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India is my country, All Indians are…..

‘No country is perfect, we need to make it perfect’. This is a not the perfect sentence, because this sentence is mostly spoken when the youth is drunk, emotional, frustrated etc.

Secondly the word ‘we’ is the most controversial word in this sentence. This word represent either unity, or the act of taking things for granted. It either represents determination, or the free advise with no responsibility! It represents either baseless remarks, or a well thought & planned strategic announcement! In the end, we realize that this statement is just made as a counter argument for the negative remarks about our country. It has no meaning, no determination, no relevance whatsoever.

‘No country’, these words give us the unfair privilege of comparing our weakness to the others. Evaluating the weaker weakness, and getting satisfied at the relative comparison! But in the end, we are weak and we have our weakness. So comparing with other country who is weaker, more corrupt, more poor wont really help! It is like saying,’ I failed because he failed’.

‘Perfect’:- The definition is really very difficult. Perfect means nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong means, everybody is happy, we get happy only when we are satisfied with life.. We are satisfied if our wants are fulfilled. But the first thing I learnt in Social Studies book of my school was ‘Human wants are unlimited’. So perfection is nearly impossible to achieve! This is in contrast to the relative comparison that was earlier mentioned!

‘to make it perfect’:- If the above theory is true, then these words are the most fake words of the sentence. It raises false expectation & promise to deliver something better. Also it asks us to thrive for something that is unachievable through some theories. But then, If you aim for the sky, you may reach the tree top! At least! So these words contribute towards more confusion in the sentence.

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
India is Politicians’ country, & all Indians are educated but helpless! (God help those who helps themselves, so if we don’t help ourself, we are……………. )

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I love my country but I am ashamed of its rich and varied internal fights!

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
Yet, I shall always strive to make my country worthy some day!

I shall give respect to my parents, teachers and elders and treat everyone with courtesy.
I shall give respect to my parents & teachers no doubt, and to everyone who treats me with courtesy!

To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
To their present country & my futuristic and optimistic dream, I pledge my devotion.

In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.
In my struggle, survival and success, alone lies my happiness!

Jai Hind!
Long Live India!

I am an Indian, India is not only my country but also my religion. India is my caste, India is my color. India is my wealth, India is my culture!


Aggressive Indians

I have seen people from many countries, interacted with them on History, Economies, Politics etc. It was very hard for me not to compare their country with mine, their people with mine and their religion with mine. There was one point that hit me like anything, which was common in all the conversation with different people. Indians are Aggressive.. I have seen this sentence in many blogs, public forums, YouTube comments etc.

In psychology, as well as other social and behavioral sciences, aggression (also called combativeness) refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause pain or harm.

According to a China media report, Chinese people view that Indians are aggressive and underdeveloped. Thais have an old saying stating that if one concurrently encounters an Indian and a snake, one should get rid of the Indian first. So who is aggressive here, a snake? an Indian? or the Thai? Actually the one who thinks of killing the other is aggressive. Or may be this is not aggression, but a defensive reaction created by wrong perception due to some bad incidents; created by some small group of people, later generalized by baseless assumptions. One of my friend very beautifully quoted saying,’It is all about the perception of the country’. I always believed that Thai’s are more inclined towards Chinese and they have their own justification for that. But then I came across this article which compelled me to think otherwise. This article strengthen the statement made by my friend.

Now how are these perceptions formed? The assumptions that I have identified are:-

1. The Indians you see in your country represent all the Indians in India
If this is the case, then I think no country is non-aggressive. Because in the end, we all are humans, we get influenced, we become selfish, we commit sins, we get caught, we get angry, we blame others, they blame us, we become aggressive.. See..

2. Indians Inside V/S Indians Outside
Yes, there is vast difference between the two. And I cant explain it. Because one the difference is, ‘Indians Outside’ think that they are better than ‘Indians Inside’ & ‘Indians Inside’ don’t know what Indians do outside India. So the gap will prevail till the eternity. One of the difference that is humorous is the fake accent. Watch ‘Indians Outside’ attempting unsuccessfully to adapt to foreign accent. Or the frequent & unnecessary usage of words like ‘Shit’, ‘F*#k’, ‘Damn’. Enjoy this video.

