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Teasing Agnosticism

What is the one thing that you depend on to stay connected with your loved ones when you have gone far away from them? Is it mobile connectivity? internet? or something more advance, ancient and dependent?

When you move to some other village in search of water, some other city in search of a better job, some other state to run away from the current job or some other country to live a better materialistic life, everything is new and everybody is a stranger. You may not be having enough prepaid balance in your phone when you have shifted to a new state. You may not know where the public telephone booth is when you have moved to a new village. You may not have a SIM card with data connectivity when you have migrated to a new country. What makes you stay connected even in an alien environment? It is more than just changing your comfort zone. Can you empathize? No? May be the availability of the technology has blinded you to imagine the adversity.

However, we still have Star Wars concept to tickle your imagination. Imagine the days when civilians have just started to migrate to different planets. Everyone is looking for a chance to move to some other planet. Expenses are huge, but life is good and hence your family has decided to support you to make this journey feasible with an expectation that you would eventually call them, send money for survival, come back with lot of knowledge to trade etc,. Somehow, you manage to overcome the criteria and take this journey to the most known and popular planet around. You reach there. It is a developed world, with everything better and everybody wise, with everything new and strangers around.

There are people from different planets eating unseen food, having conversation in unheard language, making all their activities very intimidating. The whole universe is different, with 12 moons and 2 suns, with colored air and transparent objects. You see that the gravitational force acts in different dimensions, cloud formation is at the knee level, flowers are red and leaves are blue. There are inverted mountains, floating rocks & endless valleys.

Things are different there. You don’t know what to eat, what to breath, how to live. What would you do if you can’t see your family, can’t talk to them and have no one to talk to? How would you survive when you are a lonely stranger in the crowd of strangers?

That’s the time when you see Him. When you seek and then feel the source of positive energy. When you try to connect with the common things that you see around. That’s when you feel the connection that no technology can offer. That’s when you see your God. And if you are not able to see Him, you make One. The only power that enables your connections with your loved ones & supports you to survive in any condition, is your God. It is the day when agnosticism is brutally teased & successfully compelled to be biased towards believing Him & His powers.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 – Made like a Gun, Runs like a Bullet

This article does not contain any technical specifications, dimensions, on road price etc of Thunderbird 500. The best website to get knowledge about it is This article is all about my experiences with the bike!

30 days. Forget about specifications, I got my Royal Enfield in 30 days. I was waiting for this bike launch for a year & had also prepared my mind for a 9 months long waiting period after the launch.


Booked the Thunderbird one day after the Launch on 13th Oct 2012.

This is for those who are slowly dying because they cannot tolerate the waiting period. I had booked my RET500 at Sarabhai Motors Ahmedabad on 14th October & got the delivery on 13th November on the auspicious day of Laxmi Pujan (Diwali). According to the records, my bike was the first one in Gujrat. Proud.

I took the delivery of the bike & travelled 140km on the first day. After 140km with countless head turnings, eye balls popping & jaw droppings around me, I reached the destination without any back ache or tiredness. I was cruising at the speed of 50kmph as it is advised to do so for the first 500km for Engine seasoning. It was indeed an awesome feeling to have 500cc, 27bhp power under you.

Overall Riding Experience
It was awesome. The bike is very good at handling, considering the weight of 190kg. Gear Shift is smooth. Acceleration is impressive. Braking is improved with two disc brakes. Look is sophisticated. It is the owner’s pride! It truly deserves a cruise control in future models. It never lets you down when you are showing off your aggression on the road. In fact, it challenges you to push yourself to the limit where you can hear your heartbeats more than the thump! When you are riding it, respect is not earned, it is forcibly taken out from their heart, through their eyes, compelling their jaw to drop & leaving them jealous with the thought of ‘I always wanted to own this one’.!!

As compared to Classic 500, thump is very low. You can replace the silencer & install ‘Indori’ silencer which has relatively high thump. The cost of that Silencer is Rs. 3,100.

