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I still remember the day i came across your coordinates. I didn’t realize at that time that marriages are made in heaven. It was God who assigned me world no.28 and continent 12. You remember the day when our spear fighters bumped into each other and it was fight at first sight? cute little stupid fights. When i first saw you,it was like a thundering noble attack at scout speed. I came to know more about you when we started scouting each other. it was my first scout(read:date). I am damn sure you and your ex-tribe members(female friends) tried to dodge my proposal. Then we started meeting secretly. It was so fun,my Spear fighter almost died climbing up your wall.

Remember the day when i bought a brand new Light Cavalry. You were so scared sitting behind me. I hated those two idiotic Swordsman friends of yours. I think they were just jealous of me. But more than that,i hated the Heavy Cavalry your dad had assigned to protect you! sick! I hated your dad,until one day when he sent 50k resources each to my village. It was so nice of him.

Our relationship had survived hard times. It was very difficult for both of us to concentrate on our respecting academy. Even farming assignments were taking a toll on us. But it was pretty important to mint coins at that stage of our life. and then when your ex-tribe(read:ex-bf) member almost tried to noble you. if it was not my Archers.. (sob.. sob..).. my morale was totally down,but your survival increased my ODD. I was determined to take him down,with your dads money,(;-)),i built up my first nobleman. Everybody was so proud of me. The attack on him was awesome as luck favored me,i lost a couple of troops, but thats okay. Its a small price (i paid for ODA) for your revenge!!

Those days were seriously full of fun. Remember the fake attacks we used to send on your younger brother to scare him. haha. He was a noob. Once,we even demolished his stupid hiding place.

Now as my farm is maximum,Warehouse is full. My Workshop is also the most developed in the continent. I promise you that i will never make you Tribeless and will mint lot of coins to keep you happy. I have already taken resource loan for our level 30 dream village headquarters. No one can dare to make me see any incoming attacks. I am also doing fine with my job. With the new position of Baron, i have great responsibilities.

I promise you that i wont be having any one-night-account sits and my loyalty for you will be always 100.

I have no Tribe Change history of past and you are the only one that i truely claimed!

Will you marry me?



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