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My Views on FDI

The title ‘My Views on FDI’ is the most common statement made by everyone who may or may not exactly know what the reforms related to FDI are all about. Having said that, this article will also not discuss about its effect on fiscal deficit or growth or on the elections & Congress. It is only about my observations about the intelligent lot of people comprising Software Engineers, Graduate Trainees, Students (MBA, Engineers etc..) etc who are discussing about this subject.

The following are the different categories of experts in our society:-

1. I saw the tweet ‘Too late, Too little’. For instance, I thought that it was an awesome summary in nutshell. Then I realized that these were the exact words said by Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai to Mr. Ajit Ranade 2 mins back on the News Channel that I was watching. So the first lot of people are the one who watch the news & flood their tweets, facebook page with their views! Smart Indeed right? The same people will also read about it the next day & write expert blogs on the subject. 

2. The BJP supporters. or rather the blind BJP supporters. Whatever happens, they will connect it to how the Congress has been looting India. Then they will criticise saying the poor people will lose the jobs because of this FDI. Now there are few sub categories in this group: a) the people who support NaMo & hates Mamta Banerjee b) the people who dont know what Mamta has done but still hates her because they cant relate their hatred to Arindham Chowdhary or Chetan Bhagat in this case c) the people who wholeheartedly support NaMo & BJP.

3. The people who relates this to Inflation without any knowledge. Then suddenly they divert the topic to Diesel price hike & Coal Scam where they have gathered lot of knowledge by Internet surfing through the comments posted by their counterparts sitting in some other corner of the world. Such people do take help of the words which are not familiar to the common man. And mostly these people are the students who have gone abroad for their MBA/MS, or the working class people who are earning abroad to pay back their fees of MBA/MS, or the unemployed Indians struggling abroad who are sitting in the apartment doing nothing but surfing. They all consider them as true patriots!  

4. The people who relates this to Mr. Vijay Mallya’s strategic step to save his Airlines. Then they dig out the historical stuff like how Cabinet ministers of Nehru’s times were selected & how Nehru+Gandhi has fooled the entire country for many decades. 

5. And now the last but the very important category where majority of the people are falling is the ‘Dumper’ Category. The people who don’t know what is happening but they just comment to be socially fit in the above mentioned categories

World is full of different, interesting & foolish people. Let me know if you come across any other Category!! 




Ek Talwaar jiski dhaar naram!!

I don’t know whether Mr. Anna Hazare is right or wrong, I have no inclination to analyse that. One thing is for sure, we can all sense the winds of change! We may be indifferent, but we can not ignore it! Dedicated to all of us who think that way!:-

Ek Talwaar
Jiski dhaar naram
Ek Awaaz
Na usmein sharam
Woh Shaakahaari vichaar kahan?
Yuddh ke liye!

Ek Samaaj
Jiski kamar tutti
Ek Rog
Na chale jaddi butti
Woh Kalpanik soch kahan?
Aandhi ke liye!

Ek Niwala
Jismein ho zehar
Ek pyaala
Na koi leher
Woh vastavik zidd kahan?
Toofan ke liye!

Ek Desh
Dimak se choor
Ek Gaav
Seher se door
Woh samaajik ekta kahan?
Kranti ke liye!!


India ‘Character Dheela’ lyrics

Power ka nasha pyaare,
Nasha sabse nasheela hai
jise dekhon yahan woh
Nuclear ki barish mein geela hai
Foriegn aid ke naam pe karte
sabhi Terror ki leela hai
India karein toh saala
Character dheela hai..


Osama, Obama and Terror

Finally Obama convinced the whole world that Osama is dead, and he is still the leader of the most brutal terror group! One Osama who killed thousands of Americans who in return killed more Afghanis and others to find One Osama. The same Osama who was helping them in fighting the Soviet army! The whole story you can read at any random website as everyone is writing about it. So what is my question?