Pre-purchase analysis:
Indian motor bike industry is offering a very wide range of bikes today. KTM Duke 200, Honda CBR 250, Kawasaki Ninja etc. I was looking for a cruiser bike and had an option of Royal Enfield Thunderbird, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Demak Cougar 250, and Bajaj Avenger 220. Harley Davidson & Triumph was ruled out as I am no Rober Vadhra to buy it. Though, ICICI bank gives loan for these bikes (only) & the EMI is also affordable if you have no other liabilities. Bajaj Avenger 220 was out of question, & Demak Cougar 250 was a surprise find which was not having any impressive features to beat the Thunderbird. To be frank, the analysis was just the formality as I had already decided the bike to buy. If you are not looking for a traditional cruiser bike looks, then Duke 200 is really very impressive. The only issue is the comfort of the Pillion rider. If you are looking for too much of plastic then you have many options starting from Honda Achiever, Yamaha Fazer, Honda CBR 150, Hero Karizma ZMR, Honda CBR 250, Yamaha R15, & there would be many more coming soon.

If Thunderbird is out of your budget then do not compromise for Bajaj Avenger. Wait for some time, it will be worth!

My RE was polished and primped by the dealer & was looking at its best. It is the combination of classic & sophisticated look that makes RET 500 very special. During the delivery there was a problem of Oil tank cap not getting easily fit. However the problem was solved by the dealer in my next visit. Such delivery problems is the trademark of RE as I saw 2 different issues in Desertstorm & Electra during the delivery. Dealer is very cooperative in fixing the issue however RE should record all these problems & taken preventive action.

First Ride:
After starting from the showroom I took my first stop at the petrol pump at 200m. During this very short time, I saw many people stalking at the bike. First compliment came from the Petrol Pump attendant saying, ‘Mast bike hai’ (Very nice bike).


Completed 200km in one day at an average speed of 43kmph. I was taking 5mins stop after every 1 hour to let the engine cool down.

As I said, I travelled around 140km on the very first day with the speed of not more than 50kmph. However, after 70km petrol started leaking from the tank. The problem was fixed during my next visit to the Dealer.

Second Visit to Dealer:
My second visit was to take the registration number from the dealer & fix the issue of Petrol tank cap & Petrol leakage. Both the problems were sorted out. Also as I had completed 500km, first service was also done during the visit

First 500km (in 4 days):
First 500km was full of pride & attention seeking rides across the city & 280km between Baroda & Ahmedabad. On an average, at least 2 people were approaching me every day to enquire about the bike, appreciating its look, asking about the waiting period & on road price. It was really very difficult to maintain the speed limit of 50kmph but I was successful in doing so.


My second ride on Baroda – Ahmedabad Highway!!

One Major Mysterious Problem:
I started my third 140km journey from Ahmedabad to Baroda and after 30km I heard a very loud screeching sound coming from the front disc brake. I stopped the bike & called the dealer who advised me to come back. On my way back, just before reaching the showroom the noise stopped. I could not explain the problem & they could not understand. I continued my journey & that problem never appeared after that. This was the day when I completed 200km in a day.

Soon, my family started the shopping of RET500. There are so many online options to buy different stuff according to your priorities. I got the following accessories:-

1. Dirt Sack Long Ranger Saddlebag (Rs. 3,200). 22 litres per side, 14.5”x11”x8.5”.

Other useful features are as below:-
– 840 denier ballistic nylon exterior for durability
– Reinforced side walls and base for added strength and shape retention
– Seams are bound on the inside and stress points are reinforced
– All sides, top and bottom are padded with .25″ foam insulation
– Soft plush interior lining
– Quick release buckles allow for easy mounting and dismounting
– U-shaped open loading main compartments allow easy packing and access to contents
– Six exterior zippered pockets
– 3M – 500 cd lux high visibility reflective tapes on 3 sides for safe low light riding
– Heavy duty YKK zippers & slides


2. DSG Revive Gloves (Rs. 2,250)

3. MOTOtech Stealth Balaclava (Rs. 380)

4. Teflon Coating (approx. Rs. 800)

Got it done at the showroom

5. Front Mudguard logo plate (Rs. 800) with Stickers


I am still thinking of the deserving place to stick it!

6. Glass mounting on the Headlamp (Customized)

The gap between the speedometer and the headlamp was a bit hollow & hence my brother who is a product designer prepared this accessory and mounted it on the headlamp. It has the reflectors on it that enhance the look of the bike!


The Customized head lamp mounting.

My dream destination is Ladakh. One day, when my leaves get approved by my boss, I will be heading for that with my friends!

Now as the production of RE is going to increase, the lifetime opportunity of owning one will be a readily available option for many. As RE has intended, it will successfully penetrate into the market of young IT professionals. With Mr. Sidharth Lal vision, it has already been looked upon as the ‘Cool Urban Bike’!