3. All political decisions taken by India(as any other country) are taken by ALL Indians
Like any other country, India has politicians whose work is to play politics. Like any other country, politicians are corrupt. Like any other country, there is a gap between Government and Common man. So if India says something in Media against any other country, it is just a politician of India saying something to the politician of the other country who is doing the same thing.

There are many such assumptions that make India an aggressive country. But kindly look at the history. Was Alexander The Great born in India? Yes, the one who wanted to do something with the world. Was Hitler born in India? And there were many more. But this does not mean that Germans or Greeks are aggressive. They are equally good as you are. Making this statement, being aggressive does not mean being good or being bad. But the intention and tone of saying aggressive surely takes the negative meaning. BTW, if they had Alexander or Hitler, then Indians had Mahatma Gandhi!

Few people say that Indians are aggressive because they are competitive. I think that is the biggest joke ever. Count the number of Gold medals India have won, Count the ones Chinese have won in the last Olympics. I am sure you are laughing. I gave the example of sports, If you want me to give you the examples of military, technology or anything you name under the Sun (except the population 😛 ), Indians are not that competitive. Then why are they aggressive?

Lets go back to History and study the economy of India. I made this graph on excel collecting information from the web.

This is the share of India to world’s income. India has never attacked any country, empire or civilization in the history. They were minding their own business when the empires and religions were flourishing and expanding. Many of the rulers came and ruled the Indians, robbed them and build their own economy which is clearly reflected in the graph. Is there any act of aggression? Even the British were politely asked to go back with a non-violence movement. What else do you expect Indians to do now? I know there is aggression even in non-violence, but are you really talking of this aggression?

Then why are they really called Aggressive? I am still not able to solve this mystery. Alexander the great always use to carry one copy of Iliad with him because he was a big fan of Achilles. Have you seen any Indian keeping a pen drive with a copy of the movie ‘Troy’ with a dream to conquer the world? If you come across any, catch him, I wanna talk to him. 😛

PS:- I have intentionally addressed the Indians as third person (not because they are third world nation), but because I am not justifying them, I just wanna know the perspective of different people. What they think? How they think? Why they think that way? Also, I am not a Historian or an Economist, so the analysis, data and all other technical terms used, can contain lot of flaws and mistakes.


India Today-Scared man on the Sacred Land

This article is written by a Scared Indian.

I am an Indian. By birth, by heart and by whatever you want. I am the person who enjoys the safe environment of India. Till now government did not ask me not to do anything that I want to. But today, all my concepts about India have changed. It might be a very slow process, but yes, a strong one. Something should be done about it.

I like to eat. I like to play. I like to enjoy. I like to study. Like any other human being. But my likeness is now tagged with fear. What if I eat in a Bakery? What if I go to watch an IPL match? What if I go for a movie to enjoy? What if I go to Australia? What if I celebrate V. Day? These questions occupied my mind, and there will be many that I have not even imagined of.

Yes, I am scared. I am scared to eat in the Bakery, coz it might be the German one. Who knows, there is a bomb planted below my seat, and trigger is in the hands of the man who is sitting next to me! This is scary na? The more scary thing is WHY ONLY BAKERY?

to eat in a Bakery in Pune

Yes, I am scared. I am scared of watching IPL matches. Rather if I am from AP, I cant even watch one. Who knows, some people who want to boycott IPL come with sticks and beat me up?

to watch cricket in Hyderabad

Yes I am scared. I am scared to watch a movie in Mumbai. I am scared of the Don of Mumbai. What if some one in UP burns his effigy and I happen to be sitting there, watching? What if I am a Bihari living in Mumbai?

to watch movie in mumbai

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Australia to study. I am scared that my loan will be a burden to my family after me. I don’t want my education to be the reason of sorrow! I agree that Australia is not my country, but then, where should I go? UK is banning Visa & USA is out of job.

to study in Australia

Yes I am scared. I am scared to go to Bangaluru to meet my girlfriend to give her a rose on the Valentine’s Day

to express love in Bangaluru

Few days ago, News channel were source of my entertainment. But now I get scared of the Breaking news. When you are scared, Possibilities are endless. Today’s news really scared the hell out of me. Indeed we were having cheap labor, but now our lives are also cheap. India is truly having a cheap man power (‘power’ word has no meaning or weight age). During the time of inflation, Indian lives have become so cheap. This is the magic of economics.

