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BBM 33FU555

Have you seen the similar kind of series of alphanumeric code somewhere? I am sure you must have. Because whenever someone, somewhere buy that gadget, here are the few things they do when they are actually getting out of the shop:

1. Updating BB pin to G-Talk
2. Updating BB pin to MSN, Yahoo etc.
3. Updating Facebook status message via Facebook for BlackBerry
4. Creating an album in Facebook called ‘BB Uploads’
5. Tattooing BB pin on their forehead 😛
6. Taking a Flag with BB pin on one side and BB symbol on other and going for a marathon across the town
7. Sending mails to everyone with ‘Mail sent from my BB device’ as the note below the signature
8. Updating the Facebook message again. And then on daily basis.
9. Writing their BB pin on others’ status message who has updated his/her BB pin
10. Instead of saying ‘Hello’ on receiving the call, they say ‘My BB pin is @#$%^^^&’ 😛
11. Irrespective of any question you ask them, their reply would be ‘My BB pin is @#$%^^^&’ 😛
12. Telling others about why they chose BB over Apple.
13. Their pick up line at the party:’My BB pin is @#$%^^^&,What’s yours?’

Come on BB boys! And BTW, why are those girls coming in and singing ‘We are the BB boys’ in the latest ad? Who needs to have a BB pin of a girl who is calling herself a boy? 😛

So, have you seen anybody doing any of the above mentioned stuff? If yes, then copy paste this article link on their page! 😛


It is not a crime..

1. It is not a crime if you are not a Doctor or Engg. It does not really matter!

2. It is not a crime if you are an introvert. I feel that the introverts are the most ‘at peace’ people, as they are very comfortable with themselves. Unlike others!

3. It is not a crime to please only selected few people that you care for. It is perfectly O.K to ignore others.

4. It is not a crime if you know nothing of Politics and Current Affairs. It can be boring and useless.

5. It is not a crime if you don’t know phrases and slang. They are there just to confuse you. Old trick played by the Western blood perhaps.

6. It is not a crime if you don’t know English. Though it is a necessity these days. Anyway,I respect Chinese for this.

7. It is not a crime if you don’t know the latest trend of music or artist or artist’s girl friend or their love life or other stupid gossip.

8. It is not a crime if you are sitting in a group and you have nothing to contribute. The whole group, except you, can be stupid.

9. It is not a crime to fail or to commit mistake. Just don’t repeat it. (Read it somewhere)

10. It is not a crime if you don’t follow Football or watch Hollywood movies. You have right to find it as boring as Tennis or Cricket. 😛

11. It is not a crime if you are not on Facebook or Twitter. You can be too busy doing interesting stuff.

12. It is not a crime to use ‘my’ as ‘my’ and not ‘mah’ because it is originally ‘my’ and not ‘mah’.

13. It is not a crime to be what you are, rather than following others! Enjoy!


Shocks & Stocks


The Unknown Person,

Who sold me shares,

Of loser firms.



Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject:- Why are you not an Angel?

Once, there was a time, when I was so happy in life as I was studying and spending my father’s wealth. Then I got a job and I started earning. Trust me, it was a good amount of money that I was making. But greed overtook my content and I started investing my small part of savings. When I got returns, I started investing in the stock market and that’s when I started getting shocks.

As I trusted my luck way too much, I conveniently forgot to analyse and study the market first. I purchased shares of the firms where my close friends were working. Stupid. So stupid. On the first day when I purchased stocks of 5 different firms, believe it or not, all were listed in ‘Today’s top LOSERS’. Why did you sell your stock? You should have been more selfless. You should have warned me to stop this idiotic behavior. Bizarre to be more precise. Please purchase my stocks at the same price. Please. Please! I promise you a free copy of my first book. Please. It will have my signature too! Now please! Show some sympathy!

Waiting for your positive reply,

Yours faithfully,

A wise man who invested foolishly!

PS:- I am more innocent than being a fool!

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