‘Yeh Bullet Meri Jaan, Manzilon Ka Nishaan’


Twitter can kill a Blogger in you!!

Today I have suddenly realized the way micro blogging site made me to forget all about blogging! It is obvious that the Publishing media is being replaced by Online content magazines but you can not ignore the fact that the micro blogging (MB) sites are slowing eating the creative bloggers!

I conducted an experiment! In the past few weeks I was actively participating in all the conversations on MB. At the end of the day, I use to open a word document and order my mind to write something. The only condition was to make the content more than just 144 characters! Trust me, I was not able to write a meaningful paragraph. All my opinions were already shared on MB!

Then one day, I did not ‘tweet’ anything (finally revealing the MB site I was talking about). Actually there was a reason why I was not using the word ‘Twitter’, but anyway, now that I have, my secret desire does not hold any relevance whatsoever! Anyway, so I again opened a word document at the end of the day, and the ideas started overflowing. I began to type so much, that was meaningful as well as interesting!

Conclusion: Beware of MB, they can be injurious to your blogging health!


Target MasterChef!

My new hobby is not an outcome of my interest, but a result of my predictions of my own life. The time has come for me to learn some cooking in order to secure my kitchen hunger. So I started with something that was very essential, like Sabjji! After successfully adding two Sabjjis to my Menu, I then shifted my attention to Desserts. Don’t expect any puddings or pies, I am a great fan of Indian sweets and have been following my vow of eating at least one sweet dish every day since my childhood.

My relationship with sweets is more strong than any other and I am proud of it. As my family members and close friends are aware of it, they use it regularly to get their work done by preparing yummy dishes. I have no problem with that, the deal is always a lucrative one for me. 😛

Coming back to the point, well I never made any point, but still. One more point before I make the main point is when i realized that it is pointless to learn Sabjjis when you don’t really like it. So why not learn something that you can prepare and eat daily for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The answer was simple. It was ‘Sheera’ or Halwa, Kesari Baath, Sanja etc. I will call it Sheera.

I am a big fan of ‘Satyanarayan’ waala Sheera. It is the best and tastes the same everywhere. So this attempt is to enjoy the same taste today.

The recipe is written in a very unprofessional language, as I don’t know proper words for few things (and I am not interested in finding out as long as I make the Sheera properly)

1. Take 3 spoons of Cow’s ghee in a container. Gas on kar do.

2. Put 1 bowl ‘Rawa’ into that. Thoda hilaao. Keep it for a while, till the color becomes slight pink

3. Put 1 cup milk and 1 banana into it. (Banana is not mandatory but recommended)

4. After 5mins, put 1 bowl of sugar. Stir.

5. Put Cashewnuts, Almonds, and other dry fruits to enhance the taste.

6. Enjoy!


Murdering Honesty at the Hands of the Oil Mafia

On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect. It is the supreme law of India which lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, structures, procedures, powers and duties of the government as well as the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens. It also assures its citizens equality, liberty and most importantly justice. The word ‘integrity’ was added to the definition in 1976.

We celebrate this day as Republic day, the day where our rights and duties were brought to a concrete form by many great scholars and freedom fighters.

Incident: After more than 60 years, on the eve of this historic Republic day, Mr. Yashwant Sonawane was burnt alive by oil adulteration mafia at Manmad.

Crime: Performing the duties of a responsible citizen with full integrity. He paid his life for being an honest Additional District Collector.

Incident: On 20th July, 2010, Mr. Amit Jethava, an Indian environmentalist and social worker, was shot dead by two assailants on motorbike.

Crime: He had filed several court cases against illegal mining in protected area, naming BJP MP, Dinu Solanki, as one of the respondents.

Incident: Shanmugam Manjunath, an IIM-L alumnus was murdered in Lakhimpur Kheri, UP in 2005

Crime: As a marketing Manager of IOC, he sealed the corrupt petrol station.

Incident:  On 27th Nov, 2003, Mr. Satyendra Kumar Dubey was murdered in Gaya, Bihar (Yes, the same place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment)

Crime: As a project director at NHAI, he was fighting corruption in the Golden Quadrilateral highway construction project.

Brazen acts and brutal killings, all of them! After all these incidents and many more, do we really have any reason to celebrate our Republic Day and show off our armed strength? Committing a mistake cannot be excused if there is loss of life, and if that mistake is repeated, what punishment should we give to the accused? Gift them a long-running case in our efficient judicial system? And give the family of victims permanent mental agony?

