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India ‘Character Dheela’ lyrics

Power ka nasha pyaare,
Nasha sabse nasheela hai
jise dekhon yahan woh
Nuclear ki barish mein geela hai
Foriegn aid ke naam pe karte
sabhi Terror ki leela hai
India karein toh saala
Character dheela hai..


Osama, Obama and Terror

Finally Obama convinced the whole world that Osama is dead, and he is still the leader of the most brutal terror group! One Osama who killed thousands of Americans who in return killed more Afghanis and others to find One Osama. The same Osama who was helping them in fighting the Soviet army! The whole story you can read at any random website as everyone is writing about it. So what is my question?

My question is not ‘why Pakistan Army was clueless about Osama who was hiding right under their nose in a mansion?’. My question is ‘Why was they not able to protect him if they had protected him for all these years?’ Nothing is clear so far, as all this looks like a dream where we know what happened, but are not at all clear of the facts. The bottom line is, he was found in Pakistan, or rather projected to be found on the Pak soil. Why? No Idea.

Now people are asking the Government of India (via SM) to do something about Dawood Ibrahim. Enter Paksitan and get him? Now that the efficiency of Pakistani defense can be compared to Poonam Pandey’s tall claims, India has nothing to fear!

But what about Local Pakistani people who are now officially tagged as people who give birth to terrorism and protect them as well? They are as innocent as the people of Afghanistan who has nothing to do with whatever was happening at the International Politics. With the present energy crisis and political hollowness, Pak should really pray for their bright future. India and Pakistan both are facing their share of problems, but the moment these countries come in direct conflict or friendship with Mr. America, then the whole world knows what happens!

How can any country allow the defense of some other country to enter and conduct operations without keeping them in the loop? When asked about the operation, most of the leaders of Pakistan were clueless about it.

America is firm as usual.. Pakistan is confused as usual.. and India is clueless as usual. The triangular love story will continue for decades, the only thing we need to look forward is:- Will USA still provide the ‘Aid/Alimony’ to fight terror to Pakistan or they would just ignore them and move on in life! 😛

This death is not at all convincing. DNA can now be made to show positive results. Photograph can be Photoshopped to convince, but the truth as usual, will be known to only two people: Mr. Obama and Mr. Julian Assange!

This might be the end of Osama, but is this the end of Terror? Million dollar question for Pakistan, literally!


General Pervez Musharraf

This is the first part of the press conference. It is very old conference, I just saw it today and was completely impressed by his personality. You need to have guts to go behind enemy lines (of course there was protection, but still),address the leaders of some other nation in front of the Press, LIVE on the news channel. Especially when you have such a romantic relationship with that nation.

Watch all the parts, the way he has answered all the questions is so politically correct. Almost all the questions that he answered were uncomfortable, he knew about this, still he came! I really appreciate this. No sign of anger, no mistakes, usage of correct words, no controversial comments, nothing!

I don’t know whether all he said was truth, I don’t actually care about that. Imagine a situation where you are in a place where almost everybody is against you, they are together, they are shooting questions at you. Impossible. I also appreciate the educated crowd of India to support him.


रंगों की होली

आज तू बंदूक से बारूद को फूँक दे
इस बदनसीब को थोड़ा तो सुकून दे
अमन के बुझे चिराग को आज तू
अपनी ही दोस्ती से रोशन कर दे..

तेरे झंडे का सफेद में ही हूँ
मेरे में भी तू हरा होके लहराता है
तेरा मेरा छोड़के आज हम मुल्को को मिलाते है
सरहद पार आज हम इन रंगों की होली खेलते है

मिल्के एक दूसरे को पिछले दिनो के
वो किस्से सुनाते है
मज़हबी लकीर के बनाए
वो हिस्से मिलाते है

तू एक बार इस पार आके तो देख
अरे तू दोस्ती का पत्थर उठा के तो फेक
तब तक फेक जब तक तेरी भूंक नही मिटती
फिर में देखता हूँ के नफ़रत की काँच कैसे नही टूटती..


केस की सुनवाई

में कहता हूँ खड़ा करो
इनसानियत की अदालत में दोनो को
बर्दाश्त करने की हद्द होती है
ग़लती करने की भी सरहद होती है!

क्यू इतना हिंसक होता है इंसान?
क्यू अपनो की गर्दन काटता है वो?
क्यू एक ही गलिति करता है लगातार?
के आख़िर मुर्दो की दीवार बनाता है वो?

क्यू इतना होश गवाता है वो
के अपनो को ही बेहोश करें
क्यू इतना गिर जाता है वो
के अपनी ही लाश से टकरा जाए..

इतनी नफ़रत भरी हेई आज दिल में
के खुद दोषी होने का एहसास ही नही?
करदो एक बार इस केस की सुनवाई
सरहद के इस पार या तो उस पार!


Aman ka Pujaari

एक दिन छोड़ देगा वो सुबको
भूल जाएगा तो बस यादें
गायब.. कहीं भी जहाँ शोर ना हो ज़्यादा
कहीं भी जहाँ लोग ना हो ज़्यादा

२ रुपए के ख्वाब दिखा के
ज़िम्मेदारियो से दूर जाके
खो जाएगा कहीं वो
अपनी ही दुनिया में वो..

फिर लोग कहेंगे साथ मिलके
साला शराब बहोत पीता था
बातें बहोत करता था
कुछ ज़्यादा ही सोचा करता था.