My question is not ‘why Pakistan Army was clueless about Osama who was hiding right under their nose in a mansion?’. My question is ‘Why was they not able to protect him if they had protected him for all these years?’ Nothing is clear so far, as all this looks like a dream where we know what happened, but are not at all clear of the facts. The bottom line is, he was found in Pakistan, or rather projected to be found on the Pak soil. Why? No Idea.

Now people are asking the Government of India (via SM) to do something about Dawood Ibrahim. Enter Paksitan and get him? Now that the efficiency of Pakistani defense can be compared to Poonam Pandey’s tall claims, India has nothing to fear!

But what about Local Pakistani people who are now officially tagged as people who give birth to terrorism and protect them as well? They are as innocent as the people of Afghanistan who has nothing to do with whatever was happening at the International Politics. With the present energy crisis and political hollowness, Pak should really pray for their bright future. India and Pakistan both are facing their share of problems, but the moment these countries come in direct conflict or friendship with Mr. America, then the whole world knows what happens!

How can any country allow the defense of some other country to enter and conduct operations without keeping them in the loop? When asked about the operation, most of the leaders of Pakistan were clueless about it.

America is firm as usual.. Pakistan is confused as usual.. and India is clueless as usual. The triangular love story will continue for decades, the only thing we need to look forward is:- Will USA still provide the ‘Aid/Alimony’ to fight terror to Pakistan or they would just ignore them and move on in life! ūüėõ

This death is not at all convincing. DNA can now be made to show positive results. Photograph can be Photoshopped to convince, but the truth as usual, will be known to only two people: Mr. Obama and Mr. Julian Assange!

This might be the end of Osama, but is this the end of Terror? Million dollar question for Pakistan, literally!


Murdering Honesty at the Hands of the Oil Mafia

On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect.¬†It is the supreme law of India which lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, structures, procedures, powers and duties of the government as well as the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens. It also assures its citizens equality, liberty and most importantly justice.¬†The word ‚Äėintegrity‚Äô was added to the definition in 1976.

We celebrate this day as Republic day, the day where our rights and duties were brought to a concrete form by many great scholars and freedom fighters.

Incident: After more than 60 years, on the eve of this historic Republic day, Mr. Yashwant Sonawane was burnt alive by oil adulteration mafia at Manmad.

Crime: Performing the duties of a responsible citizen with full integrity. He paid his life for being an honest Additional District Collector.

Incident: On 20th July, 2010, Mr. Amit Jethava, an Indian environmentalist and social worker, was shot dead by two assailants on motorbike.

Crime: He had filed several court cases against illegal mining in protected area, naming BJP MP, Dinu Solanki, as one of the respondents.

Incident: Shanmugam Manjunath, an IIM-L alumnus was murdered in Lakhimpur Kheri, UP in 2005

Crime: As a marketing Manager of IOC, he sealed the corrupt petrol station.

Incident:  On 27th Nov, 2003, Mr. Satyendra Kumar Dubey was murdered in Gaya, Bihar (Yes, the same place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment)

Crime: As a project director at NHAI, he was fighting corruption in the Golden Quadrilateral highway construction project.

Brazen acts and brutal killings, all of them! After all these incidents and many more, do we really have any reason to celebrate our Republic Day and show off our armed strength? Committing a mistake cannot be excused if there is loss of life, and if that mistake is repeated, what punishment should we give to the accused? Gift them a long-running case in our efficient judicial system? And give the family of victims permanent mental agony?

Manjunath tragedy was a clear indication of the existence and growing Oil Mafia, still we have witnessed another similar case. Sonawne was found dead in the field from several burns. But before dying he clung on to one of his attackers, Popat Shinde, making it impossible for him to flee. Shinde was amongst eight people who poured kerosene on Sonawne when he was taking photographs of the theft.

Popat Shinde has been working for the oil mafia for past 30 years. Starting as a road side snack seller, he learnt the tricks of oil pilferage trade and soon made enough money to own two oil tankers. He has been arrested six times before this incident. Was government giving career guidance and growth opportunities to Mr. Shinde all this while? For 30 years?