Manjunath tragedy was a clear indication of the existence and growing Oil Mafia, still we have witnessed another similar case. Sonawne was found dead in the field from several burns. But before dying he clung on to one of his attackers, Popat Shinde, making it impossible for him to flee. Shinde was amongst eight people who poured kerosene on Sonawne when he was taking photographs of the theft.

Popat Shinde has been working for the oil mafia for past 30 years. Starting as a road side snack seller, he learnt the tricks of oil pilferage trade and soon made enough money to own two oil tankers. He has been arrested six times before this incident. Was government giving career guidance and growth opportunities to Mr. Shinde all this while? For 30 years?

In 1995-96, Leena Mehendale, the then Divisional Commissioner of Nasik had submitted the reports to the government but no action was taken. The Dhule District Collector had initiated the report but soon he was transferred. These reports included the oil adulteration in the region where Sonawne was killed. No proper records are kept of Petrol and Kerosene dealers. So what exactly did the authorities do?

The Petroleum and Gas minister, Jaipal Reddy, announced two solutions to avoid such incidents. First was to install GPS to track the tankers carrying oil and second was to introduce a new marker system to detect adulteration. Innovative? Coincidently and unfortunately, both these techniques were applied in 2005 and were dropped in 2008 due to reasons like high cost-low benefit, quality etc. Coupon system, Public Distribution system, smart cards etc failed to check the growth of illegal oil.

The simple reason why the Oil mafias are making huge profits is because of the fact that kerosene prices are controlled unlike petrol prices which are market driven.

Sonawne is burnt, because the politicians are corrupt! Manjunath is killed because the citizens are not voting! Amit Jethwa is murdered because the educated youth is not entering politics! Dubey has passed away because the Nation is decaying! Where is the solution?

All this will end, when the Revolution against them will start! But when? Are you ready?



Rahul Gandhi Jokes

  • RG claims that peddling a tri-cycle with Vega helmet is dangerous than flying an aircraft!
  • RG feels that over-heating of water in geyser is more dangerous than global warming!
  • RG believes that Rajnikanth is responsible for Mosquito breeding!
  • RG feels cutting a Marshmellow is difficult than chopping head of a stone statue
  • Sonia Gandhi: Have you read Shakespeare? RG: No, who wrote it?
  • As a child, RG climbed the glass wall to see what was on the other side!
  • RG spends 20mins looking at the orange juice box because it said ‘Concentrate’
  • In one attack, RG got stabbed in a shoot-out
  • If you give RG 25paise for his intelligence, you will get a change back!
  • He takes a ruler to his bed to see how long he sleeps
  • RG asked the price of the product at Dollar shop as an adult!
  • When RG went to airport he saw the board ‘Airport Left’. He turned around and went home!
  • When RG was asked about his absence in school, he said that he got tripped over a cordless phone!

Shifting Possessions

I saw two boys fighting for an Avocado near the well. Pouncing on each other, leaving their marks all over. One of them was not able to walk properly due to the crooked leg. Atrophied perhaps. I was not able to see the faces, but they were familiar to me. These were the same kids who were talking of starting their business of selling Avocados yesterday near the hospital. The childhood friendship is so pure and honest. The bond of trust that is developed between the childhood friend can even beat the relationship with your life partner. Everything is shared, even the dreams. These two were also busy dreaming about their businesses. The aim was to earn profits to buy more Avocados.

Suddenly I saw the boy with crooked leg shouting, ‘I have won, I have got the fruit’. The other one was just getting up when he lost his balance and fell into the well. The boy dropped the fruit down and went to help him. The fruit, which was the most desirable item few seconds back was lying in the mud.

I opened my eyes and saw two nurses with the notepad in their hand. The doctor came inside the room. One of the nurses said,’Mr. Ricardo Cobos, Age: 57, History: Victim of Poliomyelitis.’ I saw my wheel chair near my bed. That was the only thing that was mine in that room. ‘Patient is normal now. It is the criminal case. The patient was poisoned by his business partner’,said the second Nurse. Doctor studied few reports and looked at me and smiled. ‘Nothing to worry about Michael, you will be discharged tomorrow’,said the Doctor.

‘By the way, I am Dr. Jack Wilson. Let me know if you have any issues’
‘sure Doc. BTW,I am Ricardo Cobos, owner of Avocado Exports,Argentina’.

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