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Unheard songs by unsung hero of Congress

Dear Congress and my Voters,

First I will sing in Hindi for my Hindi audience and then mein angrezi mein gaunga. My first attempt at singing after ‘Machli Jal ki Rani hai’ song performance at ‘Chota Bhim under 40 kids association’ event

Hindi Song:-

I know you think that I shouldn’t have joined you,
Or tell you that.
But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it
Rahul says where’s the sense in that?

I promise I’m not trying to make you lose everywhere
Or return to where we were

I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no congress flag above my door (or anywhere)
I’m a Pappu and always will be

I know I left too much mess and
destruction to come back again
And I caused nothing but trouble
I understand if you can’t talk to me again
And if you live by the rules of “it’s over”
then I’m sure that that makes sense

English Song:-

Karte hain hum aaj qabool kya keeje
Ho gayi thi jo humse bhool kya keeje
Rahul keh raha Arnabse mayassar kar bhi aao
Wo jo dabi si aas baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si… aanch baaki hai

Kismat ko hai yeh manzoor kya keeje
Haarte rahe hum badastoor kya keeje
Rahul keh raha hai Modise musalsal kar bhi aao
Wo jo ruki si raah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai..

Yours Undeserving Dynamic Leader,

Pappu Gandhi

(S/O some Gandhi)

No Wave:-

I’m in love and always will be


Ek Talwaar jiski dhaar naram!!

I don’t know whether Mr. Anna Hazare is right or wrong, I have no inclination to analyse that. One thing is for sure, we can all sense the winds of change! We may be indifferent, but we can not ignore it! Dedicated to all of us who think that way!:-

Ek Talwaar
Jiski dhaar naram
Ek Awaaz
Na usmein sharam
Woh Shaakahaari vichaar kahan?
Yuddh ke liye!

Ek Samaaj
Jiski kamar tutti
Ek Rog
Na chale jaddi butti
Woh Kalpanik soch kahan?
Aandhi ke liye!

Ek Niwala
Jismein ho zehar
Ek pyaala
Na koi leher
Woh vastavik zidd kahan?
Toofan ke liye!

Ek Desh
Dimak se choor
Ek Gaav
Seher se door
Woh samaajik ekta kahan?
Kranti ke liye!!


Rahul Gandhi Jokes

  • RG claims that peddling a tri-cycle with Vega helmet is dangerous than flying an aircraft!
  • RG feels that over-heating of water in geyser is more dangerous than global warming!
  • RG believes that Rajnikanth is responsible for Mosquito breeding!
  • RG feels cutting a Marshmellow is difficult than chopping head of a stone statue
  • Sonia Gandhi: Have you read Shakespeare? RG: No, who wrote it?
  • As a child, RG climbed the glass wall to see what was on the other side!
  • RG spends 20mins looking at the orange juice box because it said ‘Concentrate’
  • In one attack, RG got stabbed in a shoot-out
  • If you give RG 25paise for his intelligence, you will get a change back!
  • He takes a ruler to his bed to see how long he sleeps
  • RG asked the price of the product at Dollar shop as an adult!
  • When RG went to airport he saw the board ‘Airport Left’. He turned around and went home!
  • When RG was asked about his absence in school, he said that he got tripped over a cordless phone!

Scam Managers Required

Are you interested in building a career in a highly motivational, people centric, learning intensive environment?

Would you be interested in a discussion to embark on a journey of opportunities beyond boundaries?

Is your lack of educational qualification coming in between your dream of earning wealth?

Come work with us!

Selection Process:
1. You will be given 1 crore rupees for 3 days
2. You have to hide those rupees for 3 days from our auditing department
3. You have to successfully show the expenses made against that amount for public welfare.
4. Return the money.

Below is the Job Profile:
1. Channeling the money flow for welfare without making any payment
2. Successful deposits in the Swiss Bank Account
3. Keeping the Balance Sheet clean
4. Bribing the CBI
5. Lobbying with the Journalist
6. Blaming the Opposition Party for everything that went wrong
7. Taking blame on yourself,if unsuccessful, in any of the above

Major Responsibility:
You will be required to manage risk of our clients without complying to the government regulation and bring transformational change in our Organisation making it Spam-Proof

1. Criminal Record in mandatory

Other Extra Curricular Activities like
1. Fraud signature on report card in school
2. Successfully leaking the paper in college
3. False claim on conveyance with previous employer
will be highly appreciated and would be considered on highest priority.

1% of the Scam amount you hide or 1Lac rupees per scam (Whichever is less)

-In front of the media, when you are successful
-Underground, when you are not

If you have what it takes to work with the best in the industry, join us.


CWT-(Common Wealth Tamasha)

What are the educated Indians doing just before the CWT?

  • SMSing jokes like ‘Mr. Kalmadi’s unsuccessful attempt of committing suicide’ to ‘Delhi badnaam hui, Kalmadi tere liye’
  • Defining cleanliness standards and justifying their difference from the rest of the world
  • Updating their Facebook status message with a message of their embarrassment
  • Blaming politicians for sucking their hard earned money through the channel of Income Tax
  • Few are angry and few are embarrassed
  • PM is giving his ‘I don’t care, and it is none of my business’ look to the media maintaining his eternal silence
  • Some are predicting and imagining the F1 race car getting stuck in the cow dung in future
  • Some are indifferent and has full faith in their pessimistic approach towards the working of Govt. of India
  • Debating on how the general public is responsible for choosing useless politicians like Mr.Kalmadi
  • Giving the example of China who is ready with their stadiums for the upcoming Asian Games

The outcome of all of the above activities, is nothing. If you have more things to tell then do share, I am sure that those  will not contribute towards the progress! I just have the hope that CWT is the level at which the momentum of change become unstoppable. So let there be safe accidents and more embarrassment. Let it be the Collective Failure for the Greater Good!!


