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Addicted to Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I am so much addicted to the social networking site and other stuff. I hide this under my online marketing research :-P. As said, the life is changing. People have started ‘Liking’ a lot of stuff. Introverts are commenting. Photographers and Photoshoppers are uploading their pics. Yes, I have coined a term as ‘Photoshoppers’. Those who have no sense of photography, those who take photos, may be of some insect, or tree, or sky, or building or any random shit, come back, upload it on their laptop, Photoshop it, Auto correct it, play with colors and upload it on Facebook! sigh! The motive of taking photos is to upload it on FB.

Are the special moments of our life limited to photos for facebook upload?

Then there are few others who thinks and come up with funny and witty status message. See, making you all more creative. The rest of his friends then give him instant feedback so that he can improve! Two way communication. Then there are games. I was taken aback when I saw a book called ‘Facebook games guide’ at the famous mall in Thailand.

There will be a time when your kid will ask, ‘is there any wall in China which is bigger than the one on Facebook?’

I was sitting in one of our group meeting when one my friend secretly revealed that he has no FB account. That was the last thing he said before getting the status of social outcast! And why not, FB helps in breaking Ice if you wanna talk to someone who is in your class. I know of couples who are in a relationship with the help of Facebook, chat 24hrs but are never seen together in real life! See, it gives you the platform to express. You might not be comfortable in talking to a person face-to-face. Chatting is like a survival tool then.

The whole of India is starving and complaining of inflation,food prices, when most of the youth is playing Farm-ville.

Tell me, how many people do you actually know in your friend list? with whom you are comfortable talking? the one who can be called as ‘friends’? I have many ‘have I really talked with him’ friends or ‘ooh, he must be that one perhaps’ kinda friends. So let me change the legendary quote and say-

‘A friend in FB, is a friend indeed?’

We are so much interested in each others life, FB gives us freedom to ask, to comment, to like, to tag, to meet, to make friends(without any awkwardness). But whatever it is, when you are alone, and has got nothing to do, close the novel or any book you are reading and open Face-book.

Next time you click a photo, say ‘FB profile pic smile please’. And I am sure you will get the best smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do we have so much of time? or we take out time for the wrong stuff?

Is it information sharing or a waste of time?


Sponsor a child, not a tweet!

Events, programs, TV shows, movies etc, all are some way or the other depending on the sponsorships to different extents. Take it the advertising of Converse in the bollywood flick ‘3 idiots’ or the Kellogg’s brand in the legendary movie  ‘Avataar’. Everything around you is sponsored. But there is nothing great about it. It is pretty common and straight from the marketing dictionary.

But imagine your ‘tweets’ getting sponsored! Yes, if you are Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian, your ‘tweets’ on the famous micro-blogging site ‘twitter’ can be sponsored. It is the dollar game. I read two news today in the online newspaper.

  1. 42% of India lives on the income of $1.25/day
  2. Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears etc are paid $10,000/tweet/day

No wonder, tomorrow some other, more famous, more popular celeb-twitters will get $50,000/day. And also, considering the growth of India (in population),it can bring down the daily income and increase the percentage(excluding the suicide trend started by students which is actually reducing the population and unemployment).

Let us turn the whole flow of money through sponsorship. Sponsorships are not always to promote, to advertise or to make rich, richer. Sometimes they can also help a poor orphan child to get education. Instead of sponsoring such stupid tweets, if they sponsor a child (not necessarily in India, but anywhere in the world) they can actually make a difference. But this is when, you think beyond profits. It is almost impossible for the growth of the firm.


sponsor a child

sponsor a child


New Product Development

Yesterday night, I could not sleep. No, not because of placements, frustration, no electricity etc. This time it was blood-hungry mosquitoes. I made a point to visit a general stores as soon as I get up the next morning. I was so frustrated because of mosquito bites, that I started abusing them. If I was at the climate control summit, I would have raised an issue of mosquitoes. Kill them all. They became more important than terrorists for me. Let the temperature rise by 2 degrees, if I am suffering, those mosquitoes will also suffer. I know it does not matter to them, but I just wanted everything to go against them.

I wanted the sex ratio of mosquitoes to be 100:0 so that they cannot breed. I wanted some mosquitoes to become politicians so that they cannot work together towards progress. I wanted mosquitoes to have different religions so that they fight amongst themselves and kill each other. I wanted the mosquitoes to develop “mosquito killer nuclear weapons”. I wanted all the mosquitoes to become humans!  With this feeling of hatred against the whole mosquito fraternity, I started my day!

