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Letter to the central government

Hello Central Govt,

We are a poor state. We are the most populated state with the second lowest per capita income. The aid that you gave me last time was actually used in building properties in Ghaziabad, Noida and in some other cities. You know its better to buy land when you are in power.

The left overs were used up in building statues of myself and my party leaders. I felt our country needs it.

Taj Corridor case earnings are almost over now. Everybody wants to celebrate birthday in style right?

I wanted to help the victims personally. But what can a person do when she is a politician. The salary is almost negligible. Still I paid more Income Tax than Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Its only my love and responsibility towards my country.

Please give me some aid for compensation to the stampede victims. I will make sure that there will be your statue at the stampede incident. This time it will be as huge as statue of liberty. Also, there has been talks that my government will be finished by 2012. It is the whole world that will come to an end in 2012, not my government. I am not good in stats, but my secretary told me that 60% of my population is illiterate and the rest of the other are uneducated just like our fellow countrymen. So I am sure that I will be elected for the 5th time!

Do visit Taj sometime. Let me know when you are coming, I will send a car for you. The Ambassador cant handle the bumpy road to Taj Mahal. 😛 Just a joke to make you laugh!

Please look into this matter. We don’t have money.

With love,
State Government


India Today-Scared man on the Sacred Land

This article is written by a Scared Indian.

I am an Indian. By birth, by heart and by whatever you want. I am the person who enjoys the safe environment of India. Till now government did not ask me not to do anything that I want to. But today, all my concepts about India have changed. It might be a very slow process, but yes, a strong one. Something should be done about it.

I like to eat. I like to play. I like to enjoy. I like to study. Like any other human being. But my likeness is now tagged with fear. What if I eat in a Bakery? What if I go to watch an IPL match? What if I go for a movie to enjoy? What if I go to Australia? What if I celebrate V. Day? These questions occupied my mind, and there will be many that I have not even imagined of.

Yes, I am scared. I am scared to eat in the Bakery, coz it might be the German one. Who knows, there is a bomb planted below my seat, and trigger is in the hands of the man who is sitting next to me! This is scary na? The more scary thing is WHY ONLY BAKERY?

to eat in a Bakery in Pune

Yes, I am scared. I am scared of watching IPL matches. Rather if I am from AP, I cant even watch one. Who knows, some people who want to boycott IPL come with sticks and beat me up?

to watch cricket in Hyderabad

Yes I am scared. I am scared to watch a movie in Mumbai. I am scared of the Don of Mumbai. What if some one in UP burns his effigy and I happen to be sitting there, watching? What if I am a Bihari living in Mumbai?

to watch movie in mumbai

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Australia to study. I am scared that my loan will be a burden to my family after me. I don’t want my education to be the reason of sorrow! I agree that Australia is not my country, but then, where should I go? UK is banning Visa & USA is out of job.

to study in Australia

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Bangaluru to meet my girlfriend to give her a rose on the Valentine’s Day

to express love in Bangaluru

Few days ago, News channel were source of my entertainment. But now I get scared of the Breaking news. When you are scared, Possibilities are endless. Today’s news really scared the hell out of me. Indeed we were having cheap labor, but now our lives are also cheap. India is truly having a cheap man power (‘power’ word has no meaning or weight age). During the time of inflation, Indian lives have become so cheap. This is the magic of economics.

Happy V.Day, Love is not in the air, but smoke is for sure

Are you scared in India Today?


bad Times of India

Today after having a hectic day, I opened the website of TOI. Nothing unusual, everything was similar.

Inside The Black Hole

Fearing Sena,Mumbai Cinemas stop ‘My Name Is Khan’ advance booking

Good, Sena is doing their job. They are hopeless. If they cant do anything good, then they do something bad. but really bad? Shah rukh khan is also doing cheap publicity. Right from the point he was caught at the new york airport to the point where he says,’My kid asked me whether I will be kicked out of India’. Ask him how he got his bungalow at Bandra? Does Sena represents India?

Boycott IPL-3,Andhra sports minister tell Deccan chargers

Dude, I think you did not get appropriate money package from IPL. First solve our Telangana issue and then, if at all you have time, think of boycotting. Where were you when pakistani people were banned from playing IPL? why did not you think of boycotting then? and then people blame Raj Thackarey for dividing India. There are millions of Raj Thackeray’s in every state of India. Only one has guts to come out in open(in his state) to divide the country!

All is not well with congress-NC alliance, Omar snubs Azad

All is never well for any party or any alliance in India. But all is always well for individual leader. Kyu Omar bhai? Did you actually resign after sex scandal? Politics is a business. If you cant earn, jump from one party to another. All izz well then! ofcourse, all izz never well for India! But do politicians care about India?

My father gave me this country-SRK

Keep your emotions on the silver screen, or is this one of your ‘marketing publicity stunt’? Why all such things happen to you? Why are you always in controversies before your film release? Tell me frankly, why did that FAKE IPL Player blog was associated with your team only? Are you THAT special? Yes, you are famous, you are the king. You are enjoying life in your big house and unlimited property. Don’t cry now. King never crowns himself as a King, you have committed that mistake. This might be God’s trick to bring you down on the earth. Yes, in your country only, but on the earth!