Happy V.Day, Love is not in the air, but smoke is for sure

Are you scared in India Today?


bad Times of India

Today after having a hectic day, I opened the website of TOI. Nothing unusual, everything was similar.

Inside The Black Hole

Fearing Sena,Mumbai Cinemas stop ‘My Name Is Khan’ advance booking

Good, Sena is doing their job. They are hopeless. If they cant do anything good, then they do something bad. but really bad? Shah rukh khan is also doing cheap publicity. Right from the point he was caught at the new york airport to the point where he says,’My kid asked me whether I will be kicked out of India’. Ask him how he got his bungalow at Bandra? Does Sena represents India?

Boycott IPL-3,Andhra sports minister tell Deccan chargers

Dude, I think you did not get appropriate money package from IPL. First solve our Telangana issue and then, if at all you have time, think of boycotting. Where were you when pakistani people were banned from playing IPL? why did not you think of boycotting then? and then people blame Raj Thackarey for dividing India. There are millions of Raj Thackeray’s in every state of India. Only one has guts to come out in open(in his state) to divide the country!

All is not well with congress-NC alliance, Omar snubs Azad

All is never well for any party or any alliance in India. But all is always well for individual leader. Kyu Omar bhai? Did you actually resign after sex scandal? Politics is a business. If you cant earn, jump from one party to another. All izz well then! ofcourse, all izz never well for India! But do politicians care about India?

My father gave me this country-SRK

Keep your emotions on the silver screen, or is this one of your ‘marketing publicity stunt’? Why all such things happen to you? Why are you always in controversies before your film release? Tell me frankly, why did that FAKE IPL Player blog was associated with your team only? Are you THAT special? Yes, you are famous, you are the king. You are enjoying life in your big house and unlimited property. Don’t cry now. King never crowns himself as a King, you have committed that mistake. This might be God’s trick to bring you down on the earth. Yes, in your country only, but on the earth!

In pics: Bipasha’s fitness regime

It means, “In pics: Bipasha has not done any film for a while. She does not want producer to forget her. She is in desperate need of more films” Seedhi baat, no bakwaas!

2nd big snowstorm hits US east coast

Since Saddam is no more, and you cant catch Osama, whom will you blame eh? Climate! ohh yes, oye India and China, stop eating food and decrease the fuel usage. You eat too much of Burger and use many SUVs on road. Stop that!

1984 anti sikh riots case: CBI concludes argument

How come so early? great. Hats off! Aur furrsat se conclude karte hai. Yeh zindagi bahot lambi hai.. aur humein kya jaldi hai!

Australian police delay release of survey on racism

yes, of course, they found more Australians than Indians in that survey. Got scared of racism, and delayed it! 😛

Patna students protesting

Who? Students. Youth? Yes. In Bihar? Unbelievable, but true. And what are they doing? Protesting. See, Raj, Youth is still there in Bihar, and they are using your path only. Now at least be happy!

Three dacoits arrested in Bangalore

Ohh puhlese, call them Terrorists. Dacoits are so down market. Terrorists are IN. They have captured the whole market of Dacoits in India!

TCS to hire 30000 employees in 2011

Why? to save your official website from getting hacked? And correction, they are not employees, they are software slaves. At least 30% of them don’t know what to do in life. Wasting talent, creativity and passion by typing codes!

Rathore attacker sent to 14 day judicial custody

Look bro, whatever you do in life, do it with perfection. If you become a scientist, but not a good one, then what is the use? Even if you become grass cutter, but could not cut the grass properly, then what is the use? Rathore will be at large. and you will pay the price of not committing murder successfully!

President Patil’s Husband in Land Grab case

Ohh. So this is your extra monthly income eh? President of India. Good example for others!

Priyanka throws starry tantrums

Ohh,how come you did not tweet about it?

Still, tomorrow I will be opening the same site to read the same news! Till then, listen to some Patriotic song and enjoy.. Yeh Desh hai veer jawaano ko.. Iss desh ka yaaroooo…. kher, kya kehna ab!