As the day was proceeding, I came across many more frustrating things. It became hard to differentiate the species called “the mosquitoes”. The perception of mosquitoes being very cruel,selfish,hungry blood sucking insect started changing. They became the innocent insects who need blood to survive, “to survive”. Because today I came across some other species, who can survive on food, but still suck each others blood! I wanted a H@m$n repellent coil from the general stores for that particular type of species.

I have generated the Idea as well as the concept. Now I request Good Knight to develop this type of product and send it for Beta Testing!



Insaaf ki dagar pe baccho dikhao chalke(walk on the path of honesty children)

Yeh desh hai tumhaara neta tumhi ho kalke (this is your country, you are its future leader)

Kya bevakuf poet hai yeh… We should not insult him by calling him lyricist. But seriously very sad poetry indeed. And it’s not about having such stupid ideas; it’s about planting these sick ideas into the innocent minds of small children. If they are the future leaders, (assuming, leaders as politicians) what the hell are they doing in the school? Do we have any such criteria in India about minimum qualification of Politicians? Why to burden them with studies if they are asked to become leaders?

1.            Let us assume that they are future leaders, why is that stupid fellow asking them to walk on the path of honesty? What has honesty and politics to do with each other? Honestly speaking, Politicians are very dishonest in everything; I hope that I am politically correct here!

2.            Is this truly their country?(debatable based on geographic location)

3.            Is it the dream that he is narrating, or the hope that he is giving?

4.            And lastly, is he really bad poet, or we have made his poetry a fiction?


Buy Red – Lazarus Effect

Social Advertising

Recently one of my professor brought a Dell laptop. The red one! He told the class the significance of that colour and why he brought it. It was a very different concept. Dell will actually contribute to the AIDS initiative in Africa by selling Red laptops. I mean, was it yet another marketing strategy using emotions? Whatever it is, it is contributing towards something good. I tried to dig into this concept of selling Red to contribute and came acrross

After going through the products and the whole website, I preferred not to be judgemental. I don’t know whether it will work or not. But for sure, there are efforts made to make the life of victims less miserable.

Nike, American Express, Dell , Starbucks, Apple iPod, Emporio Armani, Hallmark etc names are involved.

If it is just the choice of colour that you want to make, make it RED!

And this is how it works! Very simple and easy to understand. Again, I cant comment on the implementation part of it, But when all these brands are involved, I think there is less chance of this initiative going waste!


Hope.. Recession.. and Suit..

Pharma and Food Industry are believed to be recession free. Google and MAMA brand have proved themselves as recession proof! Just one observation and addition to the above mentioned big names:- Formal Suits for MBA student during recession time!

When I got the formal SUIT of our B-School, I had the HOPE that I will wear it in all the interviews before the final one! B-School had the HOPE of making me wear that SUIT for those interviews! and here comes RECESSION! If at all, the recession continues for say 10 years! My HOPE will compel me to buy that SUIT even when its RECESSION..

Till now I have used my Suit only for the photo shoots! That’s because the placement season is yet to come! But still, 1.5 years have gone!

Anyway, I am sure placements will be fine this year. But what if there was Recession again?? No (few) placements again?? Will the college ask us not to buy SUITS?? After all, it is sheer stupidity to waste money in suit that is brought only for photo shoots! Here comes HOPE! And that is the only reason why the juniors will buy the same suit.. for “placements interview” even though it is recession..

You may be a pessimist. But you have the tendency of not avoiding the factor of optimism which is hiding somewhere in the form of HOPE!

(Formal Suits are college uniforms in Indian B-Schools, but are rarely used on daily basis)

who cares! After all you don’t need formal SUITS to make profits.. you don’t have profits in RECESSION.. and you are not advised to HOPE in this scenario

Some businesses have crucial growth drivers that makes them recession proof.. Some businesses have that HOPE factor which plays with emotions and drives the business.. All other are in loses (in recession)

So as the Legen.. wait for it.. dary quote goes.. SUIT UP!


(Readers(if any) are advised not to get into technical or financial terms as I neither play with machines nor do I play with numbers! Discussion based on emotions is encouraged which does not imply that I play with them)



Waiting still.. or Still waiting.. Wait is long.. Will is strong..

Days into months
Months into years
I come here daily
to watch my fears..

Wait was when she was far
Wait was when she was gone
Whenever I felt I was alone
Again that craving Wait was born!

Wait is in eyes
Wait is in mind
Wait makes you useless
Wait is to unwind..

Wait is love
Wait is hope
Wait is practically everything
That has no scope..

Wait is not to find
Wait is when you care
Wait is not to look
Wait is to faithfully stare..

Wait is for the loved ones
Wait is for someone who was always yours
Wait is like a growing disease
That even passing time can not cure..


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