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Aaj Rosy Miss Kyu Nahi Aayi ?

It is not about playing with a dog, it is about playing a dog! How can this ad be emotional, touching and not sick? If we see the practicality of the ad, it is an impossible situation. Why would a boy care about his teacher? If I had money in my account at that age, I would have thrown a party. And which sane teacher would allow her student to act like one. Come on, Rosy mam, move your a$% and stop that kid from doing that. Even the most creative, or the most studious student of Rosy miss would not have done that.

But why I am thinking practically when it comes down to an advertisement? It is about communicating to the people about the product. In today’s competition, company has to make it different to make it memorable. And that is when the ad is considered to be successful! People discussing the ad, its concept and the product in itself a big compliment for the makers! Now even if the ad is banned by PeTA claiming the humiliation of dogs, or demanding all the dog owners to wash their pets specially after they play with them, this ad is gonna make that impression on the customers’ mind!


Lowe Lintas’ new cellular Idea: Use mobiles, save trees

Idea Cellular continues it’s ‘What an idea, sirji!’ series with its latest film that creates another montage of ‘what ifs’. The topic this time is conservation of trees and in this campaign, the telecom major champions the use of mobile phone to save trees. It positions the cellphone as a device to eliminate wastage of paper.

The campaign which breaks on television channels today, has been developed by Lowe Lintas, Idea Cellular’s creative agency. Mindshare is the media agency for the account.

Pradeep Srivastava, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular said, “As a brand, Idea Cellular has always looked at championing thoughts which have the power to change the society. So with our agency Lowe Lintas, we have previously done campaigns about caste wars, quality education, democracy and ‘walk when you talk’. The latest campaign takes up the burning issue of deforestation and prompts innovative ways in which a mobile phone can reduce paper consumption and ultimately come to the rescue of saving a tree.”

Ashwin Varkey, creative director, Lowe Lintas said, “This time, we thought why not give ideas to save paper? There is so much paper that is wasted – simple things like paperless railway tickets, airline tickets open up a world of possibilities where the mobile phone can reduce paper consumption. It’s a young and innovative idea about mobile phones being the 21st century solution to eliminate paper wastage, that in turn helps keep our planet green.”

In this film, the protagonist, Idea Cellular’s brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan, personifies the lone surviving tree in a forest cut down to feed the paper mills. He falls upon the idea of how the mobile phone could be used as a replacement for paper thus negating the need to indiscriminately fell trees and consequently save the environment. A montage that follows shows a consumer reading the newspaper on his cellphone (m-paper), a waiter in a hotel noting down his customer’s order on his cellphone, an airline boarding pass being checked on the mobile phone itself and so on and so forth. A lady is seen giggling when a flea market salesman asks her if she has any old newspapers to give away.

–Campaign India




Buy Red – Lazarus Effect

Social Advertising

Recently one of my professor brought a Dell laptop. The red one! He told the class the significance of that colour and why he brought it. It was a very different concept. Dell will actually contribute to the AIDS initiative in Africa by selling Red laptops. I mean, was it yet another marketing strategy using emotions? Whatever it is, it is contributing towards something good. I tried to dig into this concept of selling Red to contribute and came acrross

After going through the products and the whole website, I preferred not to be judgemental. I don’t know whether it will work or not. But for sure, there are efforts made to make the life of victims less miserable.

Nike, American Express, Dell , Starbucks, Apple iPod, Emporio Armani, Hallmark etc names are involved.

If it is just the choice of colour that you want to make, make it RED!

And this is how it works! Very simple and easy to understand. Again, I cant comment on the implementation part of it, But when all these brands are involved, I think there is less chance of this initiative going waste!


Happy recruitment and placements

The three different types of recruitment ads. All inspires you to join them! It does not show you boring presentation boasting about their infrastructure or the goodies that they are gonna provide to their aspiring applicants. In the end, all are Indian companies, and Indian companies do have limitations when it comes down to working environment. It is the same. But the way of attracting people or to inspire them to work is different! The last advertisement is different as it has that patriotic element involved, but it is the most crucial ad because it does not fake anything and is without any cheap marketing or advertisement strategy! The other two are the product of strategic thinking, brain storming etc…

After all, it is not about those 1000 employees that crib about the firm, its about few amongst those who come out of the crowd and shines!

All the best to those who are completing their graduation, post graduation etc. and joining the corporate world! Each and every sentence in this ad. says a lot! Enjoy!


Mercedes Benz E Class: Observation and Reply

The voiceover for Mercedes’ “Ignite” commercial for the new E-Class starts with “It is, quite simply, the most advanced automobile we have every created.” However, during the start-up sequence before that voiceover, the actual commercial begins with a warning light: when the driver turns the car on, the message “Front Right SRS Malfunction Service Required” appears in the dash – not the type of message you expect to see when your car fires up and does its system check. Still, knowing how these things work, we suspect this commercial was probably filmed early on in a pre-production prototype with an inactive airbag – a common enough occurrence with these sorts of vehicles.

In any case, to watch the commercial and check out Mercedes’ official response to the flub, hit the jumpHat tip to Wai.

UPDATE: Mercedes-Benz USA blocked access to video of the commercial on YouTube, but they didn’t get rid of all the copies.

The reply of Mercedes to the Ad:-

“During the filming of our latest E Class television advert, the vehicle was significantly altered to create an environment conducive to filming the interior of the vehicle. As is typical in such a situation, doors and seats were removed and a number of features de-activated in order to allow the camera rig access. The vehicle’s safety sensors performed exactly as they should and activated a warning signal indicating a disruption of the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System.

“The fact that the image — which is visible only in a frame by frame review of the ad i.e. not by the naked eye — was not edited out of the advertisement was an oversight and has subsequently been corrected.

“The E Class is the most tested car we have ever launched and reaches the highest quality levels we have ever produced.

“While this is a mistake in the editing process it is in no way a reflection on the quality or durability of the E-Class”

Small things matter a lot when it comes to big Brands! Quoting Spider-man :- With great power, comes great responsibilities..




Nice Ad

How can people think about advertisement like this. Its like creating different thoughts in your mind. Guiding or rather manipulating with those thoughts. Creating curiosity to the maximum. Letting it out in the last few seconds of the ad. But did you remember which channel was it?

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