MBA, Math & Kasab

To know who is Kasab you can just click here. What has he, to do with my MBA? Actually between the day when he was caught and today, when judgement is going to be announced, I almost completed my MBA! I was taken aback seeing the speed of the Indian Court. I thought they will keep him at least till my kids complete their post graduation.

For more than one year, we both were living life in prison. He was giving statements, I was taking my exams. He was given feedback by his lawyers, I was given my progress sheet. He was hated by many, I was being looked as a competitor by many! He wanted to come out of it, and same were my feelings. He must be wearing some uniform in prison, and I was wearing these formal clothes till now. He was taken on trials, I had my own share of presentations.

My father spent around $17,000 on my post graduation. $6.5million(as of Jan 010) was spent on Kasab, not by his father, but by Indian Government. It comes to around $13,000/day. Ridiculous! Also, I am going to give back the money to my father someday, can we even expect Kasab to return $6.5million? It is not a loan, its and expenditure. Is it worth to spend so much on him? Specially for a developing country like India?

Statistics say that 24% of Indians earns only $1/day/head or less and are considered extremely poor. In 2005, 42% of Indians were earning less than $1.25/day/head and were considered as Below Poverty Line. This means there are around 283,000,000 who are extremely poor.

Government should have spent for the welfare of these 283million Indians rather than on an individual who is not even an Indian!

Even if Govt had, just like that, distributed money amongst these people, it was Re.1.14/head OR Rs.5/family. I am confident that the value of those million dollars would not be as much as the value of these Rs.5 given to every family!

I really don’t care if he is hanged or released or kept some more time to be entertained or treated like a King. The damage has been done, families have lost their sons, daughters etc in that attack, instead of wasting so much of money of the tax payers, it would been great to release him and make our economy stronger. Come on, even the ancient King of Rajputana would not have spent this much per day for more than 1 year on himself!

I have completed my MBA yesterday, now lets see what Kasab have in his fate! All the Best!


Tweet & Quit

What are the similarities between Sania Mirza, Dr. Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi?

1. They were in the headlines of Indian News Papers for more than a week
2. They all are famous personalities
3. They all are appreciated for the work they have done in their respective field
4. They all have list of controversies in their past
5. Dubai: One wanted to settle in Dubai,One’s gf was in Dubai and the last one was actually in Dubai!
6. They all have Twitter accounts!

Sania Mirza, a Tennis player who displayed a good tennis skills and other stuff creating controversies. Married a Pakistani guy to add fuel to that controversy. And this controversy was complemented by her current husband.

Dr. Sashi Tharoor, a very clean personality with full of controversies. Many times, a female is involved in some or the other way. Let it be the shifting of office or granting equity, Dr. Tharoor has a very sweet and soft corner for his girl friend(s).

Lalit Modi, a student who was charged for drug trafficking, kidnapping, possession of deadly weapon etc.

Some way or the other, each one has done something that should not have been done. Because in the end, they all are humans, just like you and me. So if act like this are going to be headlines of our newspapers, then I really doubt the mindset of the media who is constantly changing the way of thinking of its target audience. So what should we do to this media? REMOVE IT.

Thats exactly what twitter is all about. When the famous personality from verified account tweet’s something, it is directly from him/her with no reporter, no journalist, no editor, no publisher! I think, Truth in Indian media is just like the aid given by the World Bank. When the world bank donates money to Government, at every single step there is a negative change in the amount. Similarly, when some renowned personality says something, the truth level decreases at every touch point of media. Twitter has no middlemen, it publishes what is said!

Now there is something called Diplomacy. Where you have to do something in order to get something that is closely related to the personal or organisational interest. Sometimes, truth has to be concealed. The problem arises when your truth is surfaced by your opponent! So Twitter can be a medium to tell the truth directly! It is just that the audience is not used to reading truths and that is why the controversies. 😛

Lets think something about tolerance. Some people are misfit, just like Sashi Tharoor. He must be experiencing things that are not ethical. Let me put it in this way,

the moment your tolerance level reach its peak, the moment you think that you are suffocating, the moment you think that enough is enough, that is the moment you TWEET!

and you are relieved, you think that your fans will support you, of course they will. But when you are relieved, you also realize that it a virtual world. Your fans are educated creamy layer of India, who tweets but does not vote. So, basically you don’t have the support that you actually need.

They forget that their support is not the number of fans, but their truth! So, if they are wrong and truthful about it, they will quit.. If they are wrong and arrogant about it, they will stay! But if they are honest and truthful about it, they will marry! 😛

My Take:-
Let Sania Mirza do whatever she want to and with whoever she wants to. It is her personal choice to marry someone she like. It should not hurt the sentiments of any particular nation as such. I seriously don’t care!

If Shashi Tharoor is sacked, why are we leaving others? Just because they are shameless enough to stay?

Use Lalit Modi’s talent to promote some other event and attract foreign direct investment. Don’t waste his money and govt. time to work on the case!

I request Nandan Nilekani to stop his crap about unique identification number, everyone has Facebook account, add them all and count your friends 😛 Also, make it compulsory for all the political leaders to have twitter account. Their account should be verified, and they should tweet at least 20 times to give updates related to their work! I know they can cheat, as always, but it will be fun to follow them on twitter!

BTW, it is so obvious that love, power and money are so interrelated. Think about it!

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