Recently I went to Safari world in #Bangkok (Twitter has really got me 😛 ). So it was a huge Indian zoo with lot of entertaining programs and shows. Just to name few: Dolphin show, Cow boy Stunt, Sea Lion, Beluga whale show, Orang Utan, Spy war etc. Lot of efforts were put in these show and I really appreciate those who organized it. Thais are great host and dost! Let me write a special article for them some other time. So this was very famous tourist spot perhaps that’s why the famous KESARI Tours of India brought all their passengers to this Safari world. There were around 60-70 people from India.

I was sitting with my Indian group of AIT. The kesari tour was sitting at a distance from where we were sitting. We all were waiting for Dolphin show to begin. We all, Indians, came to grab our seats 30mins before the show assuming that there would competition in the external environment 😛 . There was a host who was playing songs of all nationality. After few Thai and perhaps Vietnamese song he announced a song for India, that too a patriotic one.

Classic song of Dilip Kumar. One of my all time favorite song,  it is obvious that I liked the song more for its lyrics. But then I know how influential this song would have been for the people who were young at that time when it was released. Film was NAYA DAUR (1957). A very catchy song that compels you to dance if you are happy!

Indians are generally divided in their own country but united abroad (a very personal observation), it’s not about just Indians, any nationality I must say. But I saw a very weird scene! When the song started, a few middle-aged Indians of Kesari Tour got up from their seats, with hands in air, they started to dance while the public was watching them. Gradually the Kesari Tour made their area as the dance floor! Women were dancing in their Saris. Old men were dancing. They were all so happy. and Why not? These were the middle class India junta who had worked so hard to take their spouses, their children or their parents on a foreign trip. Thailand may not be Europe or USA, but its outside India, and yes, it is special for them. As I saw them, they were all retired people. Some might be sent to this trip by their sons,daughters or some might have done this:-

And what if such people go outside India, listens to Indian patriotic song, and dance a bit on it. No problem right? Dance is in our culture after all. But there was a big problem. Not to Thais (they are sweetest on this planet) but to their fellow Indians, the young guns of India. Some conversations:-

Fuck, I am not an Indian, I am not with them

This is so embarrassing!

What the hell! Look at them, that’s why India’s image is going down

and like this, India was divided. Great! were they disturbing anybody? They were just dancing when the song was played. What was their fault? you might be sons and daughters of rich Indian parent who visits different countries. but they are not, its their first and the last trip. After going back, who knows, they will go to their respective Vridhaashrams(Second Home for the parents whose children have left them/retirement hermitage). They might be suffering a lot back there in India, don’t they have right to enjoy few moments of happiness? This song is like “KOI KAHE KEHTA RAHE” to them. During that time, youth were relating themselves to country, now they are relating themselves to friends etc. Naya Daur was DIL CHAHTA HAI to them. And everybody knows how Indians are attached to films,songs and Bollywood in general. Is it that embarrassing?

At least they were ONLY dancing. Thank God that they were not drinking and dancing and making out in local pub parties like we(youth) do. Thank God that they were not fighting with each other after getting drunk. Thank God they were not abusing each other in intoxication. Thank God that they were dancing with their wives and not with different indifferent girls! Thank God that they were not having drugs, sex etc that is killing today’s youth! Now who is taking India’s image down? We are here to spread happiness by any means!

God, we all were embarrassed. My friends were embarrassed coz Kesari was from India, I was embarrassed coz they were embarrassed. When I was lost in all these embarrassments, a few white foreigners came and started dancing with the Indians, few Afganis, Pakistanis joined in. And believe me, after this song, one Arabic song was played, all the Arabs were their on the dance floor dancing and enjoying! People were so happy(and not embarrassed!

The Thai fellow who was playing this song got so happy that he played 2 back to back Indian songs! Yes, but this time I had a problem, coz those were Himesh Reshamiya songs! oooo0000OOOO000ooooooo! 😛

By the way, I know there is one topic still not researched, about how westerners influenced the Asians and convinced them that their culture is inferior to them! That is why today’s youth flaunts fake accent, put gel in hair etc. Wait for this post as its gonna be very interesting to know. Till then, stay embarrassed, stay ashamed!

Trivia: Every time I tried to spell embarrased in this article, I got it wrong! oops.. not again! 😛

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