasting already? please get those people out there to talk about what is wrong, rather than those who tend to get comforts even in tihar jail…

    • August 22, 2011 at 3:09 pm

      Even if the ‘Zid’ has any valid logic what will happen? We are hoping for something which is not achievable! There can be no country without corruption (monitory, morally etc). There can’t be a perfect human being, family, state, country!!

      Assuming Anna is wrong, and if we take the right step, we will surely make the right difference! But then what? There will be some other problem!

      This thinking is not pessimistic, but it the conclusion made (without being judgmental) after giving due consideration to the fact that there can not be a state of perfection anywhere! At the most, we can attain equilibrium at a particular time but that too is relative.

      Regarding people who does not have enough money, Sarkaar toh Garibi Hatao bol hi rahi hai na kabse!! Kya hua? At least this voice is against the same Sarkar!

      “”Are not those who do not have enough money fasting already? please get those people out there to talk about what is wrong, rather than those who tend to get comforts even in tihar jail…”” –> arre inko paise de do, aur vote kharidlo.. baat khatam!! and who will get these ppl out there to talk?? At least some ppl are going to jail instead of logging into the social networking sites and debating over the issue!! 😛 😛

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