सपने बड्डे देखता था
हेमेश्ा खुश रहता था
गल्ली मोहले को छोड़के
देश की बातें करता था

एक दिन सरहद पर नही चलेगी गोली
कोई नही खेलेगा तब खून की होली
पागल था वो जो इस दिन का सपना देखता था
अमन का पुजारी था वो,जो कभी नही हारा था….
जो कभी नही हारा था..

लेकिन उस दिन पता नही क्या हुआ
बुरा लगा उसे अपनो की बातों का
सच में छोड़ गया वो जैसे
उसे कभी वापस आना ही नही था……….


Enemy’s enemy is not an enemy!

On my article of Aman Ki Asha, one of my very good friend commented on it saying:-

honestly im fed up of this aman ki asha campaign….after 93 bomb blast…after kargil war we had similiar camapigns…..aftr mumbai train blasts we had 1 and now its aman ki asha…..
i just wnt to quote a dialogue frm the movie Wednesday
” yeh saara natak band hona chaiye, this whole bloody system is flawed….nd its nt acceptable…koi madarchod… See More…pardon my language but koi madarchod button dabba ki meri zindagi ka faasle nahi karega ki mujhe kab marna hai …”

control the terrirosm aman apne aap aajayega….

Now think of ‘Aman Ki Asha’. Actually I am totally against AKA. It’s a failed campaign. It should have been ‘Aman Ki Bhookh’ or ‘Aman Ki Pyaas’. ‘Asha=Hope’ is only when everything is lost. Everything is not lost yet. Both the countries have lost every-time there was war, right from the partition. You are quoting about 1993,1999, Mumbai Bomb Blast. Let me differentiate first. 1993 and Mumbai Bomb blast comes under the category of Terrorism. Kargil War comes under the category of War between countries.

Terrorism:- Yes, India has been a victim of terrorism, but so is Pakistan. Twin tower attacks, Glasgow International airport to name few international attacks. Political Terrorism is some other thing which is beyond my understanding because of lack of data given to public, so I would not talk on that. But nobody can’t blame other country for the acts of terrorism. First attack of Terrorism(of 19th century,India & Pak) was when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 by Nathuram Godse. Second attack of Terrorism was when Liauquat Ali Khan was assassinated in 1951 in Pakistan. Now tell me, a hindu has killed a hindu, a muslim has killed a muslim, so how is religion connected to Terrorism? So lets not connect religion with Terrorism. Terrorist don’t have any religion, if they believe in ANY religion, then they are surely insulting that religion. Because no religion preaches to kill innocent people.

You will be surprised to know that there were more Terrorist attacks in Pakistan than in India. There were 8 Terrorist attacks in India in 2009. Most of them were in North-East India (another issue that demands one more article). While Pakistan suffered more than 40 Terrorist attacks in 2009. Now how is Pakistan suppose to deal with it?

India’s enemy is Terrorism, Terrorism is also an enemy of Pakistan, which implies Pakistan is our friend. Dushman ka Dusham Dost hota hai na?

Aman ki Bhookh

War: We have fought 3 wars by now. If we fight with each other, who will fight with Terrorism? USA? To avoid such war, there is Aman Ki Asha( I still hate that name). I don’t think there was any combined program arranged between the two countries with so much of media influence. At least this will give us a hope not to expect firing at the border! Let us give the soldiers of both countries few days to enjoy with their families. Let us give them some time to sleep peacefully at night.

Now after achieving peace, we are ready to fight with Terrorists together as a single force. Both the countries have cockroaches in their homes, and here is the case of cockroaches crossing borders. After reading few articles of an American news website I really wonder what that poor Dove must be feeling:-

यार यह भारत पाकिस्तान का क्या लोच्या है पता नही. बेवकुफो की तरह लड़ते रहते है, एक दूसरे पर घटिया इल्ज़ाम लगाते है, फिर मेरेको हवा में उड़ाते है. मेरी कोई लाइफ है के नही? बेकार बैठा हूँ क्या यहाँ पे? जब देखो मूह में पता डालके उड़ने को बोलते है. एक तो जबसे वो सोने की चिड़िया मॅर गयी है,तबसे लाइन मारने को कोई नही. सोचा था दहेज में सोना आएगा मगर यह तो घर के अंदर ही झगड़ा हो गयऽ. और चिड़िया को फिरंग उठा के ले गये. सोचा मेरे बारें में किसीने? क्या फ़ायदा मेरा? अगर में मेरी चिड़िया को नही बचा पाया तो तुमको कहाँ से बचौन्ग.. अब तो समझदार बनो.. में तो सूब कुछ खो ही चुका हूँ, अब आपस में लड़कर कम से कम तुम तो मत लाडो. बाकी उड़ने का काम में कर रहा हूँ, टेन्षन नही है. थोड़ा फ्रस्टरेट होता हूँ लाइफ से, मगर १००% जॉब सॅटिस्फॅक्षन कहाँ है बोलो? चलो, अमन की आशा का कॅंपेन है, पोस्टर पे जाके उड़ना है मुझे. चेतन भगत आने वाला है घास डालने.

P.S:- The last paragraph in hindi is the compilation of thoughts a the symbol of peace, Dove. It is an extract from my other article which will be published on Blog this saturday! Enjoy!

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