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Aakhon ko VISA nahi lagta.. Sapno ki sarhad koi nahi..

Aman ki Asha is the hope that will bring back the two estranged brothers. Two passions that both the nationalities share are Cricket and Music. Cricket failed to do so in the recent IPL auctions. Sad. Aman Ki Asha album is out. And like a typical Indian, I downloaded the music from the famous Pakistani site now should I say Hindustan zindabad because I am an Indian, or Pakistan zindabad because I got it from Pakistani website. I ended up saying PIRACY ZINDABAD. And the songs were too good.

Here’s the Aman Ki Asha anthem!
Dikhayi dete hain duur tak ab bhi saaye koi
Magar bulaane se waqt lautey na aaye koi
Chalo na phir se bichhayein dariyaan bajayein dholak
Lagake mehendi sureeley tappe sunayein koi
Patang udayein chhatton pe chadh ke muhalley waaley
Falak to saanjha hai us mein penche ladayein koi
Utho kabaddi kabbadi khelenge sahardon par
Jo aye abke to laut kar phir na jaye koi
Nazar mein rehtey ho stab tum nazar nahin aatey
Yeh sur milaatey hain jab tum idhar nahin aatey
Nazar mein rehtey ho jab tum nazar nahin aatey
Yeh sur bulaatey hain jab tum idhar nahin aatey

A part of both the countries is trying hard to stay together. A part is pulling us apart. The problem is, the second force is always a winner in the history. After reading the lyrics and listening to songs, I started reading news on The Times of India. My whole laptop screen was filled with “Aman Ki Asha” advertisement. I was happy about it. Then I opened the main page I read this news:-

Indo-Pak exchanged heavy firing on the border at night on Republic Day

Now you know the difference between the two parts that I was talking about. The forces!

Nothing is possible unless and until the border is erased(which is impossible). And what if we come together? If both the countries have same culture, they do share same problems. But yes, we will save on our defense budget. On thinking again, actually we will have to increase it, because both the countries have common enemies, both internal and external! So problem is not yet sorted.

As a kid, I used to think, what if there was no partition? Saeed Anwar would be in my national team! That was a very honest and logically correct feeling. Some historians claims that Pakistan was never a part of Hindustan and has different history. Mughal started ruling us together and we started sharing our history. Then we were separated by the British rule. Is that true? I doubt it. Who are they to separate us? We are responsible for wounds that we created. Yes, we, the common people. The mango people!

The problem is not that it is all about politics, the problem is about we(the common man) not getting into politics!

Second one to blame after politicians, are the wrong interpreters of religions! Still religions steers politics in many parts of the country, in the other parts, region based politics is in fashion! Bollywood has put forth many examples about change in human behavior. And how that change is manipulated by the changes around you. The perfect example is reference to the character of Aamir Khan in the movie “1947 The Earth”

So finally the problem is that the common people change their behavior when they enter into politics. And I have no solution to the weird changes in human behavior. Ask your Ram and your Allahh and sort the issues.

I slept peacefully forgetting all the issues. But I started hearing some voices. Some dialogues.

See, how our people are behaving down there.
But I mentioned it in Bhagwad Geeta on how to live life.
Even I mentioned it in my Holy Kuran
Forget it, human mind is too complicated to comprehend!

But I saw only one figure speaking in my dream! and I saw one mirror!


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