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अहिंसा प्रतिहिंसा

किसीको गिराना हो 

लात न मारो..
किसको मारना ही है
शेर न बनो..
प्रतिशोध को नियंत्रण नहीं
सिर्फ उसे धैर्य के पंख दो
फिर उड़ने दो अपने आकाश में
तल्लीन अपने ही साजिश में


किसीको गिराना हो 
लात न मारो, सीढ़ी हटा दो..  
किसको को मारना ही है
शेर नहीं, दीमक बनो.. 



Bhukkad Zindagi Mein Niwaala Na Miley

Tooti Kamar Ko Sahaara Na Miley

Bus Aagey Badhna Hai Gar Hai Hosla Toh Bol

Fir Zakhmi Pairon Se Bhi Raasta Tu  Khoj..


Berehmi Ke Patthar Khud Hi Tujhse Takraayein

Footi Kismat Ki Cheekh Jab Tu Na Soon Paayein

Marham Ki Muskuraahat Apne Jism Pe Tu Mal

Mudke Na Dekh, Tu Bus Chala Chal..


Khoon Ka Thakka Jo Mastakk Pe Tikey

Kaali Raat Ki Jab Tujhe Subah Na Dikhey

Uss Raat Ko Dosti Ka Vaasta Deke Bol

Bus Aagey Badhna Hai Gar Hai Hosla Toh Bol



When life is:
more frustrating than painful,
more worthless than boring,
more forgotten than ignored,
more imagined than planned,
more uncertain than expected,
more non-existent than fake,
more taunted than envied,
then, you are the part of
Unemployed, Highly educated, Overly qualified youth!


Give me, what I was promised,
And I will be at peace.
Give me, what I had achieved,
And I will be at peace!



आज तो हद्द हो गयी
ताश के खेल में सोचा
के यहाँ तो राजा बनूंगा
लेकिन हर बाज़ी इधर भी हारा
कोई तो कहता मुझे
राजा ही ताश में हारते है
थोड़ा तो में मुस्कुराता
मगर लोगो ने मुझे
ज़ोर से चाँटा और धक्का मारा
फिर घुलाम का पत्ता थमाकर
शायद ग़लती से ही..
जोकर कह दिया..
हा हा हा हा..

जोकर कह दिया..
राजा नही, घुलाम नही,
घुलाम को ही..
जोकर कह दिया..


Lock Up

I got lost in the room
Where I did not find the door
I realized that I was caught
between the roof and the floor..

I knew where my world was
freedom was my love,with her i had to elope
It was obvious that i was between
the expectation and the hope..

I just can not say No,
Relationship awaited to spoil
Coz I knew I was hanging
between the sky and the soil..

I just want to break the door,
Want to see the free sky,
I just want to say No,
Whenever you selfishly lie..


If someone asks about Me

If someone asks you about Me
Tell him,to let go,let it be
I was compelled to surrender
and I gave up, no wonder..

My world does not listen to Me,
Sucking My every part with pleasure
Now I am totally used up
I am bleeding, beaten up..

I never came down,
Still you believed
I never ask you to follow
Still you followed..

Now she is all yours
I have no fears
Was thinking it to be greatest creation of mine
On that grounds when Sun use to shine..

My paradise has lost
My Earth is in smoke
My Earth is burning
My Earth is drowning..

The End is coming
Coz I am gonna hit you
Sharpen your weapons
When I shower blood on you..

Winds will sing the death
Clouds will cover the sun shine
Mountains will erupt
with no one to interrupt..

Every lane of your developed cities will break down
Every satellite in My sky will be thrown back at you
I will make sure that I will do justice to My kid
Your cries will be musical,your corpses will be fossils..

If someone asks about me,
Don’t point towards the heaven
Coz heaven is gonna crash on you
It’s time to pluck you, pull you, pick you..

Till now, you were My children,whom I fed
But today, I will paint your towns red
so If someone asks about Me,
Don’t point towards the heaven..



Despite the promotion of ahimsa within Santana Dharma, there is also the concept of righteous or religious war in Hinduism known as Dharmayuddha, where violence is used as a last resort after all other means have failed. Examples of this include in the Mahabharata, where Krishna instructs Arjuna to carry out his duty as a warrior and fight, and in the Ramayana where Ravana is defeated by Rama. Martyrdom in battle is seen as highly noble in Hinduism, which is evident in the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna states

“Either being slain you will attain the heavenly worlds or by gaining victory you will enjoy the earthly kingdom; therefore O Arjuna, rise up and fight”

When I read the above line again and again,I wondered what Arjuna would be thinking by then. Few words came to my mind.

Just give me one call
And every bit of my flesh will be yours
Every drop of my blood will sing your glory
Every wound of mine will be your offering
My heart beats will play Tandava
I will serve for your army till my last breath
I will protect you before I fall
And when my mortal body will be burnt
I will rise up to touch your feet
My ashes will provide you the warmth
Bless me that you will always accompany me
Bless me that in the end, I will re-born..

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