In pics: Bipasha’s fitness regime

It means, “In pics: Bipasha has not done any film for a while. She does not want producer to forget her. She is in desperate need of more films” Seedhi baat, no bakwaas!

2nd big snowstorm hits US east coast

Since Saddam is no more, and you cant catch Osama, whom will you blame eh? Climate! ohh yes, oye India and China, stop eating food and decrease the fuel usage. You eat too much of Burger and use many SUVs on road. Stop that!

1984 anti sikh riots case: CBI concludes argument

How come so early? great. Hats off! Aur furrsat se conclude karte hai. Yeh zindagi bahot lambi hai.. aur humein kya jaldi hai!

Australian police delay release of survey on racism

yes, of course, they found more Australians than Indians in that survey. Got scared of racism, and delayed it! 😛

Patna students protesting

Who? Students. Youth? Yes. In Bihar? Unbelievable, but true. And what are they doing? Protesting. See, Raj, Youth is still there in Bihar, and they are using your path only. Now at least be happy!

Three dacoits arrested in Bangalore

Ohh puhlese, call them Terrorists. Dacoits are so down market. Terrorists are IN. They have captured the whole market of Dacoits in India!

TCS to hire 30000 employees in 2011

Why? to save your official website from getting hacked? And correction, they are not employees, they are software slaves. At least 30% of them don’t know what to do in life. Wasting talent, creativity and passion by typing codes!

Rathore attacker sent to 14 day judicial custody

Look bro, whatever you do in life, do it with perfection. If you become a scientist, but not a good one, then what is the use? Even if you become grass cutter, but could not cut the grass properly, then what is the use? Rathore will be at large. and you will pay the price of not committing murder successfully!

President Patil’s Husband in Land Grab case

Ohh. So this is your extra monthly income eh? President of India. Good example for others!

Priyanka throws starry tantrums

Ohh,how come you did not tweet about it?

Still, tomorrow I will be opening the same site to read the same news! Till then, listen to some Patriotic song and enjoy.. Yeh Desh hai veer jawaano ko.. Iss desh ka yaaroooo…. kher, kya kehna ab!


Jungle Raj!

Jungle Raj is a very familiar term for Biharis! The state was branded as the most feared one. I have heard that it was difficult not only for women, but for anybody to get out of their houses at night. Fear to walk on one’s own land can be the most insulting thing for any individual. Crime, extortion, murders were at its peak (but don’t you see all these things in almost all the states?) Still Bihar was branded as the most notorious state of the country! The same state where the great Lord Buddha was born. Yes, people were scared to travel through this very state when they were traveling in Indian Railways! The same Indian Rail whose picture was changed by a great politician!

These issues are of least importance and we should not even bother to read or spread such things. The real thing to notice is after 2005. The beginning of the end of Jungle Raj. The entry of Nitish Kumar as the chief minister. Things have improved a lot! A LOT! And this was not possible with great efforts of this man. I don’t know how corrupt he is, but if he is showing some result then lets appreciate it. Critics do say that he has ignored the poor population of the state (who does not?).

Maharashtra: The state of prosperity! Ohh really? why? Bombay! oops sorry, Mumbai! Indeed, if we compare the two states, then Bihar will take around 15 years to be as developed as Maharashtra! But I don’t think so, the way both the states (of united India) are progressing. Maha is in news these days for all wrong reasons. Shiv Sena, MNS, BJP , RSS fighting amongst themselves. Mukesh, Sachin etc made target! Where are they heading? Is this the maharashtra even the “marathi manoos” would have expected to live in? point to think!

Secondly I mentioned about the fear of getting out of homes, don’t you think people living in Mumbai have that fear? They fear traveling in the locals(local train of mumbai), the heartbeat of Mumbai. So in the end, you live life in fear, not in your state, but in your own country. Now how insulting it is? Whether you are in Maharashtra or Bihar, it does not matter! The reason might be different and justified, but the fear of death is the same.

Biharis were coming to Mumbai because of the opportunities created by the city. The youth, instead of creating opportunities in their states moved to Maharashtra for opportunities, letting it to get trapped into Jungle Raj! But whose states are these? why is it that Bihar is their state and Maharashtra is some other state? What if Mumbai was situated in Bihar? Same thing would have happened! In the end, we all are humans! If country like Australia have ‘sons of soil’ then Maha is just a state! But is this the sign of progress?

Maharashtra needs Nitish Kumar or Narendra Modi. There will be a day when Bihar will have its own Mumbai and Maharashtra will have its own ‘Jungle ‘RAJ”. People will go to Bihar, and I really wonder what will happen then! Time can play its own game, and I really wonder what will the Maharashtra political parties do then? They will be pressurized to think hatke and do something really good for THEIR state!

I wish both the states not to run into each other but to run away from this Jungle Raj, and work towards the prosperity! Because they are part of one country! And this country needs both the states to do well to prosper!

Source: The Economist

Here, I really don’t blame politicians, they play politics based on religion or region. But some politicians create wonders like this, and I salute even the very little progress done by them. I know its their job, but I am being hopeless in this case. A little hope is like a big deal for me!

BTW, Bihar has the second highest GDP growth rate in India now. And I don’t think I should tell you about the first! Jai ho Modi baba ki! The difference between the two is 0.02%. Such economies are termed as Miracle economies by many Economists. Everybody is progressing, we just need to make sure that the competition is healthy.

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