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New Product Development

Yesterday night, I could not sleep. No, not because of placements, frustration, no electricity etc. This time it was blood-hungry mosquitoes. I made a point to visit a general stores as soon as I get up the next morning. I was so frustrated because of mosquito bites, that I started abusing them. If I was at the climate control summit, I would have raised an issue of mosquitoes. Kill them all. They became more important than terrorists for me. Let the temperature rise by 2 degrees, if I am suffering, those mosquitoes will also suffer. I know it does not matter to them, but I just wanted everything to go against them.

I wanted the sex ratio of mosquitoes to be 100:0 so that they cannot breed. I wanted some mosquitoes to become politicians so that they cannot work together towards progress. I wanted mosquitoes to have different religions so that they fight amongst themselves and kill each other. I wanted the mosquitoes to develop “mosquito killer nuclear weapons”. I wanted all the mosquitoes to become humans!  With this feeling of hatred against the whole mosquito fraternity, I started my day!

As the day was proceeding, I came across many more frustrating things. It became hard to differentiate the species called “the mosquitoes”. The perception of mosquitoes being very cruel,selfish,hungry blood sucking insect started changing. They became the innocent insects who need blood to survive, “to survive”. Because today I came across some other species, who can survive on food, but still suck each others blood! I wanted a H@m$n repellent coil from the general stores for that particular type of species.

I have generated the Idea as well as the concept. Now I request Good Knight to develop this type of product and send it for Beta Testing!



Insaaf ki dagar pe baccho dikhao chalke(walk on the path of honesty children)

Yeh desh hai tumhaara neta tumhi ho kalke (this is your country, you are its future leader)

Kya bevakuf poet hai yeh… We should not insult him by calling him lyricist. But seriously very sad poetry indeed. And it’s not about having such stupid ideas; it’s about planting these sick ideas into the innocent minds of small children. If they are the future leaders, (assuming, leaders as politicians) what the hell are they doing in the school? Do we have any such criteria in India about minimum qualification of Politicians? Why to burden them with studies if they are asked to become leaders?

1.            Let us assume that they are future leaders, why is that stupid fellow asking them to walk on the path of honesty? What has honesty and politics to do with each other? Honestly speaking, Politicians are very dishonest in everything; I hope that I am politically correct here!

2.            Is this truly their country?(debatable based on geographic location)

3.            Is it the dream that he is narrating, or the hope that he is giving?

4.            And lastly, is he really bad poet, or we have made his poetry a fiction?


.. Waiting




Life is selfish
Heart was kind
You have your own views
But the correct logic is mine..

It was difficult to earn
more difficult to spend
your bills are unavoidable
and my bills are like fine??

Your career
my hindrance
My career
your responsibility??

Then you started drinking coffee
I started to sip Tea
Did you ever realise that
We became you and I forgot We..

I stuck in poetry
You got into fiction
Both in different worlds
with full of contradiction

Its enough now, Don’t fool..
Everything will be fine..
provided,you take yours back,
and let me have mine..



Derserve it or not!!

After playing football first time in my life……i can understand why footballers deserve all fame and riches……..:)

One of my very good friend(I have very few good friends!) wrote this as his status message which made me think so much about it. Football, indeed the game needs hard work beyond one’s human limits. The stamina that is achieved not in a single year,but developed over a long period of time. The slot in the team is the dream of billions and very few are able to achieve it. and the one who maintains such slots are called Ronaldos and Kakas of Football.. Working hard in pressure of failure is no joke! What a success! What a life! Those mansions that they buy are just awesome. Mansions or Islands? Let it be the collection of Cars or Designer watch. Life ho toh aisi!! and of course not to forget the hard work. Yes they deserve the fame.. the riches.. the girls.. the mansions.. and everything they put finger on..

Come back. Those were the Ronaldos. Imagine a man working very hard. He may be having more stamina than these players. He don’t get Getorades/Red Bull. He is on the field for most of his day. Still the Indian farmer don’t deserve the fame and riches. What if he was born in some other country? Dunno, I cant think, but I only know one thing, somebody deserves it more!

What if my friend had done some farming for the first time in his life?I am sure it would have been more hectic than just playing football but I don’t think his status message would have been the same. If both of them work so hard, why is it that the only one of them is showered with happiness and success.

The one who works for our need.. for our food.. gets no fame..

The one who works for our wants.. for our entertainement.. is the God!!

I still don’t understand this my friend.

Sorry for comparing a celebrity with a common man! They both don’t deserve this comparison..



Screen Test


There are many things i wanted to tell myself. But somewhere i was stopping myself. Unknowingly diplomacy is there everywhere in the air. sometimes i am scared of losing control. Losing the fake diplomacy that i am maintaining for so long. Fake diplomacy? If it was not fake,would it be diplomacy? I always thought that i was a bad actor. I was never selected in any drama in my school. My friends call me expressionless. My face was compared to the old computer that is overloaded and hanged. But there are many people like me. Then what is diplomacy? Sophisticated acting? Farhan Akhtar?

Believe it or not,we are all actors. We fake. We hide. We accept. We don’t confess. And then we complain and blame the whole nature of humans. and then we forget. Convince ourselves and say,”this is the way it is”. One day i decided to count my lies, and highlight my sins for a day. At the end of the day,i noticed that i have lied a lot,and then my sinful nature comfortably convinced me to manipulate with statistics. I thanked for my sins to give me peaceful sleep. Sleep that killed the very essence of humanity!

In my dream i imagine myself as a stone. Stone that is still identifying its identity lying on the road where riots are full on. The only complain is,nobody uses me to hit other. Comparing myself with the stone is the best i can do with the character i am playing. Can i be that firm? am i that useless?

I got up the other day. And started acting! 🙂

“divas ase ki koni maazaa naahi
an me konacha naahi!!”-Sandeep and Salil Kulkarni.
(din aise ki koi mera nahi,
aur mein kisika nahi)




Tribute to Piyush Mishra,Anurag Kashyap,Raja Singh Chawdhary.. and of course Ram Prasad Bismil..

sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.
dekhnaa hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai

Piyush Mishra:
o re bismil kaash aate aaj tum hindustaan
dekhte ki mulk saara kyaa tashan kyaa chill mein hai
aaj kaa laundaa yeh kehtaa hum to bismil thak gaye
apni aazaadi to bhaiyaa laundiyaa ke til mein hai.

aaj ke jalson mein bismil ek gungaa gaa raha.
aur behron kaa wo relaa naachtaa mehfil mein hai
haath ki khaadi banaane kaa zamaana lag gayaa
aaj to chaddi bhi silti englison ki mill mein hai

Apoorva Dixit:

dekh bismil gareeb bharat hai tujhe bula raha
yahan toh paisa magar amiron ki khujli mein hai
kaunse yuvak ko hum jagaayein yahan bhala
uski nind toh bus drugs aur sleeping pill mein hai

Sushant Singh Rathod:

wo jaag kar kya karega jab zamana so raha
tujhse ye iltaza hai Bismil ko bhai na bula
dekhna hai sach to tu apne hi aankhon dekh le
aaj ki generation ka sach to tere fone ke bill mein hai

dekhna hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.


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