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Buzz (off?)

In an attempt to survive in the social networking world( considering the famous Orkut only famous in Brazil and India) Google has finally launched Buzz. Yes few months ago they tried to buy Twitter (even Facebook tried to) but both of them failed miserably in doing so.

And now they have come up with something that
1. Irritates user by sending mail about their status messages!
2. a copy of Twitter, with less features and no creative inclusion.
3. Even if you add Twitter to Buzz, some Tweets are reflected, most of them are lost!
4. I tried to sign in in Buzz alone, but remember its not only Buzz, its Gmail Buzz and so its only for Gmail users! Why this restriction Google?
5. Error updating your status message! on the first day is a bad sign! But even Twitter had bad times though!
6. Your Buzz updates are not reflected in Twitter! so? How are we connected to Twitter?
7. I need to log in in Gmail every time I need to Buzz!
8. Too complex. Public sharing, Private sharing!
9. Can not connect with the celebrities or News channels!

There are many reasons why it will work too:
1. By default they have good connectivity
2. Attractive
3. Links, Photos sharing
4. Its a Google product! It will have improved versions, and one of it will surely click!
5. It is in the news that you can share/update your voice on Buzz. Looking forward to that!

All the best Google (Specially when you are going through not so good times)


baba black hole ka gyaan -2

“My responsibility, our responsibility as lucky Americans, is to try to give back to this country as much as it has given us…” C. Powell

Tell me the name of the person who is stopping you! I think Osama is following this too, he took terrorism from you and gave you back.. haha! Peace!

“Entrepreneurs are the forgotten heroes of America.” Ronald Reagan

Farmers are the forgotten heroes of India, and they are not even rich, and they are from India!

Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position. -Brian Tracy

But if people follow you, they give you title and that’s when the downfall starts….

“Not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.” -Chinese Proverb

Yes, lead by example. It is difficult, but if you wanna be a leader, you have to make sure that you deserve it!

Faith is the highest passion in a human being. Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that Faith is his twin brother.

Wow, what a relationship between faith and doubt. The trick is to identify whom to doubt and whom to follow faithfully!

Early to bed, early to rise and your girl goes out with other guys.

At least then you realize that she was never yours!

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