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Has Facebook Really Changed?

Disadvantage of Not Being on Facebook for more than 8 Months:-

The time has come for me to join Facebook Again. With my account inactive since June 2011, I have missed a lot. With more than 800 friends,I came to know about lot of changes which are as follows:-

  • Some percent of that 800+ have got engaged few months back
  • Some percent of those who got engaged got married few days back
  • Some percent who were already married when I gave up Facebook have posted their kids’ photos
  • Those who were in relationship with each other, are still in the relationship but with different partners
  • Those who were in ‘It’s complicated’ relationship have now developed back up friendship with new people
  • Those who were single and inactive on facebook have got married to the choice of their parents
  • Those who were single and active are still single and active on facebook
  • Most of them have visited more than 50% of foreign destinations (At least their photos reflect that)
  • Cricket Followers had an short term attack of following Hockey
  • Football Followers are still patriotically fighting for some European clubs
  • Everyone has now become profession Photographer (read Photoshopper)
  • Few have stopped posting their BBM pin (out of embarrassment) as status message
  • Farmville/Mafia Wars invitations have decreased
  • SRK fans are still supporting SRK publicly and SRT fans are still supporting SRT
  • Rajnikant, CID jokes are long forgotten
  • Most of them have started copy pasting twitter updates on facebook. The non-twitter audience is liking and commenting on it
  • All my relatives, irrespective of their age, have a Facebook account now
  • and lastly, Facebook has finally ended up being an Orkut but is still trying to be a Twitter! 

Now, should I really come back?


Twitter can kill a Blogger in you!!

Today I have suddenly realized the way micro blogging site made me to forget all about blogging! It is obvious that the Publishing media is being replaced by Online content magazines but you can not ignore the fact that the micro blogging (MB) sites are slowing eating the creative bloggers!

I conducted an experiment! In the past few weeks I was actively participating in all the conversations on MB. At the end of the day, I use to open a word document and order my mind to write something. The only condition was to make the content more than just 144 characters! Trust me, I was not able to write a meaningful paragraph. All my opinions were already shared on MB!

Then one day, I did not ‘tweet’ anything (finally revealing the MB site I was talking about). Actually there was a reason why I was not using the word ‘Twitter’, but anyway, now that I have, my secret desire does not hold any relevance whatsoever! Anyway, so I again opened a word document at the end of the day, and the ideas started overflowing. I began to type so much, that was meaningful as well as interesting!

Conclusion: Beware of MB, they can be injurious to your blogging health!

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