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Facebook Likes it!

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Social-networking star Facebook surpassed Google to become the most visited website in the United States for the first time last week, industry analysts showed.
Facebook’s homepage finished the week ending March 13 as the most visited site in the country, according to industry tracker Hitwise.
The “important milestone,” as described by Hitwise director of research Heather Dougherty, came as Facebook enjoyed a massive 185 percent increase in visits in the same period, compared to the same week in 2009.
By comparison, visits to search engine home increased only nine percent in the same time — although the tracker does not include Google property sites such as the popular Gmail email service, YouTube and Google Maps.
Taken together, and amounted to 14 percent of the entire US Internet visits last week, Dougherty said.
Google has been positioning challenges in recent months to Facebook and the micro-blogging site Twitter by adding the social-networking feature Buzz to its Gmail service.
In what could signal an escalating battle between Facebook and Google, the leading social-networking service celebrated its sixth birthday earlier this year with changes including a new message inbox that echoes Gmail’s format.
Facebook boasts some 400 million users while Gmail had 176 million unique visitors in December, according to tracking firm comScore.



After having a clue of water molecules and water vapor, it is finally believed that there can be ice on the surface of moon.

The Chandrayaan-1 mission was aimed at high-resolution remote sensing of the moon in visible, near infrared (NIR), low energy X-rays and high-energy X-ray regions. It was launched in October 2009 by India. Recent reports say that it is believed that there could be around 600 million metric tonne of ice  near the moon’s north pole.

“The finding will give future missions a new target to explore and exploit,” said Jason Crusan, programme executive for the Mini-RF Program for NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate in Washington. The findings have revolutionized the way scientists look at the moon.

India’s situation is so funny now. On one hand it is successful in finding ice on moon and on the other hand Mumbai and many other cities are struggling to get water. Kamaal hai bhai, yahan logo ko peene ko paani nahi mil raha aur chaand pe ice dhundne chale! 😛

Good, now claim the ice on moon, melt it and build a pipeline across. Necessity is the mother of inventions and all innovative ideas. We have witnessed the wars for oil, the time has come that the nations will bleed to get the drop of water. Let it be Egypt’s plan for a high dam on Nile,  or Indus water treaty between India-Pak, or the problems faced by Sudan, Venezuela , Zimbabwe, Cuba due to inadequate drinking power, water crisis is gonna be the common term in future.

Oil can be considered as our ‘want’, but I feel, water is our ‘need’. If we are struggling to cope up with all these problems that stand as hurdles in satisfying our ‘needs’, then what is the use of technological innovation, GDP growth, high standard of living? I am sure such issues will remain unnoticed till the super powers are affected by it, and once they are affected, they will blame India and China for ‘drinking’ or ‘using’ too much of water.

Everybody has a right to take revenge when he/she is hurt. This time, it is the turn of nature! The famous ‘Water Cycle’ that we study in our primary education should be replaced by ‘Water Crisis’ to generate awareness among our next generation. Lets be honest and tell them about the  mistakes that we have committed. Lets tell them that they will suffer because of us!

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