In 1995-96, Leena Mehendale, the then Divisional Commissioner of Nasik had submitted the reports to the government but no action was taken. The Dhule District Collector had initiated the report but soon he was transferred. These reports included the oil adulteration in the region where Sonawne was killed. No proper records are kept of Petrol and Kerosene dealers. So what exactly did the authorities do?

The Petroleum and Gas minister, Jaipal Reddy, announced two solutions to avoid such incidents. First was to install GPS to track the tankers carrying oil and second was to introduce a new marker system to detect adulteration. Innovative? Coincidently and unfortunately, both these techniques were applied in 2005 and were dropped in 2008 due to reasons like high cost-low benefit, quality etc. Coupon system, Public Distribution system, smart cards etc failed to check the growth of illegal oil.

The simple reason why the Oil mafias are making huge profits is because of the fact that kerosene prices are controlled unlike petrol prices which are market driven.

Sonawne is burnt, because the politicians are corrupt! Manjunath is killed because the citizens are not voting! Amit Jethwa is murdered because the educated youth is not entering politics! Dubey has passed away because the Nation is decaying! Where is the solution?

All this will end, when the Revolution against them will start! But when? Are you ready?



Scam Managers Required

Are you interested in building a career in a highly motivational, people centric, learning intensive environment?

Would you be interested in a discussion to embark on a journey of opportunities beyond boundaries?

Is your lack of educational qualification coming in between your dream of earning wealth?

Come work with us!

Selection Process:
1. You will be given 1 crore rupees for 3 days
2. You have to hide those rupees for 3 days from our auditing department
3. You have to successfully show the expenses made against that amount for public welfare.
4. Return the money.

Below is the Job Profile:
1. Channeling the money flow for welfare without making any payment
2. Successful deposits in the Swiss Bank Account
3. Keeping the Balance Sheet clean
4. Bribing the CBI
5. Lobbying with the Journalist
6. Blaming the Opposition Party for everything that went wrong
7. Taking blame on yourself,if unsuccessful, in any of the above

Major Responsibility:
You will be required to manage risk of our clients without complying to the government regulation and bring transformational change in our Organisation making it Spam-Proof

1. Criminal Record in mandatory

Other Extra Curricular Activities like
1. Fraud signature on report card in school
2. Successfully leaking the paper in college
3. False claim on conveyance with previous employer
will be highly appreciated and would be considered on highest priority.

1% of the Scam amount you hide or 1Lac rupees per scam (Whichever is less)

-In front of the media, when you are successful
-Underground, when you are not

If you have what it takes to work with the best in the industry, join us.


CWT-(Common Wealth Tamasha)

What are the educated Indians doing just before the CWT?

  • SMSing jokes like ‘Mr. Kalmadi’s unsuccessful attempt of committing suicide’ to ‘Delhi badnaam hui, Kalmadi tere liye’
  • Defining¬†cleanliness¬†standards and justifying their difference from the rest of the world
  • Updating their Facebook status message with a message of their¬†embarrassment
  • Blaming politicians for sucking their hard earned money through the channel of Income Tax
  • Few are angry and few are¬†embarrassed
  • PM is giving his ‘I don’t care, and it is none of my business’ look to the media¬†maintaining his¬†eternal¬†silence
  • Some are predicting and imagining the F1 race car getting stuck in the cow dung in future
  • Some are indifferent and has full faith in their pessimistic approach towards the working of Govt. of India
  • Debating on how the general public is responsible for choosing useless politicians like Mr.Kalmadi
  • Giving the example of China who is ready with their stadiums for the upcoming Asian Games

The outcome of all of the above activities, is nothing. If you have more things to tell then do share, I am sure that those  will not contribute towards the progress! I just have the hope that CWT is the level at which the momentum of change become unstoppable. So let there be safe accidents and more embarrassment. Let it be the Collective Failure for the Greater